Friday, November 23, 2007

Criminal Intent: What’s in the Major Coffee?

Maybe you recall Mike Logan (Chris Noth’s) first appearance on Law & Order Criminal Intent, in the episode “Stress Position” (aired February 13, 2005). When Mike appears at the Major Case Squad, this conversation takes place:

Captain James Deakins: As you said, we're Major Case. Let me discuss it with my detectives.

Detective Mike Logan: No problem. Maybe I'll have some of your Major coffee.

I’m starting to wonder exactly what is in that Major coffee. You see, this past October, Vincent D’Onofrio announced that he and his wife Carin were expecting a baby. Not to be outdone, Chris Noth announced in mid-November that he and his girlfriend Tara Wilson are also expecting. Add the earlier pregnancies of Kathryn Erbe and Julianne Nicholson, and one has to wonder. That really must be MAJOR coffee.

I think I’ll pass on it.

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Anonymous said...

Viagra : )

Well it takes care of the guys at least!!

Perhaps they threw in some fertility hormones for Julianna and Katie!!

Hey didn't Courtney Vance and his wife have twins when he was still on CI - must have been the coffee!!!

All Things Law & Order said...

I forgot about Courtney. I think he and his wife had the children through a surrogate - but - maybe the coffee still played a part somehow! You never know...