Friday, October 2, 2015

Law & Order SVU “Maternal Instincts” Episode Information

Here are the details for a new episode of Law & Order SVU, “Maternal Instincts.”

Law & Order SVU “Maternal Instincts” Air Date October 21, 2015 (9 PM ET/8C Wednesday NBC)


Rollins' (Kelli Giddish) mother Beth (Madsen) throws her a baby shower while the SVU reports to a four-star hotel where a famous violinist was raped by her colleague, Anton Krasnikov (guest star Zach McGowan). With no memory of the crime, Anton claims a hired escort drugged and robbed him, and evidence leads to the shocking return of Rollins' fugitive sister Kim (guest star Lindsay Pulsipher). Meanwhile, Sgt. Mike Dodds (guest star Andy Karl) arrives for his first day at SVU. Also starring Mariska Hargitay (Lt. Olivia Benson), Ice T (Det. Odafin Tutuola) and Peter Scanavino (Det. Sonny Carisi). Also guest-starring Wass Stevens (Slice), Peter Gallagher (Deputy Chief Dodds) and Elizabeth A. Davis (Alessandra Bay).

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Ana Andrade said...

Kim, what did you do!?!?!?!!?

I'm really looking forward to this episode :)

Alex said...

I am so tired of Rollins drama. She used to be such a good character...

empxth tbh said...

oh god not the sister :D

Petra S said...

I agree with you @Ana, so looking forward to finally see the rotten sister again. Two years we've been waiting for some resolution to what Kim caused during the last visit. I hope they throw her in jail this time so Amanda, and we, don't have to deal with her any longer. Also dying to see how Virginia Madsen pulls off playing the mom. For me it's either been hit or miss with her in things I've seen her in. I hope she excels in this :)
Gambler's Fallacy is my all time favorite episode but I usually prefer when they weave in personal storylines in to actual cases. This one sounds like a good one but I've also seen SVU shoe-horn in those personal storylines so I just keep my fingers crossed this won't be one of those but a brilliant one.

Nikki said...

Can't wait for this episode! So glad its playing before they start having pre-emptions.

It is best when they allow for personal stuff to happen while also having case of the week. Just wish they'd do it more often. That was my only gripe with the last episode. It played in a bubble.

But also I'm 100% completely biased and won't pretend that I'm not, so I'd be perfectly fine if every scene was Rollins.

MrDstar101 said...

"Lt. Olivia Benson" has a nice ring to it ;)

Tay Carroll said...

I hope they throw Kim lying ass in jail.

The Wolf said...

Who's the dummy who named this episode "Maternal Instincts" instead of "Fiddler on the Roofies"?