Friday, November 7, 2008

Law & Order Parodies

For a franchise that has several spin offs and has been around for many many years, there have been few parodies of the show, and none of them are very good.

Case in point, a new short film that was released titled “Law & Order SUV” which is a Law & Order SVU parody that takes place almost entirely inside an SUV. The trailer is below, and the film can be viewed on the film’s web site ”Law & Order SUV The Movie. I watched all of it, and while it does poke fun at some of the common traits of the show, it is not particularly entertaining; it’s just silly in a not so good way. Each time the door of the SUV closes, the famous “doink-doink” Law & Order sound can be heard. It misses terribly as parody when, at the end, as song sung by Frank Sinatra is played over the ending credits. Law & Order has never had singing playing over the credits, so they lose points here for not keeping true to the show. The film is a little over 15 minutes long. I felt cramped just watching them in that SUV.

Someone else did a parody of Law & Order using fake chickens. Yes, chickens. What is surprising is that the “Robot Chicken” version of Law & Order – called “Law & Order KFC” - is actually right on target. It too gets a little tiresome by hearing the constant clucking of the chickens. Still, they get it right by including the obligatory shooting on the courthouse steps. This chicken production does better in less than two minutes than the 15-minute “SUV” movie using live people.

Trailer Law & Order SUV

The full film can be viewed at this link: ”Law & Order SUV The Movie.

Law & Order KFC

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