Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Law & Order LA”Plummer Park” Advance Photos

Here are some advance photos of Law & Order LA “Plummer Park” which will air on Monday, May 30, 2011 at 10PM ET on NBC. The photos feature Skeet Ulrich and Corey Stoll. (Rex Winters and TJ’s ‘stache "resurrect"!)

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Jessica said...

I too saw the return of Detective Winters a few days ago. I know you are a very dedicated fan of L&O but looking at the episode commitment the choice of broadcast order, and hiatus extension it looks like NBC did their best to kill the show.

Imagine that LOLA was renewed for 2011-12. They have 17 episodes made and 5 in the garbage that were scrapped because they killed off Detective Winters. What would NBC have done to get the total of 22 for the season? Would they have made more episodes? A rather costly undertaking that the cast and crew are not likely contracted for. Would they have shown the episodes that come before Detective Winters' murder in their proper place? Too late now to do that and clearly from the promotion they put out they didn't want to go that route in the first place. So they broadcast the 'new LOLA' episodes and once May sweeps are over they back-track and broadcast the episodes which star Skeet. If NBC had wanted to continue the show this could not have played out how they chose to play it. The continuity going into a second season would be an absolute mess. While i am grateful for the return of Skeet it saddens me to realise just how much NBC messed with this franchise.

janethyland said...

Not NBC;the producers messed with their own show.
Im glad the Skeet episodes are back.

SallyAnn said...

I'm glad they didn't trash them but yes should have been run in order. Tape the new lineup while they showed original line up. Not take time away.But oh well, the next show Wolf does in this series they can try that. Hey if SVU is getting a shake up, I know some Det. That are out of work??!! And Lawyers. maybe in another season all Law And Order episode are going to be dead. I hope not but it looks promising.

Jessica said...

"maybe in another season all Law And Order episode are going to be dead. I hope not but it looks promising."

Are you actually wanting all American L&O cancelled? Perhaps that is a typo you made. "looks promising" is typically an expression for something that appears likely to happen and which the one saying it is in favour of.

The British version is still going strong. Its third season / 5th & 6th series comes to tv in a few months in some countries.

As for the claim that the producers ruined the show i don't believe it. Dick Wolf is too smart to be that stupid. The producers don't get final say on what gets broadcast when. If shown in the order made the 22 episodes flow in a sane progression. NBC chose to make a sharp cut, fast forward, use the confusion as proof of failure, rewind, and blame viewers for watching the burn off rather than the new product. NBC has ruined the franchise.