Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Law & Order actors in other roles: Featuring Sam Watertson

Law & Order actors in other roles will probably be a recurring topic on this blog, since so many of the L&O actors have done other work outside the show.

Today, I’m featuring a movie starring Sam Waterston called Rancho Deluxe. I had never heard of this movie, but I received an email yesterday alerting me that another website had reviewed it. When I clicked on the link, I got quite a surprise. The article included a photo of the cover art for the movie – and there was Sam, wearing a huge black hat, holding a huge gun, and sporting a huge smirk. (I’ve included the photo and a link to it below.) Needless to say, the picture made me laugh. A lot.

The review on the website “This Distracted Globe” (link below), written by Joe Valdez, says, “Jeff Bridges gives an early variation on the societal goober he’d play throughout his career, but Sam Waterston (it’s strange to see this dude not wearing a tie) is sublime, playing a Caucasian looking Indian who could either be the smartest character in the film, or the dumbest.” Mr. Valdez’s overall review makes the movie sound like it’s worth checking out.

I think I just might.

Picture of Sam Waterston on cover art, and link:


Link to review:

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Karen said...

This is a movie, that with a larger budget, could have been a lot better-but man, as it is, is it ever funny! I first saw it, at a friend's house,years ago, at a halloween party. The first movie, was Rocky Horror Picture Show.
I thought the bit about Jeff Bridges and his ex at his parents house, was stupid, and could have been done without. Maybe that actress playing the ex, was the director's girlfriend, who needed a job?
Anyway, I kinda wish Sam and Jeff could get together, with Liz Ashley, the two actresses who played the sisters, the ranch hands...
YEars later. Sam's character is now a horse whisperer (or, manages the latets Indian run casino), appearing on Oprah. Jeff's character is still trying to be a successful cattle thief. They meet up again....LOL!

All Things Law & Order said...

I've heard from other people that this movie was enjoyable, so I think I'll have to go looking for it so I can enjoy it too!