Friday, February 6, 2015

Law & Order: A Possible Resurrection, Limited Return in the Works?

Entertainment media sources report that NBC may be looking to bring Law & Order back to life as a limited series with the original stars. Read the stories below and hope for the best!

TVLine: Report: NBC Eyeing Law & Order Revival, With Original Stars

Deadline: NBC Eyes ‘Law & Order’ Limited Series

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gahks said...

I would use this to revive the long-shelved miniseries idea which would unite the casts of the mothership, 'SVU' and 'Criminal Intent'.

In any case, this is a very interesting idea. I do hope the producers bring back the best writers (Rene Balcer, Ed Zuckerman, William N. Fordes, Richard Sweren, Eric Overmyer, Barry Schindel, Michael S. Chernuchin, Julie Martin) as well as some of the actors from the later seasons. Jeremy Sisto, Linus Roache and Alana de la Garza were all terrific finds.

Chris Zimmer said...

I would love to see some of the L&O writers back.. They did some fantastic work!

Keith said...

Do you think they could weave a story that involves Bureau Chief Cutter and Rubirosa (previously L&O, who got different roles on SVU) with the cast of this revived L&O with SVU and have Eames somehow in there.

Its great that we've seen some already on SVU but it would be awesome to combine them all back for one major case!

Chris Zimmer said...

Keith, there are so many good suggestions to use cast members from the original L&O and also SVU and CI. I think if they brought Stabler back and had him work in the 2-7, this would be a HUGE move and bring in lots of SVU fans too. I really hope they go through with bringing the series back and draw from that large list of characters who've lived in the L&O universe.

gahks said...

I think we should start our own fanfic version of this miniseries... Who's in? :)

Eldridge said...

Looks like Tamara Tunie (the Medical Examiner from earlier L/O SVU episodes) is making a guest star appearance on the upcoming episode (Undercover Mother). I was wondering what happened to her. She left the show for some undisclosed reason if I am remembering correctly. She was even elevated to the regular cast for one season I believe.

MusicalFoodie said...

If it were my undertaking, Eames would now be Homicide Captain, taking the place of Lt. Anita van Buren, now the Chief of Police, with E.A.D.A./D.A. Jack now as Mayor.
Sisto's would be a SGT. Cutter Bureau Chief. Rubrosa as D.A. We would bring in SVU, resurrecting Stabler for a few episode miniseries like event. We would have the whole current cast of SVU, CPD, CF and the revived L&O. (If CMed is greenlit, this works perfectly with that as well to make a cohesive storyline)

Setting: Stabler and Kathy got divorced after she had yet another Baby Stabler, Stella. His son, returning from the military, finds someone in his a movie theater parking lot, raping her at gunpoint and in effort to stop the act, brutally beats the assailant, who how wants to press charges again Mini-Stabler.

Investigation finds the perp/vic is a serial rape-arsonist-murderer, hitting the trifecta on the sociopathy scale, but has a history of both HIV and dementia, as well as being abused himself while he was in the foster system in Chicago. Linked to CHI by fingerprints and M.O., as well as being personally known to Ruzek and Voight. Because of this connection, Ruzek, Casey, Severide, both Dawsons, Voight and Boden, begin investigating his Chicago history before bringing things to NYPD.

In a war of jurisdiction, SVU and Homicide are duking it out until Van Buren barges in and tells SVU it is homicide's (murder trumps rape), but Benson being Benson does not atop investigating. She finds the Chicago Link, and brings it to the Chief and D.A. who order homicide to work with SVU, and a joint cooperative effort with Chicago teams.
(here, if CMed is in progress, they can be used for his medical history, diagnoses, and evaluation). Huang, now back in NY, works.with that first shrink lady to come to a diagnosis.)
Finding out she was infected, the rape victim gets severely enraged and goes to kill her perp.

I'll let the writers take it from there.