Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vincent D’Onofrio Talks “Boots on the Ground”

Here’s a video of Vincent D’Onofrio talking about Law & Order Criminal Intent "Boots on the Ground". I am so glad Vincent is back!

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Keir said...

Wonder how soon the L&O treatment of Dominique Strauss-Kahn will appear...

sirmikelogan said...

I doubt it'll happen, since it probably would have pretty advertised before the season, but I was wondering if we'd get something based on the LeBron James thing and how much that pissed Cleveland (and many other places) off. Couple of tweaks to what actually happened (like the player being murdered) would make for an interesting CI case I think.

gahks said...

All Things, the sound's a bit dodgy. Is there any way you could transcribe the video for me? Thanks in advance.

All Things Law and Order said...

gahks, sorry this took so long, I kept getting sidetracked every time I went to transcribe it!

Vincent says:

Boots on the Ground is’s about the manipulation of other people and how people can manipulate people.. I think it’s ..uh..a really good.. kind of reminds me of the first 4 season type of episodes which I really liked. I mean Kate and I have been doing it together for many years now so it’s ..uh…I think that shows what…uh…it bleeds through into the characters the we play.

Jay is fitting in well. The history is that we were in the Academy together and we kind of went up in the ranks together. The audience will see him and take his position as captain and make it clear to everybody that he’s the..uh..I think his actual line is the “big dog.” And..uh… it’s a good scene between him and I.

I…I start thinking about the fun I can have in certain scenes. You know I don’t want to belt them out into every scene but you pick a few scenes that you know will be good scenes that..uh…to have fun in. The behavior the audience expects from my character and try to put them in certain scenes, not all of them but certain scenes.. I think that he’s as smart as he ever was and he’s a master manipulator so we do a lot of that in the show which I enjoy most because it’s like playing a game for me as an actor. I like it.