Friday, May 2, 2014

Law & Order SVU “Spring Awakening” Episode Information

Here are the details for the season 15 finale of Law & Order SVU, "Spring Awakening."

Law & Order SVU “Spring Awakening” Air Date May 21, 2014 (9 PM ET/8C Wednesday NBC)


Amaro’s (Danny Pino) recklessness once again makes him the target of Internal Affairs, and he has no choice but to face the consequences. With his professional and personal life at risk, he looks to his friend John Munch (Belzer) for advice. Meanwhile, an online ad for escorts leads to the rape and robbery of several male tourists, and one of the suspects has a surprising connection to Sergeant Benson (Mariska Hargitay) that may change her life forever. Also starring Ice-T (Det. Odafin Tutuola) and Kelli Giddish (Det. Amanda Rollins). Also guest starring Donal Logue (Lt. Declan Murphy), Emma Greenwell (Ellie Porter), Peter Hermann (Counselor Trevor Langan), Michael Potts (Sgt. Cole Draper), Jason Cerbone (Counselor Desappio) and Gavin-Keith Umeh (Little Tino).

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Lisa said...

In the name of all things Holy NO BABY FOR BENSON please
Its bad enough the crimes on this show are all most non existant lately, Im not interested in the Special Baby unit this show will become if Olivia adots baby doe.
It also will suspned all belief that she as messed up as she is with all that would happen she would be able to leap frog over people on waiting list for up to 10 yrs for a infant. The whole baby is in Foster care this long is unrealistic. PLEASE NO BENSON BABY.

Petra S said...

Unfortunately I think we have to face it. Warren & Co have fallen for the grand mass that wants Liv to be a mom, and it's their own fault for teasing them with pregnancy scare & Baby Doe. But I'm with you Lisa - I think it's a major fail.
And I'm also bummed the finale can't be a squad related matter. I'm refusing to think of it as a series' finale but any finale shouldn't have Ice & Kelli listed as 'also starring', and were the F is Barba??!!
To end on a good note tho big WOOP for Munch returning.

Lisa said...

Mariska hasnt signed her new contract yet and the show hasnt been renewed I wonder if this is a plot device for her to exit the show. I have a funny feeling they know the outcome of both they are just not saying at this point.

Petra S said...

I certainly don't hold any answers but I'm putting my faith on Warren on this one. NBC & the Dick is battling it out. I think Mariska is on board if the two major players can just get on the same board. If they don't tho it's a major fail cause Warren tweeted this finale would be a disappointment if it were for the serie and not the season. When they decide to end it they should do it so the writers can send this show off with the grand finale it deserves, we - the SVUdiehards deserves that too in my humble opinion.

MrTanokki said...

In other news, Richard Belzer is back. That's something that, you know, we know for a fact is going to happen. Would anyone like to talk about that?

missy partin said...

I dont know how I feel about Olivia being a mom I guess I'm against it she's just been through 2 much at this point with her character I just hope they have enough sense 2 bring this back it's a great show yes its had ups and downs but heck that's tv life so nbc and everyone else don't let us the long time viewer's of this good show down all of the actors deserve better their a great cast

Cath T said...

If this ends up being the series finale which I sincerely hope it isn't then it is likely that it will be the Amaro story arc that won't be concluded satisfactorily.

I don't see how his family/career woes will be sorted out in one episode.

The Lewis saga has come to an end thankfully and there's been no further mention of Rollin's gambling problems so apart from the "baby doe" issue it can really only be Amaro's "story" that might not get closure.

Sylvie Trans said...

I agree! For the love of all that is holy, don't give Benson a baby. That storyline doesn't fit in with it being a police show. I don't care to see a show where the leading lady balance the job and being a single mom. It's not a drama soap show! Besides, with all that's happened with her lately, she is not mentally prepared to take care of a baby. If they have her come over what happened with Lewis this last time, I loose all faith in the writers. Having almost killed yourself at the hands of a psychopath is not something you get over and then adopt a baby the next month.

David Thompson said...

mike logan might replace benson if she adopts the baby