Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Law & Order January 2009 Episode Information

Only limited information is available for the Law & Order episodes for January so far. The episode information for the January 7 episode, ‘Chattel” is below. The only other tentative information I have is that the January 14 episode is to be titled “Pledge” but there is nothing official from NBC on this. The SVU January episode information was already listed on my blog here, but NBC hasn’t released any other information for either Law & Order or SVU past the first two weeks of the month.

My suggestion to NBC for the new year: if you want more people to watch your shows, you need to create BUZZ. That means getting out episode information, photos, etc. far enough in advance to get people excited. (The people at CBS are very successful with this when it comes to the CSI franchise, getting episode information, pictures, and full cast details up to a month or more in advance.) OK, that should be my last editorial comment here for 2008! Here’s the episode information so far for Law & Order for January 2009.

Law & Order “Chattel” Air Date January 7, 2009

Divorce Lawyers Fred and Lizzy Bellamy (guest stars Paul DeBoy and Maureen Silliman) are brutally murdered while asleep in their home. The investigation leads to a client, Ann Carter (guest star Mary Beth O'Connor), who is involved in a nasty child custody battle with her husband Bill (guest star Steven Friedman) involving an adopted Haitian daughter, whom the detectives believe was molested and sent back to Haiti as part of a cover-up. Lupo and Bernard's search for the missing child leads them to another couple with an adopted Haitian boy, Eric and Miriam Johnson (guest stars Tom Gilroy and Jessica Hecht). Lieutentant Anita Van Buren (S. Epatha Merkerson) gets social services involved as it appears that the adopted boy, 12-year-old Patrick Johnson (guest star Thuliso Dingwall), has been abused and neglected. As Lupo and Bernard dig deeper, they uncover a trail of abuse, kidnapping and bribery that leads them to multiple suspects with motive to protect the secret. As A.D.A.'s Michael Cutter (Linus Roache) and Connie Rubirosa (Alana de la Garza) attempt to bring the killer to justice, they must also deal with the emotional aspect of the case and work to safeguard the lives of the children.
Also stars Sam Waterston

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