Saturday, November 29, 2008

Law & Order UK Cast Photo and Sneak Peek

A kind soul has put up some short preview clips on YouTube of the Law & Order UK series, and I have it below for your enjoyment. I also snagged a promotional picture of the cast. There hasn’t been much information made available on the series here in the US as far as I can see, but I plan on sharing everything I can get my hands on with Law & Order fans. Hopefully this series will also air on-line so US fans can watch. I have my fingers crossed.

And why do the prosecutors still wear those wigs when they are in court? One thing is for sure, I’m sure glad that Jack McCoy never had to wear them; we’d hardly get to see the famous Sam Waterston hair.

The cast, left to right:

Freema Agyeman as the "hard-working, strong-willed" prosecutor Alesha Phillips

Ben Daniels, who plays Senior Crown Prosecutor James Steel, a "man on a mission for justice".

Bill Paterson, as CPS director George Castle, "a man trying to balance his ideals with the bigger picture".

Harriet Walsh, as Detective Inspector Natalie Chandler.

Bradley Walsh as DS Ronnie Brooks, described as “a real 'East End' copper”.

Jamie Bamber as Matt Devlin, Brook’s partner. He must be a “copper” too!

Preview Clip

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Animelee said...

I AM SO DAMN EXCITED! Another Law & Order!!

And they did a perfect job!

Michele said...

Unless the rules have changed, the barristers are still supposed to be wearing wigs - I'm surprised Freema isn't wearing one...

Since my last British prosecutors were attached to Rumpole of the Bailey, and weren't specifically "attached" to the judicial system the way Jack et al are, I'm hoping some Brits can chime in for us!

Anonymous said...

yes barristers do wear wigs but solicitor advocates (we have two parallel streams of lawyer advcates in the UK) dont have to. Freem is playing one of those.
As one of those british prosecutors who assisted with the series, I can say that drama will be allowed to take precedence over some of our most archane pratices.