Friday, November 30, 2007

Fox News has nice things to say about Law & Order's return

Fox News is confirming that Law & Order is returning to its old Wednesday time slot.
In fact, their news story on the subject is titled “TV’s 'Law & Order' Gets Last Laugh.” Here’s what they say on the subject. A link to the same information is also at the bottom of this story.

“Remember all the times we thought NBC was going to cancel "Law & Order"? Well, the original Dick Wolf series is getting the last laugh on the Peacock network.

It turns out there will be 13 new episodes shot and ready to go beginning Jan. 3 with Sam Waterston, Jesse L. Martin and S. Epatha Merkerson returning, as well as new stars Linus Roache and Jeremy Sisto set to revitalize the series.

The joke, of course, is that thanks to the Writers Guild strike, most shows will not have new episodes after the new year. But I’m told "Law & Order" has gotten the jump on its competition and will debut back in its old Wednesday slot at 10 p.m.

Waterston, as we first reported a long time ago, sees his Jack McCoy character finally move up to district attorney after nearly two decades spent implausibly as an assistant district attorney.

Sources say he’s terrific in the new position and has just as much air time as before. Roache, the gifted actor from "Priest" and "The Wings of a Dove," takes McCoy’s place as new executive ADA Michael Cutter.

And don’t think "Law & Order" will be without female representation. Alana de la Garza is joining the cast as new ADA Connie Rubirosa from "CSI: Miami," where she played David Caruso’s wife. Set insiders tell me de la Garza has had a total makeover and "is so hot it’s not funny." "

It all sounds great. I can’t wait for the new season of Law & Order to begin!,2933,313686,00.html

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Karen said...

hmmmm...Alana DelaGarza JUST joining the cast? Where have they been?