Sunday, November 25, 2007

Law & Order actors in other roles: Featuring Angie Harmon

Angie Harmon, who played the tough as nails ADA Abbie Carmichael on Law & Order, now plays tough as nails detective (Lindsay Boxer) on ABC’s Women’s Murder Club (9:00 PM Fridays). The series is based on a book by novelist James Patterson.

I started watching the show because I really enjoyed Angie in Law & Order. I was curious to see if we’d just see Abbie again, or Angie really being able to act in another role. As far as I’m concerned, the jury is still out on that issue. There are many times that I swear it’s just Abbie Carmichael, wearing pants and casual detective clothes. But, the scenarios given to the character of Lindsay are, for the most part, different than on L&O. Angie seems a little stiff in the role, though, and I think of everyone on the show, her acting may need the most work. A big distraction for me is Angie’s obvious rail-thin body. She always looked thin on L&O, but she looks downright gaunt on this show. It reminds me of an episode of L&O (called "DWB") when Jack brings Abbie some lunch:

Jack: I bought lunch. I didn't know what you like, so I got salad, lo-cal dressing...
Abbie: Lo-cal? I burn it, I don't store it... what did you get?
Jack: Ribs. [Abbie takes the ribs]
Abbie: Great! Sounds good. I'll eat, you graze.

My suggestion to Angie: please get some ribs. And eat them!

The show has some decent plots, although I’m not quite sure if everyone fits in the supporting cast as far as the “Club” is concerned. Claire, the medical examiner (played by Paula Newsome), reminds me a lot of Penny Johnson Jerald (“Mrs. Palmer” from “24”), but acts like Oprah. So I’m not quite sure if she's too clinical, too nice, or what. Cindy (Aubrey Dollar), the reporter, seems just a little too young to be such a knowledgeable and connected reporter. Jill, from the DA’s office (Laura Harris, an alum from “24”) is the only one who seems to fit just right in her role, and in The Club.

The rest of the supporting cast, Tyrees Allen (who plays Lindsay’s partner Warren Jacobi) and Rob Estes (Lindsay’s current boss and ex-husband, Tom) seem to compliment The Club very well.

The Woman’s Murder Club seems to have the right mix of a crime show, plus a little personal “drama” in the background. While the story lines are a little thin, and the plots a little trite, the show is entertaining and I actually like it a bit. It’s one of those shows that fills an hour well, especially when there’s not much else on TV on a Friday night.

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Karen said...

I tryed this show, and still don't think Angie Harmon can act. As I've said elsewhere, her range goes between smirk and snarl. Plus, she now has the habit of what I call self conscious acting. Its as if she has on eye on the other actors, one eye on the camera, as if she's saying, "Hey, look at me! I'm on the tv!" To make matters worse, in this show, the whole cast is full of such actors.
May they all go back to modeling.