Monday, May 13, 2013

2013 NBC Upfront Photos

Here are photos from the red carpet of the 2013 NBC Upfront Presentation which was held May 13, 2013 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  The photos feature Law & Order SVU’s Dann Florek, Richard Belzer, Danny Pino, Kellli Giddish, and Dick Wolf,  plus Law & Order LA’s Megan Boone (for “The Blacklist”).  (Blair Underwood, from the new series “Ironside," also appears in a photo with Richard.)

Photos by: Charles Sykes/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.

Photo by: Heidi Gutman/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.

Photos by Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images

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Anonymous said...

That skirt is to short, Kelli. Everyone else looks good.

Icy said...

I disagree, the skirt is fine and not too short.

Where is Mariska??

Linda F. said...

Okay, just because I can't not say it--OMG, Danny Pino is one absolutely gorgeous man. Especially in that closeup. Lucky, lucky Lilly Pino. However, the blue suede shoes? They make his feet look like gunboats with those skinny pants.

Kelli's dress is a little short, but she's got the legs to carry it off. Love, Richard Belzer's outfit. The man's got style, and he is definitely rocking those black and white oxfords and that snazzy suit.

CLA said...

Kelly is beautiful. And Dani too. The absence of Mariska will provoke speculation. Does it not renewed?

OhSusannah said...

Neither Ice T or Mariska were there at NBC 2013 upfronts ?That's disappointing- the show seems like a huge ensemble effort and cast. I hope this does not indicate that S15 will continue without particularly Mariska.The last two years the showrunner Warrren Leight has been pretty successful at rebranding this 14 year old show with newer blood in Giddish and Pino .I doubt I would seriously watch without Olivia ,just my own opinion. I'd check it out, of course, but I'd miss Benson and Mariska's presence on the show. I hope she signs her contract very soon.

Petra S said...

They all look smashing. Kelli looks awesome in that dress! Love the show! Pino always handsome, wouldn't have noticed the shoes though if someone hadn't pointed it out, too busy watching his cute face :)
And I agree Belzer always dress up nice. Florek cleaned up nice too this evening!
Would have loved to see the rest of the gang there too but I know Fin is in the studio recording so that might keep him busy. Thought Belzer was in France this time a year though?
I thought Mariska had signed already(?) and perhaps was home with the kids!?

Linda F. said...

Petra, I didn't notice the shoes either until my husband pointed them out. Then I couldn't un-see them, LOL.

OhSusanna, I have to believe that Mariska will be back. As much as I love Danny and Kelli and the rest of the cast, there just IS no show without Benson (IMO--and this is coming from someone who never watched before Danny Pino came on board. Even as a newbie, I can tell it's Mariska's show through and through).

So excited for season 15!

Lisa said...

The fandom is flipping out about Mariska not being there, lets not forget she is a wife and mother of 3 kids maybe just maybe she wanted to go away on a vacation or spend time with them.
Ice T wasnt there either, these actors do have a life outside SVU.

lois said...

It's not so much that her dress is short. It's just ugly. Looks like a Potato sack. Kelli is beautiful tho. Danny is hot but i like his svu suits better. Glad Mariska was not there. Hope she doesn't sign for next year but I highly doubt I would be that lucky.