Monday, April 21, 2014

Law & Order UK “Repeat To Fade” Episode Information

Here are the details for a new episode of Law & Order UK, “Repeat To Fade". (Update April 30, 2014: ITV is rescheduling this episode; the new air date has not been announced as yet. Stay tuned!)

UPDATE May 29, 2014:  ITV announced today that this episode has been rescheduled to June 11, 2014. 

Law & Order UK “Repeat To Fade” Air Date June 11, 2014  (9 PM ET/8C Wednesday ITV)

After a fatal stabbing in a crowded market place, the pressure is on to make Londoners feel safe again. But with a new boss and Ronnie’s effectiveness as a detective being questioned at every turn, is it the end of the road for his career?

Ronnie (Bradley Walsh) and Joe (Ben Bailey Smith) have a new boss to contend with. DI Elisabeth Flynn (Sharon Small) is determined to put her stamp on the MIU, declaring her own personal crackdown on knife crime. It is horribly embarrassing for her then, that the first case to come in under her rule is a stabbing. Under pressure from all sides, Ronnie and Joe struggle to gather enough evidence to charge the youth they believe to be responsible: Bobbi Washington (Kasey McKellar). However, when Bobbi inadvertently confesses to Ronnie, he thinks he’s got him – but with the confession uncorroborated by anyone else, Ronnie begins to realise that his honesty is in question. Can he prove to DI Flynn that he is no "dinosaur?" Guest starring Colin Salmon and Tony Gardner.

Cast list
DS Ronnie Brooks - Bradley Walsh
DS Joe Hawkins - Ben Bailey Smith
Jacob Thorne - Dominic Rowan
Kate Barker - Georgia Taylor
Henry Sharpe - Peter Davison
DI Elizabeth Flynn - Sharon Small
Zana Washington - Pippa Bennett-Warner
Bobbi Washington - Kasey McKellar
Doug Greer - Colin Salmon
Commander Douglas Stone - Tony Gardner

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DewieTheBear said...

Wait, Wes is gone??

I thought he seemed off in "Bad Romance" but I didn't realize they may have been setting up for his departure. Blah.

gahks said...

Looks like it, sadly. Shame: I thought Paterson Joseph was great!

DewieTheBear said...

Having re-read tomorrow's preview blurb, it's definitely must-see setting up for next week. What a bummer, though, I really liked Paterson's performance as well :/

DewieTheBear said...

TNT just aired "Marathon," the original episode on which this is based, during today's marathon block. I'm looking forward to see how they adapt this in light of last week's events.

DewieTheBear said...

Chris, watching on iTV and they announced they were not showing the "billed" episode but an encore. Looks like "The Wrong Man" from series 5.

Chris Zimmer said...

I saw the info on The Mirror and sent the info out via Twitter and FB a hsort while ago. I think i was updating my blog post when I saw your note!

DewieTheBear said...

Oops, sorry about that - wasn't checking other social media sources. Thanks for the follow up :)

Chris Zimmer said...

L&O UK on Twitter informed me on May 27 that this episode will air "soon" so stay tuned!

Chris Zimmer said...

ITV announced today that L&O UK “Repeat to Fade” series 8 finale will air on JUNE 11, 2014 at 9PM on ITV.