Thursday, May 15, 2014

Law & Order SVU “Spring Awakening” Promo

Here is the promo for the season 15 finale of Law & Order SVU, “Spring Awakening” which will air on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 9PM ET on NBC. Richard Belzer returns!

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Petra S said...

I'm already not liking this finale. Only reason to tune in will be Munch. I'm going to cry when Murphy walks out.
I wish they could've done a squad finale. Like them being trapped & had to work together to break free or something like that. Sigh.

joshtoth83 said...

What are you talking about Petra? This finale looks very compelling. What will happen to Amaro? Will Benson finally make peace and have happiness in her life? What will happen when Munch returns? And last but not least what is Benson's connection to a rape suspect? The whole "squad/squad member in danger" routine was done for seasons 13 and 14 finale. Time to try something different.

Petra S said...

I know, I'm sorry Joshtoth but we know Pino will be back for S16 so nothing much will come of this except he will lose his daughter which is sad cause I think having her around might just ground him.
& I'm just not invested in Benson any longer. I don't want to see her cradling a baby in S16, if she's going to be in the squad room I want her to be back to her best, be badass and just that hell of a detective I haven't seen for the entire season now. I know it's all subjective.
They haven't done the squad in danger tho - S13 was Cragen, S14 all Olivia & now Nick. This squad needed something that will bring them all together - solve the Benson/Rollins rift & make them the special elite force they're supposed to be. Just my humble opinion.

JW said...

NOT happy with the lack of Barba at all!