Thursday, October 1, 2015

Law & Order SVU “Institutional Fail” Promo

Here is the promo for Law & Order SVU “Institutional Fail” which will air on Wednesday, October 7, 2015 at 9PM ET on NBC. Whoopi Goldberg guest stars.

My recap and review of Law & Order SVU “Institutional Fail” can be found at this link.

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Petra S said...

OMG I can't really focus on what they are saying or even that Whoopi is guest staring as all I see is that alien baby Rollins' is carrying. I wonder how they will work this out with the timeline *lol* She's so huge! I wonder if they would've blamed the new vending machine if they hadn't worked in Kellis' pregnancy ;)

Cardinal said...

Petra, I read your comments and cracked up laughing! Thank you for starting my day with a big dose of the giggles.

Seriously, Kelli does seem to be carrying a bit low. I cannot even begin to imagine how uncomfortable she must be. It will be very interesting to eventually discover who Rollins' baby daddy really is.

Vending machine! *snerk* OMG, I'll be giggling all day!

Ana Andrade said...

Petra, I'm thinking there will be a time jump of about 3-4 months between Transgender Bridge (which, according to the time cards, took place in mid-June)and this episode. So Institutional Fail should take place around mid to late September. Amanda found out she's pregnant in early June, so that means that got pregnant in mid-April, making her due date in January and she'll be about 5 months pregnant during the time of this episode. In real life, Kelli is supposedly due in late October (at least that was Coco, Ice T's wife tweeted). The first 3 episodes of the season where filmed in late-May and early June. That means Kelli was around 4 months pregnant and probably starting to show, hence the baggy shirts. When they resume filming in mid-August, she was probably around 6-7 months along. That is why all of a sudden she looks so big. They will probably have filmed the first 7 or 8 episodes before Kelli takes maternity leave. They will make it so that the last episodes she's on before she takes a break take place in mid-November, making Amanda about 7 months along. Kelli should be back after the holidays. That means that she'll be gone for episodes 9-11/12 most likely. Those episodes will take place in December and January, coinciding with Amanda's due date.

Overall, everything should work out. I probably looked too much into this. If you have questions let me know :)

Petra S said...

Thanks Ana but I'm all caught up with that, I stalk everything Kelli, I'm a huge fan no pun intended, well maybe a little
It's just they went from her running around telling everyone she was pregnant, and "it's not Nick's", to not even mentioning it in this last episode and then here she is looking like she's about to pop. SVU isn't great on continuity and here's a pretty good proof of that ;)

@Cardinal - you're welcome :) And yes she most be a bit uncomfortable by now. In those pre-season interviews she looked rather quick on her feet as she got up from the table and over to her desk to get the dead chipmunk. I thought ep6 would be her last but she's apparently in ep7 as well, which I love cause I can't wait to see her interact with Dodds Jr. Should be awesome.

Phil Smith said...

A bit off topic but I'm curious if NBC goes ahead with Law and Order : You're the Jury reality show will you recap that mess?

Phil Smith said...

No matter what venue Ice T is doing apparently it always sounds like he is reading off of cue cards. So a talk show is perfect for him.

Phil Smith said...

I'm disappointed that Belzer hasn't had a guest role, since Munch left. He does work at the DA office seems like he would turn up. Has it ever been stated what kind of job he has with the DA?

Chris Zimmer said...

Phil Smith Re: You're The Jury - I will likely provide any promotional materials that I get but will likely not recap the show. I may review it or provide a general summary, but a detail recap like I do for SVU is not likely.

RE: Munch - I can't recall them making much mention of him since the one guest starring role in the episode "Spring Awakening" when Amaro got arrested and he was listed as a special investigator. I thought I read somewhere that he may be popping up this season.

Re: Ice-T - when he first started on SVU his acting was far better. Now he seems to be going through the motions. In his defense, they are not giving him much to work with, either. He did have some glimmers of good acting last season but again, a lot of that was due to more intense segments of a story line. He may be focused on so many other things outside the show that it isn't practical for them to write him into anything complex that requires a lot of his time on a regular basis.

Java Mann said...

My biggest issue with Law and Order is how crimes, especially complex crimes are very easily solved. It's like the detectives are suddenly forensic experts. Olivia and crew are persistently and consistently attempting to break the law.

For example: In a scene in Season 17 about the medical examiner, we see Olivia and a swat team member attempting to drill down the door of the medical examiner's home without a warrant.

Come on, this is the first thing you learn in criminal law. Warrant, warrant, warrant, especially for a high profile case.

I love the show and I am a big fan but sometimes the subject matter becomes laughable.

The detectives on these episodes are extremely and inadvertently too smart and it ducks every ounce of realism from the show.

Phil Smith said...

Chris Zimmer I admit I was too harsh on Ice-T. He's no thespian,however he had his moments. My favorite episode with the story focusing on Fin was Haunted. He did well in that one.

I think when an episode focus on him he shines, when he'w relegated to the back ground with one liners he comes off stale.

Hannah Ryan said...

I think that this might be the episode where we find out who Rollin's child's father is.

I think that Rollins is the type of person that has a lot of issues in their personal life, but she is also responsible when she needs to be. Like, she knows that her baby is going to need her and depend on her to take care of it, and she will be there. I think she has it in her to be a good mom, but maybe we won't see it until she actually has the baby. I think she will be very maternal and loving because it is her own child. I think she will make sure of it especially if she has to raise the baby as a single mom.