Thursday, October 22, 2015

Law & Order SVU “Maternal Instincts” Recap & Review

“Maternal Instincts” was a nightmare for Amanda Rollins. Her mother comes into town to help with the impending birth of Rollins’ baby. Rollins isn't aware that tagging along is her train wreck of a sister, Kim. Kim wastes no time getting herself, and Rollins, into trouble. Kim is working as an "escort" and robs a musical artist, Anton,  of his money and his $50,000 flute. Making matters worse, there are signs that she drugged him, and, while he was under the influence, he raped one of his musical colleagues. Clearly, the woman he attacked was a victim. Viewers know that Kim definitely robbed Anton, so we can only assume that she drugged him too. There appears to be no hard evidence to prove that Anton was drugged, but all signs point in that direction. Sadly, this is another episode where we have possibly two special victims and we don’t see either of them get justice.

Instead, we get a deeper look into the dysfunctional Rollins family, with a mother, Beth Anne, who apparently loves to drink and a sister, Kim, who is on the run from a manslaughter charge. Let’s not forget the last time we saw Kim, she robbed Rollins of everything in her apartment,  and this was after Kim set up Rollins for shooting her boyfriend there.  So it is a complete mystery as to why Amanda Rollins would want to cover up in any way for her sister. It shows a lack of judgment on Rollins’ part. Not only has her sister robbed her in the past, but now Rollins is going to cover her sister’s tracks in what looks like another theft. Family is one thing, but one would think Rollins would have some sort of sense of self preservation. Here she is a single mother, already showing questionable judgment on the job in the past, plus possible trust issues with her boss, and her first instinct is to try to solve the family matter herself? If this was the first time Rollins tried to fix things on her own I would say they could try to blame her behavior on her pregnancy, but I doubt this is the case.  Despite what Beth Anne Rollins thinks, Amanda is putting family first, and this is the one case where she shouldn't have.

To make matters worse, Kim has access to Rollins’ apartment and stabs her pimp there. If I were Rollins, I would find another place to live and never let her family inside that place. Kim’s case is still unresolved at the close of this episode, but Kim made it clear that she will use whatever dirt she can on her own sister in order to avoid much jail time. Hopefully, Rollins won’t buy into that kind of blackmail.

Benson began to show signs that she is becoming more comfortable in the leadership role, giving very clear directions and using an authoritative tone to her staff. Now that Rollins and Fin have kept vital information about a case from her, she may be less afraid to be firm with them in the future. I was glad that she called out Fin for not taking the Sergeant’s exam. He made his choice, now he has to learn to live with the repercussions. But strangely, when Kim, who is naturally over talkative, seems to want to spout off information, Benson tells Kim more than once to be silent. The tone was different than just reading a person their rights. Even Benson seemed to want to protect Rollins by having Kim shut up. Had Benson just read Kim her rights as she would for anyone else being arrested, it would have felt less like her trying to protect her detective.

Having Sergeant Mike Dodds joining the group is a welcome addition. He promises that what happens at SVU will stay at SVU, and I suppose only time will tell if he really means this. His father, Deputy Chief Dodds, seems to be keeping a close watch on SVU, and I still don’t know if it’s because he lacks confidence in them, or if he has a thing for Benson. Andy Karl fits in very well and I am looking forward to seeing more of him.

We saw no Rafael Barba in this episode, and instead got a fill in generic ADA. I would think that if Anton was a true international celebrity that they would bring out someone like Barba to handle the case.  I don’t understand SVU sometimes – they give Raúl Esparza billing in the main credits and then don’t use him for the legal aspect of the show. It seems like such a waste,

This episode seemed a bit comedic to me. The whole flute thing started it but then I found myself laughing more at the Rollins family drama than taking it seriously. I am not sure if that was the intent. Regardless, the episode was well written and I enjoyed it.

Here is the recap: 

Mariska Hargitay – Lieutenant Olivia Benson
Ice-T – Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola
Kelli Giddish - Detective Amanda Rollins
Raúl Esparza - ADA Rafael Barba
Peter Scanavino - Detective Dominick “Sonny” Carisi, Jr.

Guest stars:
Peter Gallagher – Deputy Chief Dodds
Andy Karl – Sergeant Mike Dodds
Virginia Madsen – Beth Anne Rollins
Lindsay Pulsipher - Kim Rollins
Zach McGowan - Anton Krasnikov
Wass Stevens - Slice
Jason Cerbone - Counselor Lorenzo Desappio
Elizabeth A. Davis - Alessandra Bay
Tabitha Holbert – ADA Rose Caliay
Mary E. Hodges – Judge Anita Wright
Tony Campisi – Counselor Steve Roth
Kate Elizabeth Young – Melora
Bradley Dubow – Noah Porter Benson

The group, Bella Donne – women playing violins and a man with a flute, entertain the crowd.

At another time, at a baby show for Rollins, her mother Beth Anne laughs with Fin as Carisi approaches, gift in hand, and apologizes for being late. Beth Anne asks who is this charming young man, touching his arm. Carisi introduces himself and Beth Anne thanks him for coming and offers him Champagne, giving him a glass. Rollin points Carisi to where to put the gift. As her mother drinks her Champagne, Rollins tells her mother it is so early. Beth Anne looks at Fin and counters it is a special occasion, and she loves Champagne and those little bubbles. She tells Rollins don’t worry, she will have a diet cola after every glass, she promises. As her mother walks off, Rollins makes a face and comments “”cause that works.”

Benson is sitting at a table, holding Noah, and she tells Rollins’ mother that she thinks it is great that she came here to help Rollins with the baby. She replies that she knows she wouldn’t want to miss much work when there is a possibility of that Sergeant’s job. Benson looks surprised and when Rollins says, “mother!” , Beth Anne says that she told her that Benson was promoted to the Lieutenant’s job and that she was going to…Benson cuts her off and says Rollins would be great but the new Sergeant is coming tomorrow. Beth Anne comments maybe that is for the best, Rollins can focus on being a mother. Rollins and says “Yeah” while Benson looks slightly uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, the flautist from Bella Donne, saying his name is Mr. Smith and asks to be called Anton, sits at a bar having a drink and is approached by a woman with dark hair who says her name is Savannah. She works his way into getting into his room, and while he is asleep, she steals money out of his wallet and then takes his flute.

In the SVU break room, Fin is sitting at a table while Rollins stands nearby. Carisi walks in and says her mother seemed really nice. And Rollins, sounding slightly sarcastic, says, “Doesn’t she?” He adds that having her here must be a relief, and she mumbles in the same tone “Mmm hmm.” He asks if she liked the heated diaper wipes caddy that he got her, because his sister swears by it. Fin looks up at him with an odd face and Rollins says flatly, “That was you.”Rollins looks out and comments that must be their new Sergeant, and Carisi comments he is Dodds’ oldest son. Fin wonders how he got his job, and Rollins and Carisi give Fin a look.

In Benson’s office, Sergeant Mike Dodds introduces himself to Benson, saying he is privileged to meet her and his father speaks highly of her. She replies “You too” and that they are lucky to have him, and Deputy Chief Dodds comments he has plenty of experience in anti-crime in Crown Heights, and before that he was in special forces, signing up out of college after 9/11. Dodds adds he can’t tell her how proud he is of this kid. Sgt. Dodds thanks him, but says he is new to “Special Vics” and he has a lot to learn. Benson says it is a whole different world here. Rollins enters and apologizes for interrupting. Benson introduces her to Sgt. Dodds and then asks what is going on. Rollins informs them that Alessandra Bay, the lead violinist for the group “Bella Donne” was assaulted in her room at the Park Milano, and asks if it alright if she meets Fin and Carisi down there. Chief Dodds asks isn’t she on desk duty, and she says yes, but that it is a four star hotel. Benson tells Rollins that she and Sgt. Dodds should stay there and hold down the fort, but Chief Dodds tells her better yet, take the Mike with her. Sgt. Dodds comments “No time like the present.” Benson says, “Okay then” and moves out the door. Chief Dodds comments to hi s son to “ sink or swim.”

At the Park Milano Hotel on 90 West 56th Street on Tuesday, August 25, Carisi and Fin give Benson and Dodds the info that the vic is Alessandra Bay, the maid found her on the floor and hotel security called 911 and the EMTs are with her now. Fin says they are getting security footage and key card logs. Dodds jumps in and says the head of security here is an old friend of his dad’s and Fin can tell him they need that footage ASAP, and Fin stares and says it is taken care of. Dodds looks slightly intimidated and walks off with Benson. He tells her if the vic is conscious he can take the statement, and she explains they call it a disclosure and suggests they talk to her together, patting him on the back.

In the room, a very injured Alessandra Bay explains the attack and rape. She begins to cough as she talks and when Dodds suggests he get her a glass of water, Benson tells him not to because there could be DNA. Benson asks is she can describe this man, and Alessandra Bay says she knows him. It was Anton Krasnikov. He is touring with them. Benson looks at Dodds.

Later, Fin and Carisi knock on Anton’s hotel room door and call out his name. Anton opens the door and Fin identifies himself as NYPD, showing his badge. Anton says they got their fast, he just called 911; his flute is missing. Fin, surprised, ands “Your flute?” and Anton explains it is a $50,000 Miyazawa. He adds someone ransacked his room while he slept and his flute is gone. They see this as an opportunity and ask him to come down to the station and file a report.

At SVU in the interview room, Fin and Carisi tell Anton they put out an APB for his flute to pawn shops. He explains he performed that night with the group and took his flute back to the hotel. He had a nightcap at a bar with a “fan” named “Savannah” - he asks they not write down as he is married – that she came to his room. He had a drink from the mini bar and feel asleep and when he woke up, she and his flute was gone. He seems clueless about Alessandra’s assault. They continue to press him on the issue and Benson and Rollins observe from her office. Benson thinks he is using being a celebrity as an excuse and Rollins explains his apparently impeccable background and reputation. Benson asks Rollins if she remembers her first case here – the Italian diplomat. Rollins thinks if Anton was guilty he would be more guarded and his affect does not match the profile. Dodds walks in and says he may not fit the profile, and showing Rollins hotel footage, says that is Anton’s naked Russian ass pounding on Alessandra’s door at 2:30 in the morning. He stays 15 minutes then he wanders back out again, out of breath and still naked as a jaybird. He asks Benson if she wants to watch, and she holds up her hand and says no, she will take his word for it. Rollins comments he is completely out of it and knows that Alessandra is a victim, but Anton may be a victim too. Benson says they have to send him to the hospital to get swabs and have blood an urine as well. Dodds tells Benson he will secure the room and have CSU check for drug residue. Rollins adds prints, maybe off a glass she gave him, she needs to figure out who this fan was that he hooked up with. Benson tells Dodds to have his friend at security pull the footage from Anton’s floor. He says he is on it. Rollins comments that Anton wasn’t lying about the flute, it showed up in a Harlem pawn shop. Dodds says good, pawn shops have cameras and asks if they sent any footage. Rollins replies yes, she is opening the file now. Rollins looks at the screen, pauses, and then says it is buffering, she will look at it on her laptop. Benson gets a questioning look on her face.

Rollins sits back down at her desk and looks around. She then looks at the video and we see a woman at the pawn shop with the flute, and it is her sister Kim. She covers her mouth with her hand in shock. Rollins says out loud, “Oh, don’t do this to me Kim.” Rollins looks troubled.

Fin approaches her and she quickly closes her laptop when he asks her about the pawn shot footage. She says she couldn’t open the file and he seems skeptical and asks if she sent it to TARU. She gets evasive and Fin thinks Anton was drugged, adding that that girl “played his flute and stole his flute.” Rollins thinks he is not a victim, and he asks again about the video, and she insists there is nothing. He gets a quizzical look on his face and he asks if she is okay. She looks back and Dodds who is at his desk on the phone, and then explains she is just a little hungry and asks him to walk her to the break room.

In the break room, Rolllins shows Fin the pawn shop video of Kim and he asks if she knew Kim was in New York. She replies of course not, thinking this is why her mom kept talking about her, wanting them to all be together. Fin urges her to stay away, the last time she set Rollins up and now Kim will take her down for good, and says she has to tell Benson. Rollins states she can’t, especially with mini-Dodds hovering around, he will go straight to his daddy or IAB. Fin comments they will want to see the footage, and she knows he doesn’t get in trouble. She gets an angry face and barks for Fin to stall them. She adds her mother must know where she is, they have always been as thick as thieves. She will bring Kim in herself . Fin, looking reluctant, says alright.

Meanwhile, walking into Benson’s office, Dodds explains that his buddy at the hotel recognized Anton’s date. She is a working girl and Benson asks to see if they have footage from the bar. Fin walks in and states Rollins is doing facial recognition on the video from the pawn shop. Benson asks Fin if everything is okay with her, she seems off. Fin explains she hadn’t had lunch and he sent her to get a bite. Benson gives Fin a look, and Dodds asks about the footage, wondering if Anton can ID this girl. Fin explains there is some kind of tech glitch, it shouldn’t be long. Benson continues to stare at Fin, clearly wondering what is really going on. Dodds says they know she is a hooker, maybe if Anton comes clean on that, it will loosen him up, asking how long with the DNA take. Benson says it depends, then tells Dodds to tell Anton they already have it.

Meanwhile, Rollins races out of SVU and call her mother, who is staying in Rollins' apartment, telling her not to lie to her and asking here is Kim? She explains there is an APB out for Kim for robbing a john last night. He mother acts ignorant but Rollins forcefully tells her mother that either Kim meets her now or the cops will take her down, and Rollins says her mother wouldn’t want headlines in the paper about her daughter being a prostitute. She tells her to get Kim to show. Beth Anne says she will see what she can do to get a message to her. But when they hang up the call, Beth Anne is sitting in Rollins’ apartment and Kim is also there, paying with Rollins’ dog Frannie. She asks Kim if she is in trouble, but Kim thinks Rollins is just putting her down just to build herself up. Beth Anne says she sounds upset and she will have to talk to her.

Back at SVU, Dodds and Carisi confront Anton with a photo of him at Alessandra’s hotel room door, and he doesn’t recall any of this. He realizes that “Savannah” may have drugged him. It is him in the photo but would never rape. He asks if he needs to call a lawyer or his embassy, but Carisi tries to convince him to go to the ER to run some tests and he will have to tell him how he got in touch with the escort. When he says he doesn’t want his wife to find out, Dodds states they have enough to arrest him right now, and she will definitely find out about that, if he works with SVU, they will try to work with him.

Later, Dodds is showing Benson that Anton found the escort through Craigslist, paid cash, and used a fake name. Dodds says he called the number and booked an afternoon date with Savannah. When Benson looks surprised, Dodds asks that he hopes he didn’t overstep. Benson explains she is more interested in closing out the rape case than tracking down some escort. Dodds counters if they don’t find her, Anton could claim that NYPD ignored exculpatory evidence. Benson comments as a general note, she prefers to be kept in the loop. As she walks off, Dodds follows her and says his dad says he was there to take some of the pressure off her but if she is not comfortable delegating, he can respect that. She stops and gives a forced smile, saying it is day 1 so for the time being, to check in with each other.

Meanwhile, Rollins is waiting outside at a table and meets with Kim. Kim makes a comment about how big Rollins is, and Rollins gets right down to business and asks her what is going on, asking how long has she been in New York? Kim asks if she is having twins, and Rollins tells her to sit down and shut up, she is in serious trouble. Kim asks if is it for that warrant, and Rollins says that too, but explains about how she Rolled the Russian guy and stole his flute, showing her the image of her at the pawn shop. Kim’s face changes and Rollins states after Kim drugged him, he came to and raped a woman in his hotel. Kim denies drugging him and says Anton gave her the flute, but Rollins is not buying it, getting angry with Kim. She wants Kim to turn herself in and she will get her a good lawyer. Beth Anne approaches and Kim says Beth Anne can’t be there right now, Rollins explaining this is serious police and legal business. Beth Anne sits down anyway and says both girls need their mother right now.

Elsewhere in a hotel room, Dodd’s talks to the pimp “Slice” and Dodds is trying to get  “Savannah.” When Slice isn’t having it, he pulls a knife and Dodds pulls out his gun, saying he is NYPD. Carisi walks in also with his gun drawn. Slice thinks this is a shakedown and asks how much, and Carisi says this is attempted bribery. Carisi throws Dodds the cuffs and Dodds says if Slice talks to them, this goes away. They explain “Savannah” rolled a john last night and stole a $50,000 flute. Slice seems surprised. Dodds tells Slice to text her.

Meanwhile, Kim is getting more argumentative, saying she bets Rollins doesn’t even know who the father is. They argue about Rollins shooting Kim’s boyfriend and that Kim has been on the run. Rollins yells that Kim ran out on a warrant and cleaned out her entire apartment. Beth Anne tries to stop the arguing, saying she'll find them some cocktails and when she gets back, she expects them to behave. Kim gets a message and Rollins explains the situation Kim is now in and that she has been identified. Rollins tells her she has to come with her voluntarily or she has to arrest her. Kim thinks she would not do that as it would break their momma’s heart. Rollins is silent and Kim says her agent is texting her, and Rollins states that is her pimp. Kim says New York has made he so hard and Kim says she is leaving, and she races off, knowing Rollins is in no position to chase. Kim asks Rollins is she is going to shoot her there in cold blood. Rollins shouts back they will find her but Kim says she is pretty good at disappearing, adding to tell mom she said goodbye.

With Slice in SVU interrogation, Carisi and Dodds continue to press for Savannah. Benson watches from her office and Fin enters, wondering why Dodds is still taking to Slice. He states the DNA report is in, Anton raped Alessandra, saying Anton is done and they're done. Benson says it is Dodds first week and she can’t shut down every idea he has. Fin says he will do it. Benson tersely comments that she asked him to take the Sergeant’s exam and he told her he wanted to part of it, so here’s where we are. Fin backs off and Benson turns the audio back on to listen to the interrogation.

Dodds and Carisi are still questioning Slice trying to get “Savannah,” and when Slice mentions he should call his lawyer, they hear a knock and Carisi says he said the magic words. As Carisi turns to leave, Dodds presses Slice even further and threatens him that he will follow him and tap his phones, and that he will track him down and pull his testicles out through his throat. The knocking gets louder and Dodds breaks it off. He and Carisi enter Benson’s office and Dodds comments his was this close to getting the girl from Slice. Fin says they don’t care about the escort, and Benson adds the DNA came back and they are charging Anton with rape. Dodds questions even if he was drugged? Benson suggest the defense can argue that, they made the best efforts to find the girl Dodds counters they should get a still from the pawn shop and make a wanted posted to send it to DCPI and that Rollins must have gotten a kit from TARU by now. Fin says they are backed up and she went down there herself. Benson questions that she did, then says good, but pauses. She then tells Dodds and Carisi they can tell Anton he needs a lawyer. As they all move to leave, Benson asks Fin to hold up, asking what is going on with Rollins, is there something she needs to know? Fin is evasive, asking how’s that? She stares back at him briefly then says she appreciates him having his partner’s back, then states with authority, “Get her in here now.”

Later, Carisi and Dodds speak with Anton who still believes he was drugged. They are still trying to find the girl but they did find his flute in a pawn shop. He does not want to press charges, he has a concert tomorrow in Montreal. Carisi informs him he won’t be making that, and Dodds says he will be charged with the rape of Alessandra Bay. Anton is stunned and still denies it.. Dodds says the DNA and she says he did. He asks if she knows he was drugged, and he asks to talk to her. Carisi says that will not be happening, but he does get one phone call, and he should try a lawyer.

Benson is in her office with Fin and Rollins and Rollins has owned up to knowing it was Kim at the pawn shop. Rollins thought it was best to set up a meeting and get her to come in without a struggle, but Kim wouldn’t listen to her. She couldn’t run after her and it is not like she is going to pull a gun in the park and shoot her sister while her mom is on the way back from getting mimosas. Benson raises her voice, asking Rollins if she realizes she could be charged as an accomplice and she could be fire. Benson asks where is Kim now, and Rollins explains Kim said she was going to disappear. Fin cracks good luck, saying little Dodds is like a dog with a bone. Rollins asks Benson to call him off because the last thing she needs is him ratting her out to Dodds Senior. Benson shouts no she can’t. Fin explains Carisi and Dodds picked up her pimp and he dimed on Kim when he found out she stole Anton’s flute. Rollins shouts back who would tell him that? Benson raises her voice again and says from now on, all communication with her family is to be recorded. Rollins says “Yes Ma’am” and as she turns to leave, Benson adds Rollins better figure out a way to get Kim in there. Rollins yells that she tried, but she will not listen to her. Fin asks if she will listen to her mom, and Rollins shouts that she doesn’t know. Dodds enters and apologizes for interrupting and asks for a word with Benson in private. Benson asks if it can wait, and he says no, explaining he ran the hotel surveillance photo of that girl through facial recognition and got a hit. He holds up his phone with Kim’s photo on it, and Rollins sits back down in a chair, crossing her arms in frustration. Benson tells Dodds to close the door, and Dodds gives Rollins a look as he does so. Benson states, hiding anger, that she just found out herself, but Rollins and Fin are going to figure out a way to solve this. Rollins and Fin stare off.

Later, Benson, Rollins, and Dodds are in the interview room as Beth Anne Rollins enters. They explain it is being recorded. Dodds shows her photo of Kim dresses as Savannah and Beth Anne says it could be her. Rollins presses and Beth Anne admits it is Kim. Dodds explains the situation and that Beth Anne could be harboring a fugitive, and she says she doesn’t know where she went. Benson continues to press, saying there is a man who thinks she stole his money and he may try to hurt her. Beth Anne says she didn’t know, and tried calling Kim since she and Rollins last saw her. Dodds asks for her phone to get the number, and after Rollins presses, Beth Anne hands the phone to Dodds. It is a different number than her burner phone and when he dials it, it goes straight to voice mail. He hands the phone back and Beth Anne leaves Kim a message who asks Kin to call her back. Dodds leaves the room to put a trace on her phone. The phone rings and it is Kim. Beth Anne asks where is she, and then says it is in her cosmetics bag. She tells Kim to stay right where she is, and then the call ends when Kim hangs up. Rollins asks what did she say and where is she, and Beth Anne asks that they are not going to hurt her. Benson stresses she needs to tell them where is Kim, and she admits Kim is at Rollins’ apartment, she put some money aside for her. Rollins looks stunned and she and Benson race off.

They arrive at Rollins’ apartment with lights and sirens, and Benson and Carisi catch up with Kim as she tries to walk away. As Carisi, Fin, and Rollins watch, Benson arrests her. Kim accuses Rollins of setting her up, and Rollins asks if she is okay. Kim says she is but she doesn’t know if HE is. Fin asks he who, and Kim says Slice came after her and wanted her money, it was all self defense. When Rollins says she is going upstairs, Benson grabs her and says not a chance, she shouldn’t even be there. Benson adds as of right now, she has to recuse herself from the case, and she asks for Rollins’ keys. When Rollins hesitates, Benson forcefully repeats, “KEYS!” Rollins complies, and Benson tells Fin and Carisi to go, handing them Rollins’ apartment keys. Kim yells at Rollins, saying Rollins always has to be the good girl. As Kim continues to rant, Benson advises her to stop talking.

Fin unlocks the door and he and Carisi enter and find Slice laying on the floor, bleeding from a stab wound and begging for help. He says Kim stabbed him in the nuts, and when Fin says he is under arrest, Slice comments that they gotta be kidding him.

Later, Benson and Fin walk into the squad room and Kim whines about the handcuffs. Benson tells Fin to get a uni to take her to interrogation. Beth Anne races up to Kim and when she sees the blood, Rollins explains that Kim decided to attack her agent. Kim says he had it coming. Dodds explains that Carisi called and Slice will make it. She tells Dodds to have Carisi wait there and get his statement. Benson tells Fin to drive Beth Anne and Rollins home and she will talk to Kim. Rollins says if she will do that, she is staying there. Benson says no, she is not. Kim says it is fine, she can talk. Benson tells Kim to keep her mouth shut until her sister gets her a lawyer. She has the uni take Kim to holding and repeats to Fin to take Rollins and Beth Anne home. When Beth Anne asks what about Kim, Rollins explains Kim is staying; she is under arrest.

Later, in interrogation with Counselor Lorenzo Desappio, Kim explains to Benson and Carisi that Slice kept texting her and he was real angry, they should not have told him about the flute. She gave her money to her mom who took it to Rollins’ apartment. When Benson asks how Slice found her, the lawyer says to ask Slice that, he stalked Kim. Kim explained he barged into the room and beat on her and lied saying the money was under the couch. When he went for it she grabbed the knife and lunges and the next thing she knew he was on the floor and she was running. Kim smiles as if she is proud of herself. She claims Anton gave her the flute as a gift. They challenge that Anton gave her a $50,000 flute and Kim says he said it was insured and he wanted to help her get her life back together and get to school and if there was a little left over it would be for Rollins and the baby. Fin, along with Rollins and Dodds, are observing and Rollins looks at Fin with disbelief, saying she knows. Kim says Anton had a few drinks when he gave her the flute and a few pills. She says those were not her pills; he offered bust she doesn’t do drugs, they make people do crazy things. Lorenzo stops her and then tells Benson they should stop here. Kim says she will defer to him, smiling flirtatiously. Kim said if Anton had not assaulted that poor woman, none of them would be in this situation.

At arraignment court part 15 on Wednesday, August 26, Anton is arraigned and he pleads not guilty, his lawyer mentioning he was drugged. The ADA says the escort denies giving him anything and there were no drugs in his system, he was on a sex and drinking binge that turned violent. Anton claims he remembers none of this. The ADA requests remand because of Anton’s international fame and his travel visa, and has the means and opportunity to flee. Despite his lawyer’s arguments, Anton is remanded without bail while Alessandra watches from the gallery. She looks shocked.

Outside in the hallway, Alessandra stops Benson and asks if people with buy Anton’s drug story. She adds they said they found no drugs in his system and thinks he knew what he was doing. Meanwhile, Rollins talks to Lorenzo trying to explain her sister doesn’t her anything she doesn’t want to hear, wondering if she knows if she doesn’t take the plea, she is looking at a long stretch. He tells her not to worry, he spoke with the ADA and they are on the same page.

Later, as they walk back into the courtroom, Rollins asks Carisi if Dodds said anything to him about her and Kim. Carisi tells her don’t worry about what he says to them, it’s what he says to his dad that matters. Beth Anne is also in the gallery. The judge sarcastically welcomes Kim back to New York and mentions the outstanding warrant for her on manslaughter in the second degree for the death of Jeff Parker. Kim tries to blow it off, saying she can explain but her lawyer silences her. The ADA says they are also charging Kim with grand larceny in the second degree and assault in the first degree, however, in exchange for a guilty plea on man 2, the people are prepared to drop the other charges. When the judge asks Kim how she pleads, she whispers to Lorenzo, and squeezes his arm. He seems hesitant but then pleads Kim as not guilty on all charges. Rollins looks stunned and her mother happy. The ADA says this is not her understanding but if this is where they are, they will proceed on ALL charges. As the judge talks about bail, Kim touches Lorenzo’s shoulder and smiles when the judge remands her to Rikers. Rollins looks dumbfounded.

In the court hallway, Fin comments that Kim skips out on a warrant and now she wants to go to trial. Rollins comments her sister is the gift that keeps on giving. When Carisi comments to imagine the headlines, Benson chides him. As Beth Anne leaves the court room, Rollins tries to reason with her but her mother is very upset with Rollins and blames her for all this. Beth Anne thinks Kim handled the pimp just fine and this is all about Rollins. She continue to harp on Rollins, saying she chose her work over her family like she always has. Rollins asks that they not do this now, and Beth Anne says let’s not do this at all and she walks off. Rollins asks what does she mean, and Beth Anne replies she came up there to help her but it is quite clear she knows what she is doing and she would just be in the way. She will be back for Kim’s trial, saying maybe by then Rollins will have finally learned the value of family. As her mother storms off, Rollins looks distressed and when Carisi asks if Beth Anne is leaving now, Rollins says yeah, she will be back, she is a drama queen, asking where do they think Kim gets it from? She leans up against a wall and looks as if she is faltering. Benson asks if she is okay but despite her saying yes, she takes a step and starts to collapse. They all catch her and decide to get her to the hospital.

Carisi and Fin sit in the waiting area, Carisi pacing like an expectant father and Fin sitting calmly in a chair. Carisi sits down and asks about Rollins’ family, and Fin says all families have stuff. Carisi replies, “Yeah, but hers has, like, a lot.” The see Rollins come out on a wheelchair, and she comments they are still there. Carisi says Fin was worried about her. She explains it is nothing to worry about; her doctor said her blood pressure spiked and had asked if she had been under any extra stress lately. Fin suggests they drive her home, and she nods yes.

Back at SVU and on the phone, Benson tells the caller to keep her posted. Deputy Chief Dodds is in her office and asks how is Rollins doing? Benson tells him she is okay and Carisi and Fin are with her now. Dodds observes Rollins is getting very close, suggesting she take some time off before she has the baby. Benson says, smiling, that she can ask. He asks if everything is going well with Mike, and Benson replies that he is stepping up. He asks if there are any issues to let him know. As he walks out of her office, Sgt. Dodds enters and asks if his dad is checking up on him, adding he is sorry about that. Benson comments it is all good, and she asks him to close the door. He does so and sits down. She explains just so they are clear, when she told him not to check up on Anton’s escort, she had no idea that was Rollins’ sister. He says no worries, that is not his business. Benson adds she really did find out that same time he did, and as for Rollins and Fin, she has spoken to them and she will be continuing to speak with them. Dodds tells her to go easy, family is complicated. He comments he knows everybody is worried that he is the boss’ son, saying they have to watch themselves around him… Benson smiles and says nobody is saying that. He laughs and says, “Right.” He just wants her to know, what happens at SVU, stays at SVU, she has his word. She says okay and they shake hands.

At Riker’s Island Correctional Facility in the visitors room on Thursday, August 27, Rollins visits Kim who hugs her and is happy to see her. Rollins flatly states she is due at work and asks what does she want? Kim wants her to know everything is going to be alright, and Rollins asks why, because she batted her eyes at that lawyer, he’s going to be her savior now? Kim says Lorenzo wants to go to trial but she called him off. Kim tells Rollins she was right about him, he is the loveliest man. Rollins asks what is her point, and Kim replies that she told him she couldn’t put Rollins through that stress. Rollins cracks “NOW you can’t put me through stress.” Kim claims she does not want Rollins to testify and don’t be mad but Lorenzo said a lot of stuff when he met with the DA. Rollins asks what kind of stuff, and Kim says like how Rollins didn’t tell her boss that she ID’d me or that she was even in town. As Rollins sits down, Kim adds their personal history, their cycle of abuse and how Rollins was raped on the job and her gambling addiction. All that stuff would have come up during the trial. Rollins says, “Right” and looks like she is going to cry. She tells Kim to do what she has to, and she quickly stands up to leave. Kim says it is fine, Lorenzo assure her that they can work out some kind of a one size fits all plea on Slice and the old warrant, and especially if she cooperates and testifies against Anton…she mentions what Anton did to Alessandra. Kim smiles and says if everything goes as planned, Lorenzo thinks she might be out in under a year. Rollins coldly says that is not gonna happen, and Kim says either way, Lorenzo says he will wait for her. Rollins asks, “Come again?” Kim thinks Lorenzo is going to ask her to marry him, saying wouldn’t that be something. Rollins continues to glare are Kim as she says that, like momma says, everything works out in the end. Kim smiles, and as Rollins silently stares back at Kim, we fade to black.

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Lannes said...

Thought that this was a good episode, and I am really digging the season thus far. That being said, the writers are setting up a LOT of arcs to deal with as almost every episode is ending or nearly ending with unanswered questions. So far we have when will Rudnick and Yates reappear and go on some kind of a spree, what will Barba’s fate be in the wake of last week’s grand jury indictment, how long will Barba and Benson be at odds, can Benson and her squad really trust Dodds the Younger, and will Rollins’ sister end up married to Jackie Aprile, Jr. That’s several loose ends to tie up, and I’m sure Fin’s son or Carisi’s sister will make an appearance to add to the drama!!!

Juda packer Martinez said...

Thanks again chris for the recap, I thought it was a very good episode til the bother me that Anton who was a victim got arrested for something he was not aware of, in the beginning of episode while dancing and playing flute it did look like he was stareing at the girl who got raped . now it seems with this episode after everything rollins sister told her it sounded so much like the episode venom where Ludacris said he was taking everyone down then the next season in season finale screwed he took everyone to court, do you see same kind of story here.

Ana Andrade said...

Chris, I honestly don't like that you are always looking at something negative to say about Amanda. I'm really trying to understand what you have against her. Yes, she shouldn't have have tried to solve this herself, but it's not like she was trying to get her sister off.

That being said, this was a really good episode. I lost count of how many times I wanted to punch both Kim and Beth in the face. I can't believe that Amanda's mom would just leave her like that. Apparently the fact that Amanda is trying to make something of herself despite their upbringing is bad. She'd rather have a daughter who is a criminal yet loyal to family. She'd rather have Amanda lose her job? Unbelievable. I think that Amanda did the right thing by eventually helping them find Kim.I was wondering how Kim knew about Amanda's rape. Does she know all the details? If she does then she is the most ungrateful person I've ever seen. The only reason Amanda was raped in the first place was because she was trying to help her. I have a feeling that we are going to see Amanda's family in another episode.

As for the case itself, I felt really bad for Anton and Alessandra. They are both victims and deserve justice. I also wish that Alessandra knew that Anton didn't really intend to rape her and that he was really drugged.

Lisa said...

I think Warren is setting up to have Fin take the SGTs exam while he said he doesn't want the Politics he is now seeing he dosnt want to be treated as low man on the Totem pole either. I think he will come to the realization that he does want the SGT and will take the risk...then baby Dodds can scurry back to Daddy

Cardinal said...

Lisa, I agree with you about Fin and the sergeant's exam. It would be cool if Munch turned up to convince Fin to take the exam. John hadn't been eager to move up, but it worked out pretty well for him. The same could happen for Fin.

Petra S said...

I don't like hearing negative things about Amanda either but I can totally get that not all like her, she isn’t an easy person to figure out so I think it has more to do with the fact they don't get her. I like that she's flawed, that she's reckless at times and that she can't see clearly when it comes to her sister. Did I say like, I mean I LOVE that. Makes me able to relate to her so much more. And I really hope this baby won’t change her too much. I want to keep her flawed.

I had pictured her mother to be even more loco but she actually came across tamer than I thought she'd be. She did show her true colors in that last scene though. Biatch. I feel so bad for Amanda and she certainly doesn’t make it easier for herself by letting her family get to her. That last scene with Kim was just so heartbreaking. Kelli played that scene brilliantly, trying to keep her shit together but I saw those tears in your eyes boo. And holy sh*t we got a rape reference. Did not think the writers would ever acknowledge that ever again. It’s still not enough to please me though. They need to deal with it properly and not just reference it.

@Ana Andrade - I certainly don't know the truth but with Kim knowing about the rape I'm thinking pretty much everyone back in Atlanta knew what Patton pleaded guilty to and I'm sure APD did everything to trash both Reese and Amanda even after that. With Mrs Patton knowing Amanda's mom I'm sure it reached Beth Anne somehow, and therefor also Kim. I don't think they know the details though. I can imagine Patton just saying Amanda wanted to sleep with him and not going in to anything that lead up to Amanda being at that hotel in the first place. I can't imagine Amanda ever talking to either her mom or sis about what really went down. So Kim actually acknowledging it was a rape was a good thing but then use it as a threat, not cool.

I could go on and on about things I liked in this episode. The Finanda partnership, Frannie(!), Liv being rightfully cross at her & Amanda not holding back even though any reasonable person would have when your boss scolds you, Fin still having her back, Carisi being a total sweetheart and well just about every Rollins’ scene in the ep but I won’t bore you with that and I know I am biased when it comes to her.

So I’ll move on to the case of the week that got a ltl sidetracked by the Rollins’ family drama but we still got bits of it, and we got a cool musical number in the beginning. I do wonder if Anton really was drugged, maybe missing his precious flute made him go batshit crazy? I find it strange they didn’t find traces of it in his system. Anton was a ltl too full of himself to really feel sorry for, he was all about his flute and wife, and didn’t seem to care about the violinist getting raped. By him! And he brought an escort up to his room so where was his concern about his wife then? But technically, if he was drugged then we definitely had two victims here.

Not a fan of newnewguy (Dodds Jr) but I will try to not come down too hard on him, I know I’m still missing Amaro and don’t want to be just spiteful. I will say this though that even though I like Carisi a lot, he’s a sweet guy, but he does come across a bit too cartoonish for me at times. And here comes another guy who feels rather cartoonish as well so it just got a bit too much for me with both of them on the squad. I hope it was just temporary but I also kinda hope Jr is also just temporary, they do need a fifth in the squad room though. I hope you're right @Lisa, Fin can be Sarge & they can bring on a new detective. That would work for me.

And they need to utilize Barba, preferably in every episode.

Chris Zimmer said...

Aba - this whole episode highlighted what I think are Rollins' greatest flaws. Even though her mother doesn't think so, and Kim likely doesn't think so, Rollins put her family first and possibly risked her own career. Her family has clearly taken her for granted and it was time for her to show some "tough love." It would be hard for me to ignore the choices she made here, seeing that her own boss was quite annoyed with her judgement - or lack of it. I have nothing against her, she's just a character that had many problems in her life, many from her own doing! If she wasn't such a flawed character, she'd be boring!

Catherine said...

If Kim used GHB to drug Anton, it wouldn't show up in his system by the time SVU got him in for testing. But it will show up later in a hair sample. That may be how his defense attorney can prove he was drugged.

But my question is why SVU didn't do more investigating into Alessandra's rape allegation. There are an awful lot of questions that I would want answered. Why would Anton go to her room? Why did she let him in? What was their relationship? Did the video show blood on Anton when he left her room? Did she have a head injury severe enough to cause unconsciousness for 6-10 hours? Why was her manicure perfect if she tried to stop Anton?

Anonymous said...

The best part of the episode was the end when Kim Rollins showed us once again what a manipulative monster she is. Love her character, as she is a character I love to hate! :D

I agree I wasn't thrilled with new guy Mike Dodds. He just didn't do it for me but am willing to give him another chance...Just didn't seem to have the chemistry with the other characters? Not sure what was missing but something was. Haven't missed Nick Amaro character until this episode. Andy Karl IMO is no replacement for Danny Pino.

Definately missed Barba, but what would be the point to him being on the show, since I doubt Kim Rollins would not be able to manipulate him. :P

The only thing I could think of during this show was about the rapist still at large from last weeks show and no reference to the progress of that case at all. That left me frustrated.

Phil Smith said...

Chris Zimmer I didn't like this episode either. As you said it focused on Rollins' family too much and Wow what a dysfunctional lot that is, including Amanda herself. Why does she put up with her mother and Kim? I would have cut them off years ago. The mother is in left field condoning Kim's actions, Rollins herself breaking police procedure and Kim a career criminal. I actually like the Rollins character, at lest the writers gave her some growth, unlike Stable remaining a hot tempered Neanderthal.

I take issue with the spot Rollins put Fin in. Him running interference made him culpable, she should have never asked him to cover for her. Fin where was his loyalty?, he served with Benson for over a decade, not to mention his loss of integrity.

Again Chris Zimmer I question Benson's leadership, she seemed barely upset, not more then annoyed that one of her Officers broke the law by hiding evidence. Her over all reaction wasn't realistic. A real Police CO would have given both Rollins and Fin at the very least a rip, if not suspension and possible termination from One P.P. This doesn't seem something that a CO would burry when it could mean their ass on the line. Benson seems to have no control over her people. Again D.C. Dodds has to take the lead desking Rollins, when she wanted to go to the crime scene at the hotel. Benson can't lead, discipline or is taken seriously as a commanding officer by her own people.

As for Andy Karl he seems okay so far, little too early to have an opinion. Will see if SGT. Dodds is true to his word that what happens at SVU stays there. Time will tell.

Phil Smith said...

@ Petra S

I actually like the Rollins character as well Petra. I agree with you that her having flaws makes her more realistically human. She and the other detectives are not super hero's and can't be perfect. That would make for a boring story.

However for you to say that people post negative comments about Rollins because "they don't get her", I think you are looking at her wearing kaleidoscope glasses. Many that post here including me do "get her"...

Amanda Rollins isn't a perfect cop or human being, however I love her character. She has a gambling addiction, got into debt to a bookie, worked for him. Murphy protected her and lied about her involvement that she was working undercover with him. Speaking of Murphy both him and Rollins end up having an inappropriate relationship. She has sex with a fellow officer that was separated from his wife, Amaro. NYPD does prohibit partners from having a sexual relationship. She then in this episode violates the law by not coming forth about her sister. Sister or not she has a job to do, and after all that Kim put her through, she still wants to protect her, why ?

What took place is a text book example of obstruction of justice. In the real world of criminal justice she would have after an investigation been terminated. On top of that she coerced Fin into lying and running interference. She manipulated Fin like her sister. I would go as far to say that she is similar to Kim Rollins, her sister, narcissistic, back stabbing, vindictive and self serving. Amanda's motives are different and she just reacts differently then her sister. I think both sisters got these traits from their bat crazy alcoholic mother.

I think in all do respect you misunderstand some comments posted here as negative towards Rollins. In fact I think the writers created those flaws in Rollins and the others on the show not only to be realistic but also for fan discussion. I for one have made huge bone headed choices and mistakes in my life.

To either event everyone posting here is entitled to their opinions, seems name "emitted" some mistake their opinions for fact.

Phil Smith said...

Well can Benson trust Fin again ? She may not want him as her number two after he lied to her. Fin and Benson have lot's of history, hell she saved his life when he was shot. I think Andy Karl is here to stay. This could be a prelude to ICE T leaving the show. He has other obligations and this is maybe one of the events in the script why he leaves. Lost trust that can't be repaired, either he get's transferred or he put's his paper in ? I think it's a possibility.

Petra S said...

@Phil Smith - my comment about ppl not getting her was more directed at ppl on other forums (could've made that clearer I'm sorry for that). Take Twitter as an example, there's so much hate on there I don't even search her hashtag any longer. I won't throw every so-called diehard under the bus cause I'm sure most of them are decent ppl but some of them just aren't and their posts are really vial.
I'm happy you like her character as well though :) and this is one of the forums I like coming to as you guys seem openminded & willing to discuss instead of just throw dirt, well except one poster but I will not drag that up again ;)
And if you want an answer to that why question I would love for you to read @Snookums post over at PreviouslyTV, she summed it up perfectly. The post is in the episode thread.

Phil Smith said...

@Petra I apologize for the misunderstanding. I read the post you suggested that @Snookums posted. I agree with her assessment. However that still doesn't excuse her actions and failing to do the right thing as a law enforcement officer. To me she lacked good judgment and integrity.

Also the spot Rollins put Fin in left a bad taste in my mouth. Benson may have a lack of trust with Fin now, she already had trust issues with Rollins. Benson and Fin were very close, trusted each other and either one of them would take a bullet for each another. I think that there maybe Irreconcilable harm done to their friendship and as colleagues. Saying all that doesn't mean I hate the Rollins character, good acting and enjoying a show also can mean wow she annoys the hell out of me. Giddish plays her part well.

Phil Smith said...

Chris Zimmer did you hear that Bradley Darryl Wong his reprising his role as B.D Huang? The episode is scheduled for sometime this November. Lewis Hodda's defense calls him to testify as an expert witness, obviously they are going for a an insanity defense.

Chris Zimmer said...

Phil Smith - yes, I did hear about BD Wong coming in for a guest spot. It will be great to have him back!

Petra S said...

No worries @Phil Smith, I have a tendency to post long posts but I should know to express myself better & not focus on trying to cut posts shorter. I do agree with you on Rollins, she def lacked both good judgment and integrity, & has in the past as well. She's a very fascinating character, & awesome to try and analyze. I'm happy you can separate the character from the actress as well, I've seen many trash Kelli cause they hate Amanda which isn't cool at all. I know I've struggled in the past with separating characters from their actors/actresses so I get that it's not easy but to tag the actress in spiteful posts about the character on Twitter, Tmblr & such is just evil. To tag your hate is evil really, and unnecessary. I keep my trashtalk to private messaging with my fellow Amanda fans ;)

And I can't wait to see Huang back, love both him & Wong :) Also very interesting to see him tesifying for the defense. With Barba going at Liv the other episode & now Huang being on the other side. Count in two disobedient detectives and Liv ain't got it easy right now.

@Chris - any confirmation yet that Mariska really is directing ep10?

Chris Zimmer said...

@PetraS - I haven't seen anything official as yet!

empxth tbh said...

i don't get why everyone sees it as if amanda wanted to protect kim... i mean she clearly was pissed at her but probably just didn't want any trouble with her mom or something, but she was gonna bring her in eventually...

Laurie Fanat said...

I dreaded this episode, as I am tired of the Rollins drama. It wasn’t as awful as I expected. But let me be blunt: for all that her family has put her through, especially Kim, Rollins needs to have her head examined for trying to get Kim to come in. Seriously, Rollins needs to see a shrink badly. Being a rape victim is one problem, being a gambling addict is one problems, and being a victim of her family and having such lousy self esteem that she lets them run all over her is another. She made a serious error by trying to cover for Kim and she should pay for it. IAB should look into this. Benson is pissed at her but Benson should be writing her up formally. Possibly that is happening but I would have liked to see Benson really give Rollins a dressing down. I can see her cutting her some slack because she is pregnant, but once Rollins has the baby and returns to work, Benson should let her have it.

It’s hard for a new person to come into an established series. I thought Andy Karl did fine and I agree that we don’t know if he is a man of his word. Who knows what stories her will tell his dad when his father puts the pressure on him?

They should just cut Ice-T loose. He is phoning in his performance.

The story was okay and did seem funny which is okay with me. Sometimes SVU is such a downer that some dark humor is welcome. Sonny is funny but sometimes he seems a little thick in the head.

No Barba? A crime in itself.

Lisa said...

Ice t isn't going anywhere Olivia should understand him covering for her, lord knows her and Elliot lied all the time to cover each other I'm sure she hasn't forgotten what loyalty is about or is it ok when SHE lies.

Phil Smith said...

@empxth tbh

True that Rollins' intention was to bring her sister in. But she should have known that Kim wouldn't comply. Kim said herself when Rollins said I got to bring you in. Kim responded you're going to chase me in your condition. So Rollins even if intentional tipped her sister off that she knew about the theft of the flute. If she had done her job as a law enforcement and put personal feelings aside, the events would have unfolded differently. Rollins broke police protocol and the law.

If IAB is to investigate, they could perceive that Rollins intention all along was to warn her sister. The series of the events make it seem that way. She hid from Benson video surveillance of her sister at the pawnshop. Also Kim had an out standing arrest warrant for the shooting of her boyfriend. Not Something that a Police officer should obstruct knowing her sister is in town, family member or not. Amanda made a bad judgment call that jeopardized an official Police investigation and she may have taken Fin down with her.

Phil Smith said...

@Lisa, yes you are correct that Benson and Stabler covered for each other many times; However Captain Cragen did his share of discipline and rip them often and put reprimands in their personal jackets.

The point is loyalty has nothing to do with it now, Benson is a commanding officer of a precinct and be it special victims makes it a volatile situation if she can't get respect from her squad. Her squad's mess ups are ultimately her responsibly. Many times that happen to Cragen, and he couldn't sit down for a week from the chewing out he got from the brass.

If Fin respected Benson after over a decade of working in the same squad where was his loyalty ? Benson is now his CO and with the years of service together he stepped all over that bond. He should have told Rollins "Hell no! we're going to see lieutenant Benson right now!" Another thing Fin could have done was gone with Rollins for the meet with the sister, he could have made the arrest.

Lisa said...

Like I said it's ok Olivia lies even if it's on the stand , or allowing a innocent person go to jail and a murder go free God forbid anyone lie to her.

empxth tbh said...

@Phil, that's true, but I only meant that she didn't want to let her off the hook or anything, I guess she just wanted to confront her first (which was, of course, wrong)

babybaking621 said...

You guys really think Detectives and POs are all clean? The shit you saw, in this and other episodes, is real! Yes, they're hired to uphold the law, but that doesn't ALWAYS happen! Benson wasn't "mad" because she gets it and it's no different than her and her brother or her helping Elliot cover up all the shit they covered up together. Fin covered for Rolling, because that's what they (detectives, POs, COs, regulate, everyday co-workers (who like each other) do! I like Rollins' character...she has issues (who doesn't) real. As far as this episode, I wanted to slap her, the mom and I really wanna pummel Kim! I can't wait to see what's in store for Rollins; I'm interested to know who the father of the baby is!

As for Jr. Dodd, I liked him, as well, then again, I wasn't an Amaro fan! I think he'll bring a new and interesting dynamic to the squad. I hope they'll bring Barba back to kick Kim's ass, during trial! What I don't get is that Kim isn't a looker, what does she do to these men? She must suck the skin off!

Still a fan of Carisi's character, NOT his look! I need wardrobe to fix him, pronto!

Petra S said...

@babybaking621 - nice to see someone else on the board that likes Rollins, I can deal with you not being a Amaro fan, he wasn't easy to like for me either, the writers made him bitter & a Stabler 2.0 but I just can't dislike Danny Pino ;)
Dunno if it's good news for you or not but we found out who the Rollins' baby daddy is last week - it's Declan Murphy. I'm a bit torn on him being baby daddy but I will like it if it brings drama, the way they played out that reveal scene though were lame.
I'll take your word for the PD, I'm not from the states, it wouldn't surprise me though that a lot of things go down that the public don't know of. You should keep your partners' back, & I think Liv gets that since she & Stabler were up to things in every other episode.
I hope you're right about Dodds Jr.

Cappi said...

Questions for Chris- Do you feel they are phasing Barba out? he is a very important player in this series. Also, what do you feel will happen when Warren leaves the show at the end of the season?

SVu is my favorite show and as a victim of sexual assault it has helped me a lot. An article in my newspaper had a great article about research at Washington State University regarding TV-Style Justice and SVU was the top show in assisting people to understand sexual assault.

Chris Zimmer said...

@Cappi - I always thought that it was more of a money thing when one of the main characters was missing in an episode. Someone told me a few years ago that originally, the stars got paid for the episode whether they were in it or not, as long as they were in the main credits and that this was changed as they added newer actors. I have no idea if this is true or not! It also could be availability issues for the actor. I don't think they are phasing Barba out, but I've been wrong before! As far as what will happen when Warren leaves, I am more worried if SVU will get another season. It seems to do okay in the ratings but there is the expense issue. My guess is next in line to take over the job would be somebody like Julie Martin who already is one of the exec producers, assuming it is a job she'd want. But first we have to get to a season 18!

I did see that article. I agree with it as far as the impact an understanding sexual assault, but think that a show like CSI had more of an impact regarding using science to investigate and solve crimes!

Anonymous said...

The SVU cast doing the "No More" promotions are quite powerful.
I'm surprised they haven't been put on here yet!
Anyway they could be Chris?

Shawn Pierre said...

Does anyone know who plays the music (violins and flute) in the opening act? I thought it was great!

Tevin Youngblood said...

What About Anton's trial? Do they show whether he was found guilty? Is that in another episode? There is very clear evidence that Kim drugged him and they should address that. Or are they just gonna wait until they feel like having Kim on the show again.

Chris Zimmer said...

@Tevin Youngblood - they never finalized what happened to Anton. The last we saw he was remanded to jail awaiting trial. It seems they left things dangling as far as I can recall.

claire calfee said...

It’s a violin cover of the James Bond song with a flute added

opinion02122 said...

I LOVE the opening number in this episode. Does anyone know where I can buy or download it? I THINK the violin group is Bond, but I can’t find this one piece with the flutist. It’s beautiful!

Misfit 55 said...

The name of the group is Bella Donne. Hope this helps

Misfit 55 said...

Here is the link to catch the opening number,