Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Law & Order SVU “Granting Immunity” Photos

Here are advance photos for Law & Order SVU “Granting Immunity” which will air on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 9PM ET on NBC. The photos feature Mariska Hargitay, Kelli Giddish, Danny Pino, Ice-T, Peter Scanavino, Missi Pyle (as Trudy Malko), Jefferson Mays (as Dr. Rudnick), Emily Dorsch (as Principal Schwartz), Hari Dhillon (as Attorney Varma), and David Margulies (as Dr. Eric Setrakian).

Photo by: Michael Parmelee/NBC 2015 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

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Petra S said...

They are going to make us choke on that kid aren't they!? And Warren told us to keep an open mind at the beginning of the season. Hmphf.
I really, really think there's too much of Noah. Like he has had more screen time than the entire Stabler family had over 12 seasons. He's more of a regular than Nick/Fin/Carisi at this point & that's not right. I'm expecting him to be in the opening credits next season & then I'm done I tell ya. Fed up.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Shut Up. Noah isn't seen all that much and when he is it's not for long. Stop whining or stop watching the show.

Petra S said...

@cate788 - I have the right to my opinion so please don't tell me to shut up. I'd rather see plots with the regular cast & not Noah with measles. It's as valid opinion when it's a crime show we're talking about.

Njtoocool said...

Crime and drama, I guess you could say at this point. ( not that there's anything wrong with that, I like it)

Petra S said...

Fine put in some drama, doesn't have to be bad but it's not what they are doing here. They are using Noah as a cheap ploy.
Look I don't have anything against Noah. I'm all for keeping in character & Liv has always wanted a kid so fine (I still say Calvin would've made a more perfect match though, it would've given the fabulous, & one of Mariska's besties Maria Bello a reason to come back to guest star + Calvin could've, just like Fin's son & the Stabler brood brought in some drama that 'fits' ((horrible choice of word)) the cases SVU is supposed to be dealing with). My biggest peeve with Noah is that they are using him to attract a certain group of viewers - look at twitter; Warren & Julie & SVU writers room are constantly putting Noah out there. Surely the upcoming episode isn't all about Noah but they choose to release 3 photos with Noah in 2 of them!? Last week they released a promo pic of him when that scene wasn't even in the episode. C'mon?!
I'm a SVUdiehard so of course I follow all the social media about the show (turned of FB tho cause of all the hate) & it's not what they air that is making me dislike Noah, it's the cheap stunts they are pulling to sell him to the audience. If they would've just let him be there I would probably not have turned against him but I strongly (obviously because of my constant ranting about him) dislike how they are using him to sell the show, they promoted the new season with him as the main feature. I still withhold it's a crime show about a squad working special victims (Fin has still not gotten an episode this season that brings any character development, instead they have rotated him out which is wrong, wrong, wrong!) & they are making it out to be a show about Liv & her baby. That's not cool.

Wendy C said...

I'm kinda with Petra on this-to a point. I agree they have used Noah as a pawn. I love that Liv finally has a child. I love that they are showing the challenge of balancing a career and a baby. I love, especially, that our Liv has something to be truly happy about!I think we can probably all agree on those things. I do not love that the cases the squad works put this baby in danger...shootouts on playgrounds, a pimp daddy and now measles. (A storyline that has already been covered years ago, btw)... I do not love that they repeatedly use the danger Noah may be in as a hook to keep us watching. (We are called DieHards for a reason, and it started waaaaay before Noah showed up!). I also do NOT love that there is always the underlying threat of more pain for Liv! Can we just let her be happy for a while? Please? She has certainly earned it! How about we let her do her job, then go home to her adorable son...let her just be normal!
I also agree with Petra that Noah gets more airtime than his adult co-stars.. We need to see some movement in Fin's life! Perhaps talk about how Nick and Amanda are a couple and individually. Amanda just faced her rapist. As a survivor, myself, I would like to see some discussion of how she is moving forward. It is great that Liv has a child now, but the focus needs to stay on point-solving violent crimes and all that entails. Noah needs to stay in the background.
One more thing. He better not land in the opening credits until they put Tamara Tuni back in there!!
Thank you for listening.

Cath T said...

There is also something going on with Amaro and his son in this episode and that's what I'm more interested in. I'd almost forgotten the kid existed.

The young actor playing Gil is at least old enough to have dialogue and portray some real interaction with his on screen father.

Being a good father is an aspect of Amaro's character that hasn't altered despite his personal and professional difficulties so I hope that won't change.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I agree with a lot of the above said.

I love Liv and I desperately want her to be happy, but when you really think of everything that has happened to Noah over this one season alone, it does seem like a lot of focus is put on his development while forgetting some of the main characters. And it has already been said that he is one of the main focuses in the finale. I am one of those fans who likes when they add some personal stuff into episodes, even if it is just a line or two. It makes me identify and care about the characters more--we see them as human beings just like us. And furthermore, I am fine with Noah being in some episodes, I would even be fine with him being the focus of one or two. Kathleen Stabler had quite a few episodes and Eli Stabler was born during one, but I feel like this season has really been about Noah peppered with some personal stories from the regulars. I understand that the rotating detectives thing is probably all about NBC trying to save a buck. I personally don't like it, but I understand why it is probably happening. Nick and Fin in my opinion have been given the short end of the stick this season. How about a follow up on Fin's son? I know they have handled gay rights before, but since it is an important and relevant current topic and SVU does repeat topics (measles, anyone?) why not bring him in for a Fin episode? Or in this new episode, why not make Gil the secondary story line? Between the measles case, Noah, and Gil, I think we all know who will get less focus, and by default Amaro as well. Sonny hasn't had a ton of air time either, but he is newer cast member and we have time to get to know him. They can't throw it all at us at once. It took us what, three years to get the Rollins and Amaro background episodes? I also agree that we should be checking up on Rollins--it was clear by the end of Forgiving Rollins AND by the comment Liv made last week, that she is still working through it. I do think that maybe that comment was a plant for a future episode. It did seem out of character for Liv to say that, but if it is a setup for a later, I guess I get it. And speaking of the social media hate, WOW is all I can say. I have been a fan for years, but never really followed SVU on social media till this year. I was shocked and appalled at the amount of hate people spew over characters, and plots, and pairings. I fully believe that everyone is titled to their own opinion, but some people can just be so hateful. Why the hate? Seriously, there are ways to say something without being nasty which is what some people on FB and Twitter do. I also would like to know what is going on with Nick and Amanda. I can tell you pretty much everything that is going on with Noah, but their relationship is ambiguous at best. Whether you are a fan of them together or not, it would have made for some interesting drama, but the writers have kind of just left all of us in limbo on that one. Hopefully the finale this year will just shock and amaze all of us. Time will tell.

Nikki said...

This season is boring.

Njtoocool said...

I see your point Petra, so in your opinion what could the writers do to stop with all the Noah yet still keep him involved in the show?

Killatila said...

100% agree with Petra. Noah exists are we re all very happy cuz Liv needed stability and bliss in her life and who cn do that more than a child? Of course he is a blessing BUT too many scenes of him and so manty times his health has resurfaced..Why all this fuzz about him while carisi has taken air time and we barely see fin and we get to see so little of amanda and nick ? The kid wont help the ratings. On the contrary fans are getting so sick of baby drama all over social netowrks...Drmama can be made via other issues that deal with human emotions and weaknesses..

Petra S said...

Well I stand by my opinion & never put in writing something I can't stand by & while doing so still try to respect other opinions but I got to say it feels good to know I'm not alone on this (especially when someone's just told me to shut up)

I shied from even bringing up Amanda and/or Nick/Rollaro cause I start to fume when I think too much about the fact Amanda was raped & they don't deal with it more than a cringe worthy line in the last episode. I actually feel offended that they don't acknowledge more what happened to her. (& the 'cringe' had nothing to do with the fact Liv said it or how she said it cause I didn't find it meanspirited at all it's just that the fact we know Amanda hasn't dealt with her rape, a sentence like that around her has all of us that are sensitive to what Amanda went through cringing)

@Njtoocool - ah the wicked things I could come up with ;) No but seriously I think up to this point the amount of Noah screen time hasn't been too much (well maybe a ltl), it's just the promos & everything make it out to be more than it really is. I do wish however they had used his screentime differently, like Wendy C is on the right track imo, Noah was a perfect way to give Liv some happiness & to get back to feeling grounded after everything that happened with Lewis. I could've dealt w/o the lung problems, it wasn't like he hadn't been hurt enough already, & this measles plot is certainly unnecessary. I wouldn't be surprised though if what took up half the promo comes out to just take a few minutes of the actual episode & THAT bothers me (I know it's NBC who handles the promotion tho, & are to blame here). I think the only plot Noah really needed, that's the wrong word cause he certainly doesn't NEED it but I hope you'll get where I'm going, is the biological father plot cause that is linked to SVU. I don't like it as a finale cause I want the finale to be about a regular cast & Noah already had some of last years finale, but it would've worked very well as an episode. That would've been enough of Noah drama for me. With everything that has gone down it's like I don't even care any longer, he's like a super kid & I don't expect anything bad to happen to him so using him as a ploy doesn't work on me. I certainly don't want anything bad to happen to him though. All I want is for him & Liv to become a family & in the long run make Liv a happier person & a better boss in the squad room.

What I've really disliked this season along with the Benoah drama is this rotating out detectives. Fin has earned his due to have at least one episode each season with some character development, & yes his son would've been perfect to bring back. So the fact we are missing a detective most episodes also adds to my dislike of Benoah as I feel it takes time away from the ppl who should be in the spotlight.

And yes the hate on social media is beyond belief. I try to act online like I do IRL, I try to watch my words & when I get out of line I have to own up to it & apologize but some ppl seem to loose all boundaries with the slight anonymity internet gives you. I will never get my head around it.

@Cath T - thanks for reminding me about the Amaro/Gil side plot, I had forgotten about it since it has had zero coverage in the promos. I'll be able to look forward to at least that now.

CLA said...

Love SVU and Olivia Benson. I regret that the series has taken this course. Olivia is a great detective in the field. That's how she gained the sympathy and approval of the general public. SVU need to have a new commander, and Olivia again become tough and sensitive detective. Noah's cute but wanted to see SVU being that series before. Unfortunate what is happening. They are destroying Olivia.

Cath T said...

The Amaro/Gil situation really interests me. I assumed that it would be a school problem but the school issue in this episode seems to be about the measles epidemic.

That's piqued my interest even more about this "distressing" news he gets about his son.

The whole Rollaro thing seems to have been dropped but never say never. I was ambivalent about the relationship at first and then it started to make sense to me that these two "damaged" people sought comfort in each other. Just as it looked like it would add a new dimension to each character the rug was yanked out from under it. It's as though the writers thought better of it. I don't know that it's dead in the water but it seems to be on life support.

I don't take much notice of the promos. They're designed to suck people in and they are appealing to the Benoah fans.

Personally I like the fact that Olivia is a mum and how she has to juggle the whole mum/work thing and so far I don't feel that it's been overdone but there really are only so many times they can go to the "Noah in peril" well. We know there's the measles (has Noah not been vaccinated?) and the biological father situation to come. The well is still full it seems.

Cath T said...

Both Amaro and Fin have been MIA from five episodes, Carisi four and Rollins two.

It looks like they are all in the next episode and probably the crossover one as well.

Carisi and possibly Rollins might sit one more out before the end of the season.

I expect all characters will be on deck for the finale.

Claire S said...

I also agree with @Petra about everything she said about Noah. Like @Wendy said Noah is just used as a pawn. The writers added him to add some dimension to Olivia’s character and all it has done is caused her pain. Noah has had enough drama already this season!!. With being shot at, his health issues the never ending underlying treat that he will be taking back off Olivia (which we know won’t happen). Now we have the daddy issues, adoption and the measles issues coming up. It really is enough to make my head spin. It irks me that he is taking away so much screen time from other characters that are supposed to be main character. It also feels like the show has forgotten that it has such an amazing cast & seem to only care about Benoah. They initially only released the photos of Olivia and Noah and the others were just added as an afterthought. It is time to stop shoving the kid down our throats and just allow Olivia to adopt him.
I agree with you @Nikki this season is a major let down. There has only been a few episodes that I have really enjoyed. I also hate that they are rotating the cast regularly. Like how ridiculous is it that we get excited that all the main cast make it into the same episode?! What other show has that especially when the main cast only has 5 characters.
@Cath-T I had also forgotten about the Amaro and Gil story line. I was going to give this episode a miss but I think I might give it a watch. It will be interesting seen what is happening between Gil and Amaro. It has been a while since there has been any mention of him or indeed Amaro as a father.
On a different note @Petra how you handled that spiteful comment was admirable. No one should be told to shut up for airing their opinions and I am glad that you have not let one hater slow you down. As you can see from all these previous comments a lot more people agree with you and appreciate your opinions. I know I am not a major poster on really any of the fan pages but I do really enjoy reading your comments and I often find myself agreeing with you.