Monday, May 5, 2014

Law & Order SVU “Reasonable Doubt” Preview Clips

Here are preview clips for     Law & Order SVU, “Reasonable Doubt” which will air on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 9PM ET on NBC. The previews feature Mariska Hargitay, Danny Pino, Kelli Giddish, Raúl Esparza. Ice-T, Bradley Whitford, Samatha Mathis, and Jeffrey Tambor.

My recap and review of Law & Order SVU “Reasonable Doubt” can be found at this link.

Please note: These preview clips are available for a limited time only and may be removed at any time, so please catch them while you can!

Law & Order SVU Reasonable Doubt Preview clip 3 by tvwatchr

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Belen Moreno said...

I can't be more in love with Rafael!! <3

Sara Kürz said...

I have a feeling thas is gonna be a bit about rollaro or at least some rollins follow up cause warren tweeted a pic with amanda and her dog lying on the i hope we hear some good news!

Lynn C said...

I would love for this to have some kind of a Rollaro bit to it, I don't see how Rollins sitting on a couch with her dog would mean that, unless I totally missed something. (Please tell me I missed something!!) Is it Amaro's couch she's sitting on?

Petra S said...

She definitely has someone in her apartment. There was a Tuesday spoiler tweet and she's calling someone back in the room to look at her TV and there's two empty glasses on her table. I'm a Finanda shipper but I can't see it going that way so this has me on the edge already. Amaro or Murphy? I honestly don't know. According to an Examiner article this scene will have every social media discussing it though. Gaah I'm so excited and terrified at the same time.

Cath T said...

I think it's Nick and Amanda. The recently repeated episodes are supposed to have some bearing on the end of season eps and in Rapist Anonymous they had that argument. They also have a tense history. Then their rift started to thaw.

It's their Moonlighting moment.

Of course, the writers are devious and it could all be a set up.

There's never been any hint of anything with Fin.

Murphy? Maybe, but I don't see it and it would be inappropriate after knowing what she was prepared to do for him before she knew he was a cop. It would be kind of sleazy on his part.

If I had to bet on a favourite it would be Amaro.

Petra S said...

It just struck me... what if it's Barba? Okay, for me this is more thrilling than who was 'the thing' with Liv on the plane :)