Sunday, May 1, 2011

Law & Order CI “The Consoler” Episode Information

Here is are the details for a new episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent “The Consoler” :

Law & Order CI “The Consoler” Air Date May 8, 20111 (9 PM ET/8C Sunday USA Network)

Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) and Eames (Kathryn Erbe) investigate the death of a banker who was working with the Catholic church and could be part of a cover-up. Guest stars Neal McDonough as Monsignor Hugh McTeal, and Lauren Hodges as Natalie Finnegan.

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Anonymous said...

This, of course, was supposed to be episode 1, until USA decided no one would notice, or remember, that Goren was fired at the beginning of Season 9, so they'd show episode 4 first!

UDENGUI said...

Que importancia tiene que hayan despedido a Goren en la temporada anterior, ahora que el nuevo jefe el puede volver si lo llaman, poruqe no?, y regresa con la condición de tener que ir la psiquiatra, siempre trantadole como loco?, solo porque la madre era bipolar, siempre él va tener eso sobre sus espalda. Pero vale la pena ese regreso hasta triunfal diria yo,. pido que graven mas temporada de LOCI.

sirmikelogan said...

Diane - I didn't mind it too much, at first, because I thought that the 'Goren returns' sequence or whatever would have been filmed as some kind of stand-alone thing, and would have just been dropped into whatever episode they decided to air first. Was really surprised when I didn't see anything like that tonight on Rispetto.

Roseha said...

Yes I'm a little surprised they didn't do something dramatic with
Goren and Eames' return, but they are mainly sticking to the spirit of Seasons 1-4 and thus to the case at hand, which is great overall.