Thursday, April 30, 2015

Law & Order SVU “Daydream Believer” & Chicago PD “The Number of Rats” Recap & Review

“In the criminal justice system, some killers are so depraved that it takes multiple 
police agencies to bring them to justice. This is one of those investigations.”

This time, when New York’s Special Victims Unit joins forces with Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, we saw a much meatier crossover and a story that had some serious teeth to it. Some SVU fans may not be thrilled that some of the Chicago PD stars were given so much attention in the SVU segment of the crossover, but in my opinion the nature of the kidnapping and eventual murder of one of Chicago PD’s own people (Nadia) made it necessary,  and I think it blended very well. It was also a great chance for those who are SVU fans but not too familiar with Chicago PD to get a real taste of the dynamic of the Chicago team and how they operate. Voight was true to his hot-headed form and clearly he thinks the detectives at SVU are a bunch of weaklings. Using force is his method of operation, but in this case, the SVU detective tempered and methodical manner of interrogation helped to get that one nugget of information that helped to find Nadia.

Having Jay Halstead checking out his brother Will’s alibi was a mistake that helped the defense. I can understand that Halstead was leery of letting Will do any talking with the police, but someone outside of Intelligence should have independently verified Will’s alibi. And I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the legal segments of SVU episodes seem a little weak as of late and I echoed Voight’s displeasure with the way Barba was handling the case. I don’t have Barba’s legal acumen either but it seems Barba has lost some of his spark.

If we compare Greg Yates’ rapist/serial killer persona with SVU’s William Lewis, we can assume that all serial killers like to keep their victims duct taped in the back of the car, under a tarp, while the killers play silly/campy music. With Lewis, it was “Ain’t We Got Fun” and with Yates it was “Daydream Believer.” It seemed intentional that they made both perps have similar behavior. (Or maybe the writers only can think up one kind of serial killer?)

Dallas Roberts does creepy very well, and he pulled out all the stops for this role. Dallas is a Law & Order “repeat offender,” having been on Law & Order (3 times), Law & Order Criminal Intent, and already on SVU in season 6 in the episode “Weak.” I may never be able to look at him again and not see “serial killer.”

Overall, this crossover was excellent. Personally, I find Chicago PD a more compelling series than Chicago Fire. Chicago PD’s method of storytelling is far more intense and the characters far more complex. Chicago Fire seems to cater to the under 20 crowd, with the story lines and character relationships that are more fitting to a soap opera. I felt the Chicago PD segment of this crossover was the best out of all three hours and I also think Chicago PD has a good foundation - in both their stories and the cast – for some real staying power. They just need to pull in more viewers, and I hope this crossover helps in that regard.

A side note: On April 23, The Hollywood Reporter teased a clip from the Chicago Fire episode “We Called Her Jellybean” – the first part of the crossover event – with the headline “Benson's Visit to 51 Elicits an Emotional Stabler Flashback from 'SVU'.” The article showed a video where Benson looks at a victim’s photo and she flashes back to Stabler consoling her over a victim in New York from years back. That flashback clip was taken from Law & Order SVU “Soulless” (season 4, episode 25). But, the actual Chicago Fire episode used an altered/edited version of that preview clip, and Stabler is not present at all. The body in the Chicago Fire clip has also been changed (from the original SVU episode) and ME Warner’s dialog has been dubbed from the original episode to change her assessment to fit the Chicago Fire storyline. The case from the original episode had nothing to do with this current case. Bottom line: NBC/Chicago Fire teased the clip with Stabler to get viewers to turn in, and then did a “bait and switch” and wiped him from view. Many viewers were insulted and have every right to be. This is a clear case of false advertising.  The reasons why Meloni was cut likely deals with $$$, but it should have never gotten to the point that NBC/Chicago Fire used the clip and actively promoted his presence. That’s just sloppy. And using a clip from an episode for a gratuitous flashback scene when we all know the case in the flashback scene had nothing to do with the current case is another case of sloppy. I can’t quantify how much this kind of stuff annoys me and makes me believe that there is little concern for quality and accuracy in their story telling. It also confirms to me that they think the fans are idiots and won't notice or won't bother to check.

Here is the recap:

Mariska Hargitay – Sergeant Olivia Benson
Ice-T – Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola
Kelli Giddish - Detective Amanda Rollins
Danny Pino - Detective Nick Amaro
Raúl Esparza - ADA Rafael Barba
Peter Scanavino - Detective Dominick “Sonny” Carisi, Jr.

Guest stars:
Tamara Tunie – ME Melinda Warner
Jason Beghe – Hank Voight
Sophia Bush – Erin Lindsay
Jesse Lee Soffer – Jay Halstead
Marina Squerciati – Kim Burgess
Brian Geraghty – Sean Roman
Dallas Roberts - GregYates
Stella Maeve - Nadia Decotis
Jenna Stern – Judge Elana Barth
Mary Bacon - Susie Frain
Jaqueline Hendy – Attorney Crane
Jen Ponton - Layla
Darryl Knight – Bo
PJ Powers – Glen
Rachel Neiheisel – Renee Walden
Ozzie Stewart – Lisa
Aja Frary – Nila Green
Fiona Horrigan – Forewoman

Chicago PD  Episode Cast
Jason Beghe - Hank Voight
Jon Seda - Antonio Dawson
Sophia Bush - Erin Lindsay
Jesse Lee Soffer - Jay Halstead
Patrick John Flueger - Adam Ruzek
Marina Squerciati - Kim
Elias Koteas - Alvin Olinsky
Laroyce Hawkins - Kevin Atwater
Amy Morton - Trudy Platt
Brian Geraghty -Sean Roman
Stella Maeve - Nadia Decotis
Jesse Spencer – Matthew Casey
Eamonn Walker – Chief Wallace Boden
Rachel Melius – Charlotte Reegan
Laura Lapidus – Janine
Jeff Parker – Dr. Smith
Tiffany Bedwell – Victoria Lewyn

Previously, in the first episode of the crossover, Chicago Fire “We Called Her Jellybean,” a woman is sexually assaulted and her apartment set on fire. She is badly burned. Benson contacts Hank Voight of Chicago PD Intelligence regarding that incident as she noticed similarities with that case and one she had ten years prior. She heads to Chicago and gets more information from Voight and Battalion Chief Boden. She flashes back to a previous case from 10 years ago that was very similar. She thinks these cases are connected.

Chicago PD “The Number of Rats” airs second, with SVU’s “Daydream Believer” airing as the third part of the crossover with a dual introduction: “In the criminal justice system, some killers are so depraved that it takes multiple police agencies to bring them to justice. This is one of those investigations.”

Benson is waiting at a hospital to talk to the rape victim - Victoria Lewyn - who was also burned. Hank Voight brings Benson some coffee. The doctor tells them the victim has 3rd degree burns over 70% of her body; the damaged went through to the muscle and her nerves are completely gone. The only good news is that she can’t feel anything. She is coherent and Voight and Benson want to talk with her. Benson stresses the situation, saying if the woman is able, she would want to talk to them. The doctor goes to check. Jay Halstead explains the victim’s sister is there and Voight tells him to have Olinsky and Atwater talk to her.

Halstead speaks with a doctor – who is his brother Will – about Victoria’s condition. His brother knows her as she is a nurse in maternity.

The other doctor returns and lets Benson and Voight in to talk to Victoria and tells them to keep it short. Victoria recalls taking out the trash and saw a man wearing hospital scrubs out of the corner of her eye and she turned. She then woke up in her apartment and it was on fire. She did not see his face but he was white and a little under 6 feet. She begins to code and the doctor rushes Benson and Voight out of the way.

Meanwhile, Olinsky and Atwater speak with Victoria’s sister who says Victoria was not seeing anyone and doesn’t know anyone would do this. As she sobs, they try to console her.

Later, back in the Chicago PD Intelligence squad room, Benson explains the 3 other possible related cases from New York in 2004 who were nurses, were raped murdered by blunt force trauma or burned. Two had green nail polish applied sometime during the crime. Witnesses all saw a man in medical clothing with his arm in a sling who was seen approaching the victims. They do not know if the current victim had green nail polish applied as her hands were severely burned. There was no DNA on the New York crime scenes. They wonder why the killer stopped for 10 years and Benson is not sure that he has. Benson recaps that the suspect is a male white, 5’9”, about 40 years and old and either in the medical field or posing as someone who is. There is nothing distinctive about him but witnesses were consistent as describing him as average looking and normal. Chicago PD explains the action they have taken so far and what they will also be doing next. Halstead gets a phone call who says Olinsky called and said Victoria didn’t make it. Lindsay tells Benson they will get him.

Sgt. Platt works the phones at the front desk and tells Burgess and Roman to start taking statements from people waiting in the lobby area. Nadia arrives and apologizes for being late and asks Platt to hold some stuff behind the desk for her. Platt is annoyed that because Nadia came late that Platt had to take all the hot line calls and tells her to plant her ass upstairs and start taking notes.

Meanwhile, Benson speaks with Amaro and Fin about what she needs them to do on cross matching cases and getting files. Voight suggests they bring the stuff out themselves and Benson agrees. She also tells them to have Rollins and Carisi work the case from New York.

At the apartment of Victoria Lewyn in Chicago on Saturday, April 11, the Chicago PD work the case along with Matthew Casey from the Chicago Fire department. Inside the apartment, Casey explains how the fire started. They suspect there is no DNA. Lindsay finds a bottle of green nail polish. Outside, Dawson and Ruzek talk with people in the area

Back at Chicago PD, Nadia fields calls and Halstead reviews what they are doing with Benson and Voight,  who tell him what else he needs to check. Benson gets a call and it is Carisi in New York who tells her he is going over the witness statements for one of the victims in New York who was a med student who knew one of their victims and he was named Will Halstead who is a doctor at Chicago Med and his brother Jay is a detective in Voight’s unit. When she gets off the phone, Benson says it was her son’s nanny checking in.

Later, Benson meets up with Voight in a bar and tells him what she heard about Will and she wants to question him and “check his temperature” without telling Jay. She wants to ambush Will. She explains she has been carrying around the case for 10 years and just wants to see the look on his face. She does not want to disrespect Voight as she knows this is his house. He says he will think about it.

Meanwhile, Amaro and Fin arrive at Chicago PD Intelligence and when they make themselves at home, Platt says Voight likes things just the way they are and they shouldn’t be moving things around. Amaro quips he is glad she told them because he was planning on stealing the copier. She glares at him and Amaro says he was kidding. She glares at him again and leaves.

Nadia gets Halstead to sign a birthday card and Lindsay walks in and tells her she’d better not be planning a surprise party.

Amaro and Fin review the New York case with the Chicago PD group. Atwater runs in with Ruzek that they got a tip from a person who got a weird feeling from a guy who was unloading boxes from his car who was wearing scrubs. Ruzek says he will interview the woman and Amaro will come with. Benson approaches Halstead and mentions his brother working at Chicago Med and asks if he knew Victoria. He said his brother bumped into her a few times and Benson asks if he would be willing to come in and help point them in the direction of someone who knew her. Halstead agrees to call his brother.

At the apartment of Charlotte Reegan, Ruzek and Amaro speak with Charlotte who explains about seeing the guy in scrubs and his arm in a sling by his car asking for help to move boxes. When she got to the car she saw a car jack in the back seat and thought he was too chatty. He was a white guy wearing a black ball cap. The car was a dark green Subaru wagon.

Later, Will arrives at Chicago PD and when Benson and Voight take Will into Voight’s office, Halstead asks to join and Voight lets him. Will says he did not know Victoria well and she was well liked by the staff. He did not know her outside of work. Benson shows him a photo of one of the New York victims, Deborah, and he knew her from New York. Halstead asks what is going on and realizes Benson is ambushing Will. Voight says nothing and Halstead is unhappy., Halstead tells Will not to say another word and wants him to leave. Will says he didn’t do anything and Will seems willing to keep talking despite Halstead’s urging him not to. Will pushes him and tells him to back off and wants the detectives to ask him anything they want. When Benson asks him to write down a statement of where he was when Victoria was attacked, Halstead pulls Will out of the room.

Later, Haldstead enters Voight’s office and says Will is writing down his statement and then Halstead will read it and submit it to them. His brother was watching a pay-per-view at home that night. He is angry and Voight says Halstead is not running point on questioning his brother.  Benson tells Voight the New York tip line is heating up and she needs to get back there. When she leaves, she apologizes for putting Voight in a bad spot and he says he would have done the same thing she did. She urges him to play this one by the book. He says she has his word.

Olinsky and Fin consult with the tech guy who had access to a private security cam with footage of a dark green Subaru wagon driving through Victoria’s neighborhood. It was an hour before CFD responded to the fire. They can only read the first 3 digits of the license plate but there is only one car like that with those 3 numbers, it is a 78 year old named Elizabeth Kendall. Fin asks for the address to send a patrol.

Meanwhile, Burgess and Roman spot the car and call for an assist car. They see a man in scrubs walking to the vehicle. The driver spots them and they decide to pull up to the car. Roman knocks on the window and asks for the man’s license and registration. Burgess asks him to pop the trunk. He has a New York license and he admits the car is not yet in his name, he is buying it from a woman and they haven’t filed the official paperwork. Roman asks him to hand him the car key and when the man asks for an explanation, Roman says he is not entitled to one. The man hands him the key and the officers head back to their car where Roman says they will bring him in, despite there being no warrants or nothing outstanding. When the approach the driver, Burgess says the car was involved in a hit and run and he knows nothing about it. Roman thinks it may be a false report but that he will still have to come in. He has the man get out of the car.

Back at Chicago PD in interrogation, Greg Yates fills out a questionnaire and Amaro and Lindsay question him. He says he had a residency in New York for 10 years and is now working in an urgent care facility. He has been “all over” since then, a lot of time in New Orleans and it is a lawless town. There is always a spot to fill there. Lindsay asks how he went from being a doctor to one of the best hospitals in the US to working urgent care, and he creepily says a man does not control his own fate, the women in his life do that for him. He says that was Groucho Marx. He has been to Chicago Med and has lunch there sometimes. Behind an observation window, Charlotte Reegan is not sure that is him. Amaro shows Yates a few photos of the other New York victims and Yates does not know them. He asks if this has anything to do with the hit and run and Lindsay only ask if Yates shaves his arms. Yates says he shaves his whole body to reduce drag for cycling. Amaro questions him about the cycling and Yates says his bike is in storage and asks if he is under arrest. Lindsay glares at him as Yates mentions his rights. Lindsay says he is free to go and as he leaves, thanks him for coming in. She asks if he has any travel plans and he says none, he just got to this beautiful city and can’t wait to explore it. She follows him out and she stares at Nadia and blankly says hello as he passes her. She looks creeped out. Voight tells Lindsay and Amaro to get a state’s attorney on board and give him the particulars and think this guy is good for it. He says they are going to run this clean, thorough, and by the book. Halstead walks in and asks Voight if he has a sec.

When they get into Voight's office, Halstead says Will ordered a pizza the night of the attack and the pizza guy will vouch. Voight explains Will has been cleared as a suspect. He told him about Greg Yates and they worked together at one of the hospitals and he was his professor when in med school and he has an opinion about him. Will is downstairs and Voight tells Halstead to go get him.

Lindsay enters the office with Will and Halstead, and tells Voight that Yates was one of those instructors who wanted students to call him by his first name and hang out at bars with them. Some students got into it but Will always got a creepy vibe. Someone invited Yates to a party and Yates cornered him and started asking who has the best ass and who he’d like to have sex with first. Deborah, one of the New York victims who went missing, was at that party. The party was 3 nights before she went missing but they were both there. Nadia walks in and says Lindsay has a call – from Greg Yates.

Lindsay takes the call while the others stand nearby. Yates says he wants to win those guys back and asks if she is free to meet for a short conversation. She tells him to come by the district, but he just wants her to come to Millennium Park in 3 hours. She will do it.

Later, they give Lindsay an earpiece so they can communicate and they explain their plans to be nearby. Lindsay gets a call from Benson about the situation and Benson says if Yates is reaching out to her he is feeling the pressure and can be capable of anything right now. Benson tells her to be safe.

At Millennium Park on Sunday, April 12, they see Yates arrive. He apologizes for being late and says she looks great. He suggests they grab a cup of coffee as it is too cold to sit, and he is harmless. She says they can talk right here. He says no, he wants some coffee and it is close, he promises, or she can sit there and he will see her when he sees her. She moves to follow him. The detectives keep watch. Lindsay asks why he wanted to meet in the park if he wanted coffee, saying she thinks it is a move to exert control over the situation and her. He tells her that her Sergeant has got into her head and not to let him think for her, she is better than that. He asks if she is following what is happening in Egypt post-revolution and when the euphoria ends and then asks what are they left with – high crime, raided antiquities and unrest. They were not prepared for what was on the other side and he calls it the law of unintended consequences. He says his favorite example of this is Hanoi under French Colonial rule, they established a bounty for each rat tail turned in to try to reduce rats and people bred more rats for the tails and the country ended up with more rats than it started with. Lindsay tries to get him back on track, saying he wanted to meet her because she is 5’5” and she has brown hair, like all the women who were murdered and ask to talk about that rather than hide behind his history 101 crap. She knows he wants to tell her and asks if she reminds him of his mom or an ex-girlfriend. He says, “More rats, detective. Remember that.” He walks off.

Olinsky and Halstead keep watch on Yates as he heads to a taxi and leaves the area. Lindsay tells Voight she is alright, and Halstead informs them that patrol says Yates took a cab to Watertower Place and slipped them once he got inside. Lindsay thinks Yates is playing a game and he knows it is just a matter of time, they will get him. Voight’s phone rings; it’s Chief Boden at the scene of a fire. They have another body.

Later, Voight and the detectives arrive at the scene along with Fin and Amaro. The fire was started in the bedroom and it looks like arson. Voight asks if it was started remotely and Boden says this will take some time to determine. Fin and Amaro think this is why Yates was with Lindsay – plausible deniability. Amaro looks at the body, and Voight sees a bottle of green nail polish.

Voight exits the building and Lindsay asks if it was Yates. He says yeah, and Lindsay concludes Yates used him as an alibi. Voight agrees. The tech guy says he has a location on Yates phone at an apartment on the west side. Voight says to get everyone ever there now. He tells Amaro and Fin that it is up to them, but if they are with him, they’d better know what that means. Their silence is assent. They head off with Voight.

At the apartment, the detectives break down the door and storm in. No one is there. The find a lot of ammonia, running fans, green nail polish and his phone.

Elsewhere, Nadia gets out of her car and as she gets the birthday cake for Lindsay out of her car, she turns to find Yates standing there. He says hello and then clocks her. She collapses and he puts her in the back seat. He gets in her car and drives off.

Back at Chicago PD, Voight and Lindsay are aware Yates was toying with them and that they were tracking him. Halstead thinks Yates could not have gone far. Voight tells them to have Nadia set up a civilian hot line and then asks where is she? Halstead sees a note she left saying she had to run an errand and she borrowed Lindsay’s car, adding she went to pick up the birthday cake which was supposed to be a surprise. Her phone is going straight to voice mail. Voight gets angry and paces.

Meanwhile, Yates drives off, the radio playing loudly the song “Daydream Believer” as Nadia makes muffled sounds under a tarp in the back seat.

Later, he stops at a gas station store, buying things like bleach, lighter fluid, tools. He helps a woman with her shopping basked who has a baby. He picks up a bottle of green nail polish. The woman tells him to pick his poison and then explains that is the name of the nail polish and, assuming he is buying it for someone, says that she will love it.

Yates walks back to his car and a truck driver approaches, asking if that is his car. Yates asks if there is a problem, and the trucker says there is something moving around in the back. Yates dryly states “Oh good, she’s still alive. Don’t you just hate it when you kidnap a girl and she won’t stop kicking the back of your seat?” When the trucker looks concerned, Yates smiles and says it is his dog. The trucker laughs and comments his dog hates it when he locks her in the car too. He tells Yates to have a good evening and walks away. Yates gets back in the car and a muffled woman’s voice is heard under a tarp in the back seat. He pulls the tarp back and then yells at Nadia to lie still or he will knock her clear out. He takes the duct tape off her mouth. He smiles and says “say yes.” She says they will find him and let he go. He says they are on their honeymoon and this is paradise compared to what is coming. He adds that New York is the epicenter of the world and they will have a field day. He adds she missed her chance; a nice trucker heard her kicking and he is still outside and if she would have only been a little bit louder. She screams for help but he says it is too late now, and ramps up the sound of the music again. He says they have a long drive ahead of them and asks her to tell him about herself. She screams for help as he drives away.

Back at Chicago PD, Roman and Burgess say Yates' car has been found and CSU is tearing it apart. A smashed birthday cake was found on the ground and there was no sign of Nadia. Voight thinks as she was snatched off the street there would have to be witnesses. Roman says patrol is canvassing and checking on traffic and security cams. Lindsay worries because Nadia went outside because of her, but Halstead says this is not on her. They don’t know for sure. Lindsay says Nadia did not just take off; she is in trouble and they have to find her but Voight is sure Yates has her. Roman gets a message and says that they may have a hit on Lindsay’s plates on the east side. They race off.

The detectives and police catch up with the car and pull it over. As Voight gets out of his car, he yells for Yates to get out of the car with his hands up.  Roman announces the suspect is emerging, and  Burgess warns Yates to do it nice and slow. But as the man exits the vehicle with his hands up, he looks confused and tells them not to shoot. It is not Yates.  Lindsay tells him it’s okay as he gets to the ground. She comments that the son of a bitch switched the plates. Roman states there is a mom and two kids in the car and Burgess adds otherwise the car is clear. Lindsay asks the man where was he coming from, and he replies Pennsylvania, mentioning his mother-in-law. Voight asks when was the last time he stopped, and the man replies he stopped in Indiana for dinner, outside Elkhart. Voight is speechless and the others looks stunned.

Voight is on the phone with Benson, saying they think Yates is still driving Lindsay’s car and is taking back roads and avoiding tolls. Benson asks about the timeline, and Voight says Nadia’s cell goes dead at about 5 in Chicago and two hours later he swapped plates at a gas station near Elkhart, Indiana. Benson asks if he thinks Yates is headed here, and Voight states that the seconds switch was at a parking lot just east of Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania. Benson comments that New York is his old stomping ground. Voight comments Yates used to be somebody when he was there. Benson states that he could be in New York by early morning and asks if Voight put out alerts. Voight says he put out Yates photo and Nadia's too, and flagged both their credit cards and they are checking for stolen cards along the way. Benson tells him as soon as he can confirm his new license plate, they will broadcast it. Voight says her guys, Lindsay and he are on the next flight out and hopefully they will get there before Yates does. As Benson looks at a photo of Nadia, Voight adds that Nadia is a good kid and they know what he is doing to her. She tells him not to go there, that never helps. He says he knows.

Elsewhere, Yates stops in a parking lot. He checks the trunk – he now has New Jersey license plates – and Nadia is now in the trunk. He tells there they should be there about dawn and asks if she’s seen the sunrise there. He tells her to nod her head yes or no. He removes the tape from her mouth and she asks him to let her go. He says all the girls say that – please don’t kill me and I'll do anything you want. He says towards the end she will cry for her mommy. She says not me, and he says she will. She asks if he knows that if he kills her, Hank Voight is gonna track him down and make him wish he was never born. He tells her enough small talk for now, puts the tape back on her mouth, and hits her and she goes out. He slams the trunk.

At SVU, Benson races through the busy squad room and announces that Chicago PD has already landed in LaGuardia and asks Rollins what can she tell Voight. Rollins explains they got a hit on the stolen credit card used to by gas, an ice pick, and a shovel. It was off Route 78 near Plainfield New Jersey. She says they are getting close and they have local police getting an ID from the clerk now. Carisi adds that there are no hits on the plates on the last known plate so he might have switched them again. Rollins thinks he has to take a tunnel or bridge to get in to Manhattan but Carisi counters Yates is driving the most common car in the world and asks if they are going to stop every silver Camry. Benson says forcefully they will stop everyone driven by a male white that fits Yates’ description and check every known location that Yates frequented when he lived here. Rollins adds they may have a hit on Lindsay’s car south of the Broadway bridge and Benson says “let’s go.”

At an abandoned shipyard at 305 West 216th Street on Monday, April 13, Voight meets up with Benson and asks what do they have. She says they just got here. Rollins says a sanitation truck just spotted the car and Lindsay says it is hers. The car is locked to Voight breaks the driver’s window. They look inside the car and Lindsay looks away with worry. They also check the trunk and Nadia is not there. Benson finds something stuffed under the back seat – it was a scarf that Lindsay had given Nadia and Voight thinks she left it for them to find. Lindsay thinks Nadia could still be alive, and Voight doesn’t answer. Benson thinks there is no way he just walked out of there and says they will get more units and k-9s and cadets and check for more stolen vehicles. Voight consoles Lindsay.

Elsewhere, Yates watches another young woman unload her car and asks if she wants help with that. He opens her apartment door and, with her suitcase, steps in behind her. Later, a woman lying on the floor, unconscious, her apartment is disarray, as Yates duct tapes her mouth. Another woman walks in a sees this and screams, and Yates hits her and she falls to the floor. He looks distressed over t his new development.

Later, EMTs are on the scene and they think it could be Yates who was the perp. Benson says there are two vics, one was DOA but it was not Nadia. The women were flight attendants sharing an apartment. Both were sexually assaulted. One woman did not witness the crime but the perp helped her with her bags about a half hour ago, her apartment is across from the girls and their door was ajar and she called it in. Voight wants to see for himself.

Carisi and Lindsay speak with a possible witness who can’t pick out Yates for certain from a photo array. She just recalled him having the nicest smile. Benson and Rollins confer with Carisi and Lindsay and Benson wonders if there is a reason he is in this neighborhood. She asks them to find out if there is anything from his past that ties him to Elmhurst.

Elsewhere, Yates follows another woman and smiles.

Back at the scene, Voight says he will kill him and Benson asks if there is any sign of forced entry and he shakes his head no. It seems Yates charmed is way in but Rollins says he left the door open and left the bodies and weapons…Voight asks what is her point. Rollins states Yates is de-compensating and is either getting sloppy or he knows they are closing in and this is his final spree. Carisi races up with Lindsay and informs them that Yates got a parking ticket in 2004 three blocks from t here. Lindsay adds that Fin and Amaro are on the way. Benson tells them to flood the zone.

At 23-54 96th Street in East Elmhurst Queens on Monday, April 13, Fin tells the others the unis canvassed the block and someone saw a male white with the same age and height follow a woman into a house. The police break down the door and find Yates sitting in a dining room with the woman he had followed earlier. Yates protests and Voight asks where is she? Yates plays dumb and Voight picks him up and slams him against the wall as Lindsay keeps the woman back. Voight asks where is Nadia and when Yates says he does not know, Amaro tells him to back off, they have him. Voight put his hand in Yates’ face and walks off as Amaro cuffs him. Lindsay asks the woman if she is alright, and she says she is fine and they are having lunch, Yates is her fiancé.

At SVU, Voight meets Haldstead at the elevator and tells him they have Yates and he is in with Rollins. He has not said where is Nadia and Voight thinks they could use a bad cop in there.

In interrogation, Rollins questions Yates and as Halstead walks in, Yates says he does not know what happened to Nadia. Haldstead tells Yates he kidnapped her but he says she offered him a ride. He says if they have not heard from her no wonder they are worried. Halstead tells him to cut the crap, and Rollins asks Yates to tell her how he and Nadia hooked up. He said he was on edge and thought he should go to the station and clear things up. He met Nadia at the station and she thought that was a bad idea. He says she offered him a ride, she wanted to get out of town and did not want to drive alone so he went with it. While Rollins questions him, Benson, Voight, Carisi and Fin watch and Voight asks if this is an interrogation or a date. Benson explains Rollins is getting him to talk but Voight thinks he is jerking her around. Fin says to give her some time but Carisi thinks he is not going to cave. He mentions the girlfriend, Susie. and heads to the other observation window where Amaro and Lindsay are speaking with her in the interview room. Susie says she met Yates while he was in medical school at Duke and they moved to New York together. She got engaged just today and did not want to commit as he is a bit of a rolling stone and that worked for her too. They never lived together and thinks they both needed their space. Amaro asks if she ever wonder why he needed his space, and she thinks it is because he is a doctor and is busy with his practice and needs to unwind and take hikes and rock climb. Amaro says Yates is not who she thinks he is, and lays out what they have on him, going back to Duke, through New York, to New Orleans and Chicago. She refuses to believe it, saying he is kind and loving. He was in New York because he said he missed her. Amaro says he came to New York as police were about at arrest him in Chicago for serial rape and murder.

Meanwhile, Rollins continues with Yates who calmly says Nadia looked to him like a father figure and didn’t want to be everyone’s good girl and wanted to spread her wings. Halstead gets irate and grabs at Yates, saying he is sick and wants to know what happened to her. Rollins intervenes and says she thinks what Halstead is asking is Yates was the last one with Nadia and knew her mindset, wondering what does she think happened to her. Yates says a pretty girl like that looking to party in New York, it depends on who she fell in with. Rollins asks where does she think this person would take her, and Yates thinks he would take her to a remote location where he could do whatever he wanted to her and then take her body to a special place – a sacred place where he could visit her every once in a while and maybe defile her again. He adds he can’t imagine what they are going through right now, adding it must be horrible thinking about Nadia’s last moments. Voight is watching and seethes. Yates wonders how she must have suffered and their lives must be a living hell wondering if they will even find the body. Voight says he is going in, but Fin stops him and asks him to let Rollins do her job.

Meanwhile, Carisi watches Amaro and Lindsay question Susie, who is in denial. Amaro shows her the most recent victims and Lindsay says Yates killed a girl in Chicago and they tracked him here. She shows her a photo of Nadia and shows her a list of thinks he bought with a stolen credit card and that they found all these things in his car along with his blood and DNA. Susie says now she knows they are lying; he was at the beach, a special place he likes to go. He had sand in his shoes and that is why she asked him about it. He said he’d gone there to mediate and decided to ask her to marry him while sitting on that beach. Lindsay asks what beach.

At Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx on Monday, April 13, a team of police search the beach. Benson, Voight and the detectives are also there. Voight thinks it is too public and Amaro says the place is mobbed in the summer. Rollins says Yates speculated the killer would like to come back and visit and Lindsay wonders if they are both playing them. Benson recalls Yates mentioning someplace sacred, and suggests they search the woods.

Later, the search teams do not find Nadia but do find some bones in complete decomp and they have been there for years. But Halstead calls them over – it is Nadia’s body. Lindsay is devastated. Voight asks that she be covered up.

In Barba’s meeting room, Benson, along with Voight, explain Nadia’s murder and Yates' involvement. They mention the burial ground where the remains from7 bodies have been found already and they are still digging. Benson says the bodies have been there for years and it is down to skull and bones and they are looking at dental records. They have two hits on Benson's cold cases – the nurse that went missing in 2004 and a high school student. Voight adds that the timelines are a match for Yates’ time in New York and for his time in New Orleans and Durham. Barba asks about forensics but Benson says there are none; Yates usually chooses his victims at random and either burned or buried the bodies. Barba asks about the two last victims in Queens and Benson informs him there is no blood from them on his clothes or on his body; he must have changed his clothes and washed himself and none of his DNA is in the apartment. Barba asks if the vic who survived can ID him, and Voight replies there is brain damage. Barba looks frustrated as does Benson. Voight adds he has a state’s attorney standing by in Chicago and they can try Yates for his last two victims there. Barba asks if he means the ones Yates burned, along with the evidence, or, the one who apparently died while Yates was walking in the park with one of his detectives along with his whole squad there to alibi him? Benson stands up and tells Barba to hold on, this might be something: Nadia was not random. This was a screw you to Chicago PD. Barba asks if they have any evidence which puts Yates in the car with her, and Benson says yes, they have forensics and they have footage of him driving. Voight adds that Yates admits it. Barba thinks Nadia is their best case.

In Supreme Court Part 21 on Wednesday, April 15, Barba is at the bench with Yates and his attorney Miss Crane. Yates is telling Judge Barth that Nadia would be horrified to find him on trial for her murder, she was someone he grew close to. Barba asks if there is a point to this? Yates replies that in light of the serious charges he is facing, he decided it’s in his best interest to represent himself. Crane is dumbfounded and Barba asks Yates if he just decided this himself. Crane says this is the first she’s hearing about this. The judge asks if Yates is sure but he says his life is at stake. Barba thinks this is a delaying tactic but Yates says no, he is ready to go now; he may lack experience but he is committed to clearing his name. The judge allows it, saying Crane should stay on a co-counsel.

Later, ME Warner testifies about the crime scene and autopsy photos, saying Nadia suffered traumatic injuries before her death and then was strangled. There were ligature marks on her wrists and ankles indicating she had been bound. She was sexually assaulted in a violent manner. Yates cross examines and challenges the wounds from the vagina and rectum could also be the kinds of thinks seen in the body of an active prostitute. Barba shoots Yates a glare and when Warner replies “to some extent,” Yates cuts her off and ends his questioning.

Later, Lindsay testifies about how much Nadia loved her job and she turned her life around and was studying to be a police officer. When she disappeared, she knew something happened to her. Yates objects, saying what Lindsay thinks she knows can’t be evidence. The judge sustains. Lindsay next saw Nadia when they found her body in a shallow grave. Barba comments so something had happened to her. Under cross examination, Yates asks Lindsay if she met Nadia through friends at a police benefit, and when Barba calls to the judge, Yates rephrases and asks how Lindsay met Nadia. Lindsay explains that she arrested her. When Yates asks for what, Barba objects, saying what the victim did a year before she died is not relevant. Yates says it is if she was doing it an hour before she died. Barba asks to approach the bench, and he tells the judge there is no evidence Nadia reverted prior behavior. Yates counters that there will be. The judge asks in what form, and Yates says his testimony - he was the last person to see her alive, except for the killer. He states Lindsay opened the door when she beatified Nadia. The judge says she will give him some leeway since he is representing himself but to move it along. Yates continues and questions Lindsay about what Nadia was doing when she arrested her. Lindsay explains Nadia was working as an escort and admits she was addicted to heroin when she arrested her. She adds she struggled for a time, but when she was ready she called her and she brought her to rehab and has been clean and sober ever since. They became roommates and she saw her every day for a year. Yates says Lindsay sounds very committed to her recovery, and he can see how she would hate to think how her little recue project failed. Barba leaps from his seat and objects and the judge sustains it. The judge tells Yates he is done, and he says “Okey doke.”

In the court room hall, Lindsay tells Voight she tried her best but Yates made her sound…Voight assures her it is not on her. Benson and Barba walk by and Voight asks Barba if he is just going to let Yates get away with smearing Nadia like that. Barba tells Voight there is a limit to how far Yates can go and when he exceeds it, he will object. When Voight questions, “You’ll object?” Barba asks him if there is a problem, Voight says there shouldn’t be. He moves in closer to Barba and gets in his space and states Yates is a murderer and a rapist. Barba calmly glares and Voight and says they all know that, but no offense to Voight’s legal acumen, the jury isn’t privy to what they know. They will all see the same charming man who smiles and lures dozens of women to their deaths. Barba turns to Benson and tells her they need to prep, and this is going to be hard on her. Benson says she is fine; they went over it, just give her a second. Benson approaches Voight and Lindsay and suggests maybe Voight doesn’t want to be in there. Voight counters that he does and he walks off. Lindsay looks to Benson and Benson gives her a look back.

Later, Benson testifies about the forensics and the DNA found that was Nadia’s and Yates in Lindsay’s car. Yates could not offer them explanations for the blood in his car but was sure Nadia suffered. Yates cross examines and asks Benson about her going to Chicago about another rape and murder similar to hears from years ago. He says they were looking for a the same suspect in those murders and then Benson says Yates was the suspect, Yates comments that she says that today. He brings up Will Halstead as being another suspect in Chicago and Benson says Will was not a suspect in 2004. She says they spoke with him recently as Will knew another woman for another case and asks if they thought that person was also involved in that case. She says yes. Yates brings up that Will showed up in Chicago right before the murder and worked at the same hospital as the victim. Benson explains that is why she spoke with him but he was ruled out by an alibi. Yates says that alibi was confirmed by the Intelligence unit of Chicago PD where Will’s brother Jay also works. Yates challenges that the suspects brother cleared the suspect and comments that Benson let him go on his merry way while looking for someone else to charge with murder. Benson calmly states that Will Halstead was cleared because he didn’t do it. Yates asks if Benson asked him where he was at the time Nadia went missing, and Benson says no. When Yates says he guesses they didn’t want to know, Barba objects and Yates withdraws the comment and ends his questioning.

In the court room hallway, Halstead tells Voight, Fin, Rollins and Lindsay that is brother was in Chicago that day and they can fly in a dozen witnesses. Lindsay counters then the trial becomes about his brother and not Yates. Fin comments that Yates is smart, but Voight thinks he is scum. As they step into the elevator, Rollins adds that Yates thinks he knows what he is doing, he gets off on torture, even in court.

In Supreme Court Part 21 on Thursday, April 16, being questioned by Crane, Yates testifies that Nadia warned him that Chicago PD was looking for a patsy. He made the decision to drive to New York when she told him what they were doing to her. She also told him her boss – Voight – was forcing her to have sex with him. Barba objects, saying this is hearsay. Yates argues this is key to his defense, and Voight sits in the gallery, looking stern. Yates says he was not kidnapping her, he was trying to help her escape. The judge says what goes to his state of mind she will allow, his testimony can only reflect what he saw or experienced. Yates says he got in the car as he believed Voight was raping her and she wanted to get away so he was helping her drive. She was distraught at the abuse she had suffered and she wanted to get high and he tried to talk her out of it. As soon as she got to New York she said she wanted to get a fix. Barba objects and the judge sustains. Her last impression of Nadia is that she had a look in her eyes that he recognized from his medical practice. She was jonesing and he was afraid she would prostitute herself to get the money to buy heroin as that was the life she knew. She got out of the car and he never saw her again.

Under cross examination, Barba asks that Nadia told Yates she wanted to flee Chicago and asks if Nadia said why she wanted to leave at that moment, leaving $2000 in a savings account, all her clothes and belongings, the new friends she’d made, the narcotics anonymous group she had been attending faithfully. Yates insists she was desperate to get out and did not have her own car. Barba cuts him off and says that is not the question. Yates goes on and says she was supposed to go to a birthday party but – Barba calls to the judge and the judge instructs the jury to disregard and warns Yates to limit his testimony to only the questions asked. Barba asks if Nadia knew that CPD considered him their main suspect in a series of brutal rape murders – he says yes – and Barba adds that she knew the entire squad was looking for him yet she asked him, of all people, to drive halfway across the country with her. Yates pauses and Barba withdraws the question and ends his questioning. Yates asks for a redirect, and she allows it. Crane steps up and asks Yates if he has anything more to add, and he says yes. He says his impression of Nadia’s emotional state is she was under Voight’s command, she was traumatized by him tying her up…Crane interrupts him and thanks him and says nothing further. But Yates goes on, saying Voight brutally forced himself inside of her again and again. Crane again says nothing further and Yates stops. Barba gets a suspicious look on his face and then turns back to look at Benson.

In the hallway, Benson and Rollins are there and Rollins tells Barba good job and asks if he saw what they saw. Barba comments it was the real Greg Yates, and Benson hopes the jury saw it. Barba says they haven’t yet but the will.

Later, with ME Warner testifying, Crane objects that they already heard her testimony and the prosecution concluded its case.  Barba counters the defendant alleged Nadia was a prostitute and Barba is entitled to refute. The judge allows it. Barba asks Warner if she found evidence in Nadia’s body of multiple sexual partners. Warner says no, there was no DNA and the condom lubricant used was the same brand. Barba says she was assaulted by the same man, and Warner states it is likely, and judging from the healing process, both penetrations occurred around the same time. While Yates seems to be staring at the photos Barba left on the table, Barba asks Warner if she made a full catalog of Nadia’s injuries as shown in the autopsy photos, and he picks them up off the table and holds them so they face Yates. He stares at them while Warner says yes, it was quite extensive. Barba looks back to Benson who nods her head. He thanks Warner. The judge asks Yates if he wants to cross examine, and Crane says no but Yates says yes. They confer quickly and Yates confirms yes. He asks to examine Barba’s photos and Barba complies. Yates looks though them and seems engrossed. The judge prompts him and he asks if her injuries were caused by her prostitution, and Warner says it is unlikely, Nadia was savaged. He asks how so, and Warner explains that in addition to the blunt trauma and strangulation, there were cuts on her nipples and external genitalia. Yates is clearly getting into this and he asks if her anal sphincter was torn. Warner says yes it was. He comments that these injuries, not fatal, would be painful, and Warner states very; Nadia died a slow death. Yates asks how long she survived after the first attack started, and Warner replies 30 minutes, maybe longer. He asks if she would have been in agony all through it, and the judge comments to Barba that not to put words in his mouth but she is willing to entertain an objection if he has one. Barba looks satisfied and says he is fine here. Yates goes back to the photos and asks Warner if Nadia was in a lot of pain, and Warner states she is sure she was. Yates asks if there was a sign of a struggle, and Warner answers yes, the skin was torn around the ligature marks. Yates asks what goes through a victim’s head in their final moments. Crane stands up and asks the judge if she can speak with her client, and Yates says he is not done here. Crane asks for a short recess and Yates glares at her and tells her to sit down. He continues questioning Warner about Nadia, asking if the terror and the fear have flooded her with adrenaline, and Warner states she can’t answer that. Yates asks if she would have awareness of what was going on. While Barba looks at the concerned jury, Yates asks with a gleeful face if Nadia would understand that these were the final moments of her life. He laughs and Warner glares at him. He raises he voice and tells her “C’mon, doctor we are both medical people, use your knowledge!” She is silent and Yates takes a breath and then looks to the jury who have a look concerned at his behavior. Yates calms down and adds dryly, “Or don’t” and he walks back to the defense table and returns the photos to Barba while the jury watches. Yates looks at Crane with worry.

At a later date, the verdict is in: on the charge of rape and sodomy in the first degree, they find Yates guilty. On the charge of murder in the first degree, they find Yates guilty. Gasps full the courtroom as Yates stares blankly forward. The judge tells Yates he will remain in custody pending sentencing. While she dismisses the jury, Barba looks thrilled and members of the SVU and Chicago PD are also satisfied.

Later, at a bar, Halstead tells Benson, Voight, Fin, Amaro, Carisi, and Lindsay that Nadia was family and they will miss her. Lindsay makes a toast to Nadia and they all join in. Benson and Voight clink their glasses and share a look.

In the courthouse holding area on Thursday, April 16, Voight enters the bathroom for the cell where Yates is held and dismisses the guard. He steps in and closes the door. He begins to strangle Yates. He asks Yates that he didn’t see him coming, did he? Voight says it’s because he dropped his guard for a second. Yates struggles to breathe as Voight says he could end this right now and snap his neck and strangle him and Yates knows better than anyone how quickly this can end. As Yates looks like he is starting to get very red in the face, Voight lets go and comments he figures that he wants him to feel what he made others feel – the pain, the fear…looking over his shoulder when he eats, or take a leak, sleeping with his eyes open…someone will do what he did to Nadia. It’s coming. As he walks away from Yates, we fade to black.

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Alex said...

I agree that the writing of Barba has declined a bit, taking away some of his spark, but I don't feel that was evident in this episode. Barba has always been one for strange prosecutorial strategies- and he has always been good at figuring out perps' weaknesses and using them in court, from his very first episode. In this case it's just that it involved him being passive since he couldn't do anything to prove the guy's guilt as effectively as the perp himself could.

Nancy R said...

I agree with Alex. Barba did a good job in this case letting Yates "hang himself."

Doreen Chiapparelli said...

Loved this crossover!!!

Juda Martinez said...

as big as chicago fan as i am i didnt think it help bring svu fans to want to watch it was to much on mills leaving and new girl arriving it did serve is porpuse to setup pd and svu i love when liv met chief bodin who i will always know as kareem said what a moment anyways iam gonna go as far as saying dallas roberts has to be the most creepiest you hate guy on svu ever he did a great job is sad what happen to nadia iam surprise in the court that halstead or voight never flip out justice got serve not voight is alot like stabler remember the episode with dylan walsh that he killed his whole family and stabler wanted to snap his neck voight almost did the same as much as i love voight iam not crazy about prison rape i didnt like when he told yates what happen to nadia will happen to you liv told someone once a pretty boy like you will be well like in prison and he got raped in the episode florida but it was mention in episode perverted i hope yates gets hurt but iam not crazy about them sending the message your pretty much gonna get raped i know voight is not an svu sargent but i didnt think that was nessesary to say all around i give cpd and svu a perfect 10 out of 10 i loved it

Juda Martinez said...

chicago fire a 7 and a half the last 2 episodes where better but with liv meeting bodin and voight ill give it an 8 and a half this is the 2nd crossover where a chicago pd officer dies i was scared that jays brother was gonna be the suspect but when i read on channel guide and they said the svu and cpd are after yates i knew it wasent gonna be him i love when ruzev and amaro from working together last time where happy to see each other and it was nice they did a toast for nadia oh today i saw the final episode of regular law and order rubber room so iam caught up chris xcept trial by jury i cant find a way to watch that next week cragen and bayard ellis back wow 2 weeks of good svu atleast on paper shows to look forward to even doe we watch last nite already

Juda Martinez said...

i meant to put as big as chicago fire fan as i am and that voight is alot like stabler with anger rage vengeance ok maybe voight is worse he takes suspects to the box who knows if stabler would to if he had that power as sargent chicago they seem to do things different than new york thats why liv told voight do me a favor and play this by the book he pretty much did xcept the ending if he would of got caught

craft-on said...

The best SVU reviews and recaps without a doubt. I also kept seeing the Lewis similarities, including representing himself in court. To me the similarities felt like they were just using a previously successful recipe.

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah. Instead of rehashing previous past episodes, the writers were lazy and ripped off themselves. As far as the "Stabler flashback," of course Warren wouldn't allow that footage. Soulless was a Stabler and Cabot episode. He isn't going to let the past episodes get any credit for what was going on. He likes using old footage for his own use.

Juda Martinez said...

chris you know your svu as good as anyone if i was to be on a trivia show and they ask me call a friend for svu question your the person i would hope to get ahold of i read your recap for perverted when liv got frame you posted that you didnt like liv telling the guy who was framing her what was gonna happen to him in prison i think as svu fans and the message there trying to send about rape you dont think that was wrong of voight to tell yates at the end i love voight alot but we are trying to do something i just thaught that was a step back i never been to prison dont plan on it either is torture just been there prison rape is not answer or did i read to much into it

Laurie Fanat said...

This crossover was far better than the one earlier in the season. I too was not impressed with Barba. True, he eventually let Yates hang himself but up until that point, Barba had a weakly presented case. He should have known that Nadia's history would come into play, yet he allowed Erin to be surprised and unprepared for the questioning. Barba should have also been prepared for the relationship with the Halstead brothers and that there was a possible conflict of interest with the abili being checked out.

The crossover was a big feature for Sophia Bush and if I didn't know better, it was as if NBC was passing the torch from Mariska ro Sophia.

Voight is nasty. I watch Chicago PD and I like him yet I also can't stand him. What would have happened if Yates would have died while Voight was choking him? Voight did let go but who knows, Yates could have had a heart attack or something. Sometimes Voight seems so dumb when it comes to his need to use force.,

The SVU detectives were fairly bland in this episode and it DOES feel like this crossover was more about Chicago PD than SVU.

CLA said...

The reviews here are very different from what I see on facebook SVU and Chicago PD. Lí over 2,000 comments and was virtually unanimous: the crossover was excellent. Saw faint praise the work of Sophia Bush in facebook Chicago PD. And many, many compliments Mariska performance in this episode. I have not seen the episode so I can not comment. The ratings were excellent, especially for SVU Which rose to 2.1 in the demo with over 9 million viewers.

Cath T said...

I'm not a fan of these crossover "events" as they are obviously designed to boost ratings.

I don't watch Chicago PD so I don't care about the characters.

It was better than the earlier cross over though and the segue from PD to SVU was very well done.

I'd say it was slanted more towards PD. It was almost like SVU came along for the ride.

This particular crossover will be more difficult to sell to overseas markets because unlike the previous one it won't work as stand alone episodes for either franchise.

I don't even know if Chicago PD is broadcast in Australia and if it is whether it's on the same network as SVU. Might be that it will be skipped altogether here.

Mariska's performance was strong. Benson was really on point during both episodes.

Amaro and Fin didn't really have a lot to do. Amaro's interview of Yates along with Lindsay was good. I liked that scene. Well acted by all involved.

Dallas Roberts as Yates was suitably & believably creepy. I found him more compelling in many ways than William Lewis who was often OTT.

I loved the courtroom scene where Barba basically yet Yates hang himself.

All in all I think it was a strong episode.

I've been a little disappointed with the overall quality of S16. More miss than hit compared to the previous three seasons.

It does look as though the season will finish on a high with the next three episodes looking good.

Petra S said...

I'm not a fan of the crossovers as I don't watch the other shows, I refuse to watch fire since they killed of Shay so I dodge that one but did watch PD.
It did feel as though 'our' cast guest stared on their own show which is just wrong. If I were a PD fan I would also be livid about them killing off Nadia that brutally.

But saying all that - it was a strong crossover with a very interesting (& hideous) case. Dallas Roberts was outstanding, I can't remember ever seeing him ever be bad though, he must be one of the most perfect guest stars to have on any show, he does comedy great as well.

Another good thing about the crossover was, of course, the court scenes. It was great to see Barba back in form, I've missed him.

Sylvie Trans said...

This crossover was horrible! The similarities to the Save Benson arc were extremely obvious, sometimes even the lines were identical and the whole set up of the episodes and the characters a behaviour and actions! It could've worked out fine,if the writers atleast acknowledged the fact that it was pretty much a copy of the Save Benson saga episodes. AND had it not been for the writers total ignorance of Bensons past.. Benson went trough almost the exact same as the officer who was kidnapped, the perp had almost the exact same MO as Lewis, plus he represented himself in court etc etc. And still not A SINGLE reaction, flashback, or tiny bit of signal that this was getting to Benson. It's only just a year since she was kidnapped, held captive for 4 days, being tortured, sexually assaulted & repeatedly threatened with death, OFFCOURSE this case would've gotten to her to a much greater extent than what was shown (Which was NOTHING) . When such a case like the one in the crossover comes along and she does not even flinch, it looses ALL credibility in my eyes and the episodes ended up being more annoying than entertaining.. I don't buy it, I don't believe it, they broke the fourth wall, it dragged me out of their world bc it was way too silly and unconvincing... Warren used to be good at continuity, but here he failed miserably along with the writers of CPD!

Unknown said...

Nice spoiler in the first paragraph. I was hoping to just figure out happened during the Chicago PD part and now I know Nadia gets killed

Chris Zimmer said...

@Unknown AKA @SGOrion86 - this is a recap and review. Anyone who clicks on the link to the recap and review should be prepared to read anything about what happened in the episode at any time - especially when it's about 17 months AFTER the episode aired!

R Toni said...

Im usually NOT a fan of "Law"/"Justice"/"Court" Shows. I started watching Fire and PD and I liked the Cross-Over Shows. On TV it might be bit confusing because in the german speaking area the Shows airing on different channels.
More confusing in Switzerland: Chicago Fire is in the 4th season while Chicago PD is in their first one and somewhat after midnight running.
To top the confusing part: LAW and Order SVU is not airing in switzerland so those "Cross-Overs" doesn't make any sense.
Also "Chicago Med" is not airing in Switzerland - yet.
But thanks DVD/Bluray all those Crossovers episodes are added as Bonus and I actually like it. Specially those Greg Yates Storyline played by Dallas Roberts.
I like how they have added the characters from the different Shows.