Thursday, September 11, 2008

Law & Order UK Gets Top Writers

The casting information for Law & Order UK has already been revealed (here), and now more details are available on the writing team. It looks like the stories will be based on the US plots.

Here’s the scoop from Broadcast Now:

Law & Order:UK lands top writing talent
Published: 10 September 2008
Author: Kate McMahon

Law & Order:UK showrunner Chris Chibnall has unveiled the writing team that will pen the "gritty" British version of the show for ITV1.

Joining Chibnall for the 13 x 60-minute series will be Cath Tregenna (Stick or Twist) and James Moran (Primeval, Spooks: Code 9), who have worked with him on Torchwood, plus Terry Cafolla (Holy Cross and Messiah: The Harrowing).

Chibnall, who has also written for Life on Mars and BBC1's forthcoming Merlin, told Broadcast that scripts would be based on the best plots from the US series.

"The series will very much take American storylines and anglicise them. Obviously not all of the storylines will work for a UK audience, but we have been able to draw a lot from what has already worked," he said.

"Our show will be very faithful to the US version in that respect, and in its style and tone. It is an urban show, very modern and of the streets. It is quite gritty."

He also revealed that lead actors Bradley Walsh and Freema Aygeman would be joined by a slew of special guest stars – playing barristers, family members and criminals in the series.

Chibnall said the format was "one of the most successful in history" and although he was "completely terrified", was confident that it would be well received.

"Viewers should prepare themselves for classic Law and Order drama with a modern, gritty, British twist," he said.

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