Wednesday, April 22, 2015

SVU Crossover: Chicago PD “The Number of Rats” Previews & B-Roll

Here are preview clips and a behind the scenes video for Chicago PD "The Number of Rats", part of the Chicago Fire/Law & Order SVU/Chicago PD crossover event. This episode will air at 10PM on April 29, 2015 on NBC. The videos feature SVU’s Mariska Hargitay, Danny Pino and Ice-T; Chicago PD’s Jon Seda, Jesse Lee Soffer, Laroyce Hawkins, Jason Beghe, Patrick John Flueger, and Sophia Bush, and Chicago Fire’s Taylor Kinney and Monica Raymund. Also featured is guest star Dallas Roberts. The SVU episode begins at 9PM. (Note - there is also a clip from the Chicago Fire episode with Mariska and Jason Beghe.)

B-roll CPD xover by tvwatchr

The preview clips have a limited life so catch them while you can!

CPD_XoverClip1_1 by tvwatchr

CPD_XoverClip3_1 by tvwatchr

CPD_XoverClip4_16x9 by tvwatchr

Chicago Fire clip

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Anne Henderson said...

When is the next episode airing?

Chris Zimmer said...

Next episode Is May 6 - "Perverted Justice":

Jane Doe said...

HELP GUYS which episode is her case from 10 years ago? Based on Benson's haircut in the flashback, I know it's season 5 or 6 and also the time estimate.... But I can't figure out which episode

Chris Zimmer said...

The actual clip is from season 4 episode 25, "Soulless" but that case did not relate in any way to the current case.