Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SVU Behind the Scenes from NBC Philadelphia

From NBC in Philadelphia, here’s a recent “behind the scenes” look at Law & Order SVU with Ice-T, Chris Meloni, and Richard Belzer.
(Note: this is a repost - a major glitch with Blogger last week deleted the original post.)

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1 comment:

Keir said...

Rubbish! I could immediately tell five minutes in that a young girl was once again going to take matters into her own hands and kill the suspect. It's been done so many times already! But to have her come into the squad room, with a loaded gun, and manage to shoot four separate people is beyond belief. I just got off the plane today; surely a police station is not going to have people just walking around unattended and unchecked for simple weapons- this has to be the height of criminal negligence if it occurred in real life. Really- how on earth would this story be reported in the local paper- "today a troubled young woman managed to smuggle a weapon into the police station and killed four people, including a lawyer, before finally being gunned down."
No wonder Meloni's had enough...