Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jeff Goldblum Talks About Zach Nichols

Here is a short commentary from Jeff Goldblum from an audio clip provided by Hollywood Outbreak. Jeff talks with about his role as Detective Zack Nichols on Law & Order Criminal Intent. I added some pictures so you can all gaze at Jeff while you listen to him. I chuckled as Jeff’s voice trails off at the end, in typical Goldblum fashion.

By the way, from what he says on this short clip, I hope we get to see/hear some of his jazz piano playing on the show. But hopefully he won’t attempt to sing in scat, because he needs some work in that category (see video at bottom).

Jeff Goldblum Talks About Detective Zach Nichols

Jeff Goldblum Attempts Scatting

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Music Wench said...

I love Jeff Goldblum. He's just odd enough to make him very endearing to me. Can't wait to see him as Zach Nichols. :-)

Zack Nichols' baby girl said...

He's Hot!! His voice is quite enough to send me to Heaven!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know exactly when this is starting? I know Jan 2009 sometime but when?

steeleye at gmail dot com