Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Law & Order SVU Production Blog Update

The latest information from the NBC’s SVU Production blog gives some information about how you can apply to be an intern for the show, and also provides a link to their Facebook page. Here’s the info:

Production Updates from SVU

Hi Everyone,
We are back in production and rolling along. We are just about done filming four episodes for Season 10. Keep an eye out for guest star: Ellen Burstyn who plays someone very significant is Stabler's life: HIS MOTHER!

Glad you liked the photos and I'll keep them coming if you keep the replies coming.

While I have a moment let me answer some questions:

Alexa Cooper asked "Please let us know how to apply for an internship with SVU?"

To apply to work as an intern at any show or department at NBC you need to apply online at NBC.com. Here's the link:

Carly in MS asked: "In an interview, Neal said that Olivia goes out on a date with an actor named James Brolin. Is it true?????"

All I can say is don't miss the episode airing on 10/14 called "Lunacy"

Sorry for the short post, but I'm working on putting something very special up on the site for you guys!

For now, make sure to check SVU's Facebook page:

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