Sunday, September 21, 2008

Guest Stars of SVU “Trials” Talk About the Episode

It must have been media conference call day with some of the guest stars of Law & Order SVU’s season premier, “Trials” . Two interviews (too lengthy to post here), with guest stars Sara Gilbert, Luke Perry, and also Executive Producer Neal Baer are available via the following links:

(May contain some episode spoilers)

Luke Perry, Sara Gilbert and Neal Baer interview: Law & Order SVU premiere By April MacIntyre

Interrogating Luke Perry, Sara Gilbert and Neal Baer for Law & Order: SVU By Troy Rogers

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John K. said...

Read the Deadbolt one, and I'll read the other one later. It was alright, though, Perry seemed more passionate about the job than Gilbert. Oh, well.

Was the abortion question on Baer really neccesary? Just feels hinky to me, there.