Friday, May 17, 2013

Law & Order SVU “Her Negotiation” Promo – Season Finale

Here is the promo for the season 14 finale of Law & Order SVU, “Her Negotiation” which will air on Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 9PM ET on NBC.

My recap and review of Law & Order SVU "Her Negotiation" can be found at this link.

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OhSusannah said...

Please tell me this is not the end for Det. Olivia Benson!A far as I know, Mariska has not yet signed on for Season 15.This could be down to her negotiations- lol..or the fact that she does die in the season 14 finale- and there is no more Det. Benson!Anything but that, Warren Leight!I(and legions of fans) are begging you!!!!!!!

Cardinal said...

I'm afraid we'll see Cassidy killed in all of this, as he tries to save Liv from being raped by this monster. I would be very surprised if even Liv wasn't "dead" by the end of the the best.cliffhanger.ever!

Will Mariska re-up for another season? This could go either way!

cygnet lake said...

WOW I just saw that warren leight tweeted this promo from this site...kinda cool

cygnet lake said...

this site has more diverse readers than I thought ie the writers too. fun.

ladybug81 said...

As much as I hate to admit it I'm afraid that cassidy will be killed. I also think that we might see Olivia 'die' I jujust hope its not for real. I will watch next season but it'll definitely be hard to without her.

Jessa said...

I don't think they,ll kill Olivia off, she's way too valuable to the show, they will have her leave some other way if Mariska doesn't want to sign. There's a way better chance of getting Mariska to guest star than Chris Meloni,and they wouldn't even kill him off!