Friday, January 31, 2014

Congratulations to Sergeant Olivia Benson

Congratulations to the Special Victims Unit’s new Sergeant, Olivia Benson.

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CLA said...

Wow! Olivia Benson very pretty uniformed.

Cardinal said...

That is truly awesome -- love it!

Michelle Lockhart said...

Hopefully, with her new appointment to sergeant, the writers of the show will bring back the fire and compassion that Olivia Benson had in the earlier seasons. The writers have turned the Benson character into a cynical, deeply angry, self-righteous, man hater. It is understandable that the Benson character has been through a lot in her 13 year tenure with SVU, but her connection with the victims and the audience is being lost to her oppressive and tiresome cynicism. Perhaps they are writing the character this way on purpose to show the natural progressive downfall of a long term SVU detective that has simply seen too much...almost as if they are preparing the audience for her to be written off through retirement or transfer.
Either way, writing in a bit of grace and humility might do the character a bit of justice