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Law & Order SVU “Beast’s Obsession” Recap & Review

Olivia Benson is in big trouble. Not only does “Beast’s Obsession” bring back her nemesis and psycho-torturer William Lewis, but Benson makes some decisions that put her career - and her life - in jeopardy. The story was told in a fast-paced, high-energy manner unlike anything SVU has seen in a long time. Viewers,  like Sgt. Benson,  may have experienced an unsettled feeling when Lt. Declan Murphy entered the SVU squad room and announced that he’s in charge, albeit temporarily. His steamroller attitude is exactly what the detectives need. Unfortunately for Benson, it's not what she thinks she needs. She wants to get Lewis on her own terms and with Murphy calling the shots, she’s not in control anymore.

That’s where Benson makes her huge error in judgment. The error wasn't that she lied about beating Lewis while he was cuffed to the bed and later lying about it under oath. This could easily be explained away as some sort of post-traumatic stress reaction when it first happened,  which continued during her on-going therapy.  It could be rationalized that at the time of trial, she simply was not well enough to face what she’d done. Benson’s error in this episode was ditching her detail and thinking she could go solo, a choice which nearly cost her her life.

Again, Mariska Hargitay showed her exceptional acting skills. The terror in her face seemed very real, as was her revulsion of Lewis. This story line brings even more opportunities for her character; she’s going to be under the microscope because of her perjury at trial and because she let herself get abducted by Lewis. This is not conduct becoming of a Sergeant and Benson will not be let off easy. Mind you, many of these things could be legitimately explained away by PTSD, but it should be an interesting ride for Benson as the story plays out.

While on the subject of things being explained away, Lewis may think he made it look like Benson shot him, but a simple test for gunshot residue and its patterns should put that issue to bed. He should have it all over his hand and there should be none, or little, on hers.

This was a well written episode with plenty of tension and drama.  While Mariska clearly had the bulk of the action, everybody had something to do which was critical to the case.  It was also refreshing to get the cast out on various locations.  SVU can get so dull when too many scenes are indoors or on a set.  The location shots added much visual interest and drama.  Pablo Schreiber also did a fine job, although in all honesty, I am glad his character is now dead.  Recurring villains bore me.

There's a problem with SVU and most crime shows:  it's an unwritten rule/plot device that if you get a protective detail, you’ll either be killed anyway or you’ll be able to ditch your detail with ease because those working the detail are stupid, or distracted, or both. (In this episode, they were both.) For once, I would really like to see a protective detail not screw up.

Some news stories teased a surprise return of a character, but regular readers of my blog who watched the preview clips were not surprised to see Donal Logue return as Lt. Declan Murphy. Donal’s presence was obvious in one of the preview clips released by the network which I posted on my site a over a week ago. It also does not take a rocket scientist to realize there is no way, even in the fictional world of SVU, that Benson would be allowed to lead this case.  Logue's presence in the preview clip was a tip off for observant fans. When Donal was in “Gambler’s Fallacy” I mentioned that SVU would move up a notch if Donal was a regular, so it was great to hear the news reports after the episode aired that his character will recur.

It was slightly amusing when Lewis tells Benson that he assumed Cassidy was out of the picture as he and Benson had no chemistry; there were quite a few SVU fans out there who felt the same way and were very vocal about it.  Cassidy may not have been Mr. Right for the long term, but he did serve as a stabilizer for Benson during a very rought time.

A glaring error: the timeline is not right. If SVU is going to continue to use the scene title cards with dates, they must be more accurate with the time frames. At the end of the episode “Psycho/Therapist” in the scene where Lewis is going to the hospital ward - which was partly repeated in “Beast’s Obsession” - it shows the time as “4 months later” from the end of Lewis’ trial. Since Benson states in this episode that her testimony against Lewis was on January 6th, four months from that date would be the beginning of May. Yet, this episode puts Lewis entering the hospital ward on March 30, which is only about 3 months.

Here is the recap:

Mariska Hargitay – Sergeant Olivia Benson
Ice-T – Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola
Kelli Giddish - Detective Amanda Rollins
Danny Pino - Detective Nick Amaro
Raúl Esparza - ADA Rafael Barba

Guest stars:
Pablo Schreiber - William Lewis
Donal Logue - Lieutenant Declan Murphy
Renee Elise Goldsberry – Martha Marron
Alex Hernandez – Carlos 'O.G.' Hernandez
Lily Pilblad – Amelia Cole
Nikki Estridge = Detective Delano
Curt Bouril - Detective Carlson
Lily Pilblad - Amelia Cole
Natalie Racoosin – Lauren Cole
Shiya Ribowsky – Dr. Abraham
Sarah Bisman – Bronwyn Freed
Mario D’Leon – CO Jerez
Sarah Street – Dr. Janice Cole
Oberkong K.A. Adjepong – Nwankwo
Matt Wood – Officer Kenneth Parker

Bronwyn Freed, a woman who servced as a juror during William Lewis' trial,  bakes cupcakes laced with drugs and then delivers them to the prison where William Lewis is being held, giving some to Lewis and some to the guards. She visits Lewis in the visiting area and they embrace. Later, Lewis eats the cupcakes and gets ill and falls to the floor. Soon he is being raced to the hospital ward with Dr. Janice Cole at his side. Shortly afterwards, a guard at his hospital room falls unconscious. Meanwhile, Lewis is in a parking garage, dressed in hospital scrubs and he has a set of car keys giving him access to a white car.

When other officers arrive on the ward, they find Lewis gone and a nurse tied up and hanging by her arms in a supply closet. Officers flood the parking garage but Lewis is nowhere to be found.

Olivia Benson is getting a cup of coffee from a street vendor and gets a video message form an unknown caller. She takes the call and sees it is William Lewis, who says “Morning sunshine. I missed you” and the call ends. A strange look comes over her face.

At SVU, with a buzz of activity going on around her, Benson tells everyone to listen up, and tells them what they have so far. She explains that at approximately 10:45 last night, William Lewis, complaining of chest pains, was transferred from Rikers to Bellevue prison ward where all attempts to resuscitate him failed. Rollins adds that 10 minutes after he was pronounced dead, he suddenly came back to life on the gurney and was held overnight for observation. At some point, Lewis convinced the DOC officer to un-cuff him. Lewis then snaps the officer’s neck and Lewis was discovered missing at 8:45 this morning. Amaro asks how Lewis got out of that ward, and Benson replies they still don’t know. Benson explains his nurse was found raped and hanging in the closet, and that she is still unconscious. Her cell phone, car keys, and purse are missing and when Rollins explains there is an alert out for the car and starts to give the car info and license number, Fin explains not to bother, Lewis will ditch it before he escapes Manhattan. Benson does not think he will be leaving Manhattan; that Lewis called her and said he misses her. Lt. Declan Murphy enters the room and states this is why he has been ordered to take command of this unit. Benson doesn’t know what he is doing there and when Murphy finds One PP did not call her, he says with sarcasm, “That’s classic.” He explains that she cannot lead a manhunt when she is the target of the man she is hunting. She says she knows William Lewis better than anybody, and Murphy replies he will be relying on that. She counters he is their suspect and this is her unit, and Murphy says no longer, as of this moment he is acting commanding officer of SVU;  Benson looks stunned. He immediately outlines the situation and gives orders to the others, telling Benson she is not going anywhere. He tells Benson she will stay at SVU or go to a hotel and intelligence will provide 24 hour protection until Lewis is apprehended. Benson claims she does not need protection but Murphy says it is not her decision. He points and asks if that is the captain’s office, saying he will be needing it.

As he makes himself at home in the captain’s office, Benson enters and Murphy asks her about the conversation with Lewis. Benson explains Lewis said nothing else. She comments that he was really pronounced dead, but Murphy quips that Lewis rose like Lazarus. As he begins to hand her stuff from the desk, she asks if this is temporary, and Murphy explains everything is, including her command here. As she gets a look of disbelief on her face, he goes on to says she knew someone would come in here eventually. Her protective detail comes in, Detective Delano and Detective Carlson and how they will shadow her. Benson comments that just for the record, she did not request this. As Benson removes her stuff from the office, Murphy says it won’t last long, they will get this guy.

At the Bellevue Hospital prison ward on Monday, March 31, Amaro and Fin speak with the doctor who explained Lewis’ treatment and what happened. They thought it was a heart attack,. But toxicology shows he had 3 grams of propranolol in his system. 150 times the therapeutic dose.

Fin speaks with Lewis’ cellmate Carlos about how it happened, and while a guard searches the room, he finds the plate of cupcakes hidden in the bed. Carlos has no idea how they got there.

Later, Fin speaks with Bronwyn (cupcake lady) who explains she gave Lewis the spiked cupcakes because he has been having anxiety attacks and he was wrongly convicted. She has a prescription for the drugs.

Meanwhile, Amaro and Rollins watch security footage of Lewis’ escape in scrubs and the doctor says it was Monday morning shift change and the place is a mess. Amaro states Lewis knows that as he has been there before. Rollins asks who signed off on the transfer from Rikers to Bellevue, and the doctor says it was Dr. Janice Cole, who called in sick today and they cannot reach her.

At the home of Dr. Janice Cole on March 31, Amaro, Rollins, and Murphy find the nurse's car outside and Cole’s home in complete disarray. They see evidence that Lewis was there. They find Dr. Cole on the kitchen floor, dead. They realize Cole has 2 daughters. As they search the home, the hear a noise coming from an upstairs closet and in it, find one of Dr. Cole’s daughters, Lauren, hanging by her arms. As Murphy helps her out of there, she says she needs Sergeant Benson. They lay her on a bed and as Amaro asks someone to call a bus, Lauren asks Rollins if she is Sgt. Benson. When Rollins says no, why, Lauren says Lewis wants her to tell Benson what he did to her and that he has her little sister.

At the hospital, Rollins, with Amaro, explains to Murphy that Lauren is in surgery and her sister Amelia is 12;  Lauren is also hazy about the timeline. There are no hits on the doctors EZ pass or license plate reader.  Amaro explains that Lewis wanted them to find the Cole family but Lewis doesn’t want them to find him. Murphy thinks Lewis is baiting Benson and asks if they have her apartment covered, and Amaro says they are covering her old and new apartment. Murphy asks Amaro if he knows the smart ones change their patterns. Benson arrives with her detail and Murphy chides her that she should not be there. She counters that she heard Dr. Cole’s daughter had a message for her. Murphy explains she is just getting out of surgery and if he needed her he would have called her. She says she is sorry to disobey his orders, but Lewis has a 12 year old girl and now Murphy has seen what Lewis is capable of. Murphy comments he won’t stand on principle, and motions her to go in, saying she is here now.

Benson enters Lauren’s room with Murphy and identifies herself and Murphy. Lauren explains Lewis said he will kill her sister unless Benson tells the truth. He also wanted Benson to know what he did to her and how he did things, that Benson would like to hear the details. Benson prompts Murphy to leave the room. Lauren explains her mom stayed home from work as her sister had a temperature and was sleeping. She was in her room and she heard her mother scream, and a gunshot. She got her dad’s old revolver form her dresser and went downstairs, and Lewis was standing there, smiling. She had the gun in her hand but she just froze. Benson tells her that is okay, that is understandable. Lewis took her gun and forced her upstairs to Amelia’s room. She was still sleeping. He made her take off her clothes and lit a cigarette and her burned her with the lit end. Then her turned her over and he raped her and whispered to tell Sergeant Benson what she missed. Benson whispers she is so sorry. Lauren goes on to say that Lewis tied her up in the closet and took Amelia with him, and said if she ever wanted to see her alive again, she had to convince her to admit the truth and said she would know what that means. Lauren begs Benson that whatever it is, just do it and tell him what he wants to hear, please. Benson is silent.

Outside the room, Amaro, Rollins and Murphy wait Benson exits and Amaro asks Benson if she is OK, and she says no. Murphy asks to speak with her privately, then asks her what did Lauren mean when she said Lewis wants Benson to tell the truth, giving her his word it is between the two of them. Benson explains what she testified at trial and Murphy realizes Benson lied; that Lewis was really cuffed and incapacitated. Murphy tells her she should have killed him when she had the chance. She says there is press downstairs and she will make a statement, but Murphy pulls her back and says absolutely not. Benson counters that Lewis has a little girl, but Murphy thinks if she gives him what he wants, he just might kill the girl anyway, and that Lewis is doing this for her. While Lewis is waiting for her to move, he won’t move and this is when they hunt him down. Fin walks up and tells them Dr. Cole’s car has been found.

Outside, Murphy speaks to the press, saying the suspect is considered armed and dangerous; do not attempt to approach or apprehend him, and if they see Lewis to call 911. As this plays over a TV in a convenience store at a gas station, Lewis beats the man at the counter who is bound and gagged. Lewis stuff some merchandise in a duffel bag and exits the store. Amelia is in the back seat of the car.

Later, the detectives find that car which has some blood and hair in the trunk. There is damage on the front of the car and thinks Lewis did a bump and rob. Murphy tells them to check carjackings and missing persons, and Amaro explains they found a floater at a boat slip.

At that scene, the body is a young white male, no ID with a single bullet hole to the temple, dead about 3 hours. Murphy gives them instructions on ID'ing the body.

Back at SVU, Rollins says they caught a lucky break, the dead man is Danny Weston, 26, he had a cochlear implant which is how they ID’d him. He drove a 2013 black Acadia SUV, NY plates. While they discuss this, Amaro announces that Lewis is on the phone, calling on the SVU land line and will only talk to Benson. Murphy tells them to track the GPS and tells Benson to take the call. She tells Murphy you have to make him wait and if you make him wait he gets angry and when he gets angry he gets sloppy. She puts it on speaker but Lewis will have none on that. Benson picks up the handset and tells Lewis it is just them; she knows he wants her and asks him to let the girl go. He toys with her and says he doesn’t think so, he thinks he is going to keep her, he likes her. He holds the phone to Amelia who is sitting in the passenger seat and he tells her to say hi. Amelia says hi and Benson acknowledges her. Lewis says 12 is such a lovely age, they start to look and feel like a woman and still smell like a little girl; sweet, of shampoo and baby powder. He strokes her face with his finger. Benson asks him to tell her where he is and she will come meet him, whatever he wants. He pulls Amelia over to his side of the car, and tells Benson she knows what he wants: the truth. Tonight. A public confession on the 6:00 news. He continues to stroke Amelia’s hair as he says Benson and he both know the truth and the people need to hear it from her. He ends the call. She says okay but he’s already cut off the call. Fin states Lewis is calling from Roosevelt Island; Murphy says that’s it – one bridge in, subway out, tram – they got him. Benson smiles. Murphy shouts out instructs to close everything off.

At the Roosevelt Island Bridge on April 1, the SVU team with a large police force arrive. Rollins reads a ping on his phone from the tram. Amaro and Rollins race to the tram and they bring the tram in slowly. Neither Lewis nor Amelia are there, but they do hear a cell phone ring in Amelia’s backpack, sitting on a seat in the tram. Amaro cautions for Rollins to wait for ESU but she doesn’t and she answers the phone. It’s Lewis who says she caught him once but this time she lost him. He hangs up.

At ground level, Amaro tells Fin there is no sign of Lewis and they are pulling street cams and security footage. Rollins says Murphy said TARU traced the incoming call from the cell in Amelia’s backpack which is coming from a no name cell in the East 50s.

Meanwhile, Lewis is at another location with Amelia; the house has been trashed and he offers Amelia an apple which she refuses. He grabs a knife and some duct tape.

Back at SVU, Murphy is giving instructions to someone over the phone while Benson waits. He slams down the phone and asks Benson if Lewis has any known associates in the East 50s. Benson replies it is unlikely he met anybody in prison on the upper east side, but then she recalls his last defense attorney who lives in Sutton Place.

Back at the apartment, Lewis continues to stuff his duffel bag and a cell phone in the apartment rings. He sees it is Benson and he answers it, saying she found him. Benson said she did, asking if his former lawyer is his next vic, asking if he knows the smart ones change their patterns. As Lewis leaves with Amelia, Benson asks if Amelia is still with him. Lewis replies that it’s always about the girl with her. He asks if he doesn’t care about his attorney and he trials. He asks her if she remembers the smell of gas and burning flesh and she tells him to stop. Meanwhile, Amaro, Rollins, and Fin are racing to Lewis’ location and to close down the block. Lewis opens the door to the stairway and punches a man standing there, knocking him down the stairs. He and Amelia continue to flee the building and Benson, not knowing this,  tells him to leave the man alone. She asks Lewis if  he  promises her they will both stay alive, she will say whatever he wants to hear. He asks if she means the truth, and she says yes, the truth,

Afterwards, Murphy does not agree with her confessing and thinks a sociopath will rip her heart out for sport and hold it in his hands and watch as she bleeds out. Benson counters Lewis has Amelia and she knows what he is doing to her. Murphy says she doesn’t; Murphy feels Benson knows what Lewis has done to others and Lewis is counting on that. He thinks Lewis is not interested in Amelia and is inside Benson’s head and that is the assault he is enjoying right now. He is not going anywhere. Benson leaves his office.

Later, facing the camera and in full uniform, Benson states her title and name. She explains that on the 6th of January this year, she testified in New York State Supreme Court at the trial of William Lewis. On that day, under oath, she swore that when she beat him with a metal bar, he had broken free of his handcuffs and she only used the force necessary to subdue him. She states that was a lie. She looks down at a paper she is holding with her notes, and goes on to say that the truth is, when she beat Mr. Lewis, fracturing his skull, his orbital socket, shattering his kneecap, breaking multiple ribs, and causing permanent damage, he was handcuffed. They were alone, he offered no resistance and she was not in danger. As people on the street watch her address on a huge TV display, Benson explains the assault was nothing less than police brutality and excessive force. She apologizes for the inhumanity of her actions and her perjury. Since Lewis was convicted based on her testimony, she requests that DA Rafael Barba inform the judiciary committee of her actions and take appropriate steps to rectify the unjust conviction of Lewis. Meanwhile, and elsewhere, Lewis is robbing a cash register as he listens to her speech. Benson goes on to say she is making this statement of her own volition and under no duress or coercion and under no expectation there would be a quid pro quo from Lewis. Lewis then steals a set of car keys and steps over a man who is bound and gagged and sitting on the floor. Benson apologizes for not coming forward earlier. After she says thank you, Lewis shoots the man.

Lewis gets in the back seat of a car where Amelia is sitting, gagged, and he takes off the duct tape from her mouth. She says she wants her mommy but he kisses her and says not yet. He opens up a bottle of what looks like vodka and asks if she is thirsty.

Later, back at SVU, Benson paces, saying it has been 6 hours and no response. Fin says so they wait. Benson tells Murphy he was right, it didn’t matter, Lewis is going to kill Amelia anyway. Amaro cautions she can’t think that way. Rollins suggests he get some rest and when Benson resists, Murphy orders her to. She leaves, along with her intelligence detail.

Later on April 1, at the Magna Bar and Restaurant at the Magna Hotel, Benson sits unhappily with her detail who talk like she is not there. Benson excuses herself to go to the ladies room and Detective Delano goes with her and checks out the room. Benson enters the stall, asking for privacy. AS Delano steps out, Benson checks her cell phone and sees a message from Lewis with a photo of Amelia, with her arms raised and bound. She texts Lewis where is he, and he replies to come and get the girl, alone, or she dies. Benson leaves the ladies room and as Delano has returned to the table, Benson easily slips out unnoticed. Outside, Benson commandeers a car and races off.

Back at SVU, Murphy is on a call telling him Benson has slipped the detail and he is irate. He calls in Amaro, Rollins, and Fin and explains what has happened and they know nothing about this. He instructs them on how to track her and remind them she is armed. Murphy calls over Amaro and asks what is his partner doing. Amaro says she is going after Lewis and is going to end this. Murphy thinks that is exactly what Lewis wants.

Benson arrives and an undisclosed location and calls out to Lewis. He approaches her and tells her to put her hands in the air, asking if she thought this would be easy, after all their time together, he feels like she does not know him at all. He asks for her gun and she surrenders it, and he tosses it off. He roughly searches her for other weapons and finds her cell phone and throws it far away. He tells her he will keep the radio so they can hear her scream while they are looking for her. She asks where is the girl and she shushes her as he cuffs her and tells her they are going for a ride.

Back at SVU, the detectives discuss where the town car was last seen off the BQE toward the Gowanus canal. Benson’s cell cut off at the edge of Red Hook at Van Dyke and Barnell Street, and when Murphy comments there is nothing out there, Rollins informs him that’s how Lewis likes it. Murphy thinks it is a perfect place for a rat to find a hole.

The car pulls up in the middle of an abandoned industrial area and Lewis gets out and pulls Benson out of the back seat. He comments about how the city lets everything go to ruin. She is quiet, and Lewis asks if she doesn’t feel like talking. As they begin to walk, Lewis says “Oh Lord, you’re not having flashbacks now are you” adding it is very common; PTSD is real. He speculates she’s in her bed at night, she wakes up in a cold sweat thinking he’s in the room with a gun to her head. He pushes the gun into the base of her neck. She recoils, and then says not to flatter himself. He tells her there is nothing to be ashamed of; all his girls go through it, saying he is an agent of change and he alters the trajectory of people’s lives. He adds they might have hopes and dreams before they meet him but then they run into him and life as they know it is gone. He explains she could be getting out of a car, opening a door, and she might just hear a sound but still she thinks of him. She faces him and says whatever he thinks he did to her or whatever affect he thinks he had on her, that is in HIS head. He holds the gun under her chin and pulls her closer. As they walk into an abandoned building, Lewis asks if she dreams about him at all, and Benson says dreams – no. He asks who else she has in her life, bringing up Cassidy and how he must be out of the picture by now and there was no chemistry, even at the trial. He adds that the few time Cassidy did come, Benson was looking at him, not Cassidy. Benson claims Lewis is the one obsessed, saying he could be in Canada by now but he had to come back for her. Lewis asks if she finds it hard to trust after what they went through, asking if she is seeing a therapist, then says to promise him she will do that.

As he walks her up a stairway, he says the therapist probably sits there and tells her she is working through it and she can be whole again, commenting the therapist is lying. Lewis says he sees in the victim impact statements that nobody ever recovers. Benson presses him on Amelia’s location and he says Amelia’s life up to this point has been all princess movies and lip gloss s and he will be her first. Benson tells him to take her to Amelia, reminding him that was their agreement. He says she is upstairs, and tells Benson to watch for the rats. Benson sees Amelia hanging by her arms and she tells Amelia who she is. She says the cops are on the way and she will be okay. Lewis says he hopes she hasn’t been too scared up there all alone without him. Benson asks for her to be released, and Lewis says it is up to her now; he has them both and he can do Benson and let he watch or cut Amelia down and do her and let Benson watch. He adds he is fine either way. She looks stunned and Amelia looks terrified.

Later, the detectives are on the scene of where Benson’s last signal was picked up over an hour ago and her vest and gun are also there. Murphy thinks with the good jump Lewis got he could be anywhere.

Back in the abandoned building, Lewis slams Benson’s face to a table and then ties down her arms. He legs are already taped to the table legs. She tells him it is over and they are coming for her. He thinks she is buying time by letting him rape her, and she says to do what he is gonna do. He roughly gropes her and kisses her and she grabs onto the table as Amelia quietly sobs. But Benson puts up no fight and Lewis is not happy that she is just going to stand there and play possum. He says he has a new game, his rules, and gets another gun and empties out all the bullets but one. He spins the chamber and then he holds the gun to his head and says he will go first. He holds the gun to his head and as Benson tells Amelia to look away, Lewis says death is not something to be afraid of. She tells him he is going to hell, but he asks “am I?” and he pulls the trigger. No bullet. He tosses the gun over to her and tells her to pick it up, or, she can shoot her first. He yells for her to pick it up. As she pauses, he tells her if she is thinking of shooting him, he reminds her there are 5 empty chambers and one bullet so either she gets extremely lucky or he pulls the trigger and he shoots her and then it’s just him and Amelia. He tells her to pick up the gun and put it to her pretty little head,

Meanwhile, the detectives find the car and the trunk is empty. Fin asks what the hell is Lewis thinking as Murphy looks at the surroundings.

Back in the building, Benson picks up the gun, and when Lewis says to do it, Benson says they are coming for him. He slaps her and she cries out in pain. He tells her to pull the trigger or he will shoot her in the head. He goads he to do it and then points the gun at Amelia. Benson says don’t and then say okay. She shakes as she puts the gun to hear head and pulls the trigger – no bullet. Lewis grins. He takes the gun, saying it is his turn and as he holds it to his head, he asks if she knows what is ironic about her confession. He states that even if she told people that he shot himself, they will not believe her now. As he moves the gun to his other hand and holding the gun in a position where her hand would be, he says they will assume that she hot him. He pulls the trigger and still no bullet.

Benson and Lewis hear a helicopter fly overhead and sirens, and Lewis comments that her friends are here. He says let’s make it interesting, and he gets on her radio and says it is William Lewis and – as Benson looks down at the gun – says he is here with Sgt. Benson and they are playing a little game of Russian Roulette and they are halfway through. He states he is sliding the gun across the table to Benson and there are 3 chambers left and one bullet. The detectives hear this on the radio.

Lewis tells Benson to pick up the gun and she does so.  Amelia starts to cry, he shushes her. Benson holds the gun to her head as Lewis tells her to pull the trigger or he will. He goads her to do it now, they are coming, She pulls the trigger and still no bullet. Lewis grabs the gun as the detectives continue to search the building. Murphy asks where the hell are they, and Fin says the ground floor is clear. Lewis radios there are two chambers left and one bullet, then says to Benson she knows how lucky he is. Benson tells Amelia to look away, and Lewis pulls the trigger but still no bullet. He says game over, and point the gun at Benson’s head. She shakes as he says to say goodbye. He shuts down the radio and then tells Benson this is the last thing she is going to think about before she dies. He moves the gun to her other hand and holds her neck, saying this is the last thing she will ever see. He moves the gun to his own head and, as she looks on in horror, Lewis fires at his own head. Amelia shrieks. The gun drops to the floor and Benson’s face is splattered with Lewis’ blood. She gasps as she look at his bloody hand lying on the floor. She catches her breath and relaxes her shoulders slightly, then looks off as we fade to black.

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ladybug81 said...

As cringe worthy this episode was, I believe it is one of the best of the series. I'll admit I had to look away once or twice just like I did with Surrender Benson. If Mariska doesn't win an emmy this year the system is rigged. You could see the fear and revulsion in her eyes. The moment that got me was when he was going to rape her. I thought for a second that he actually was because it looked like her eyes went dead. That's the sign of a great actress in my opinion.
I also read in an interview with Warren that Olivia may finally get some form of happiness. If anyone deserves it she does.
I've seen many today posting their discontent with the episode. Yes I too hate to see Olivia get hurt in the ways she has been but I love watching her talent. Maybe some of it is being done for ratings but that's what shows have to do. I also feel like if Mariska wasn't okay with what they had written she wouldn't do it. I would be interested to know how much, if any, of this was her idea. She had commented on Katie's show she had an idea for them to have closure.
All in all I loved this episode & the numbers look good. I hope this means a season 16

Hokester said...

I found this episode really bad on several levels. First like the blogger said, as soon as Benson got a protective detail you knew they were going lose her in some way. Second, I find it stupefyingly idiotic that Benson would go off on her own because she is too smart to let Lewis get to her like he did. Third, the way that Lewis escaped would never happen in real life. Fourth, Lewis by his past actions has proven himself so narcissistic that he would never have killed himself. Fifth, it would have been so much more satisfying to have Lewis be recaptured and having something happen that would turn the tables on him and let him be terrified for a change.

I hope to God that they don't write episodes about Benson being tried for perjury because that would never fly given the stress she was under. She should be fired for going out on her own to find Lewis anyway.

Petra S said...

All I'm taking from this ep is that the Lewis-travesty is finally over (Pablo & Mariska did good tho but I'm just so over this so sorry) & YAY-FRICKIN-YAY for O'Rourke walking back in to the wonderful world of SVU (and he's sticking around WOO-FRICKIN-WOO!)

Cody Ashby said...

I am going to be honest here, perhaps even brutal.

I wasn't quite ready yet for the return of the Beast, but I was open to it at first. However, I wish they could've kept this idea on the back-burner or gotten rid of it altogether given how sloppy and desperate everything was set up. Overall, I found this episode to be incredibly over-hyped and flashier than it should've been.

First off, why didn't the police do anything to Lewis's former lawyer spiking the cupcakes? She had to konw there would be some kind of consequences coming from that.
I also found Benson to be pretty far out of character here and should've spoke up or done more. I have quite a few ideas about what should've happened instead. The SVU team as a whole seemed pretty incompetent and slow in handling this manhunt. Sure, there wasn't much more they could have done, but they've been on top of it until the middle of winter, where something seemed off.

At least this "Save Benson" saga is over, but I hate that they have to drag this idea about investigating the whole Benson and Lewis escapade throughout the rest of the season, even though it's only two episodes. I know I'll get cursed at for saying this, but I'm not sure if I see a season 16 happening at this point; I'd love for it to happen, but I don't know what direction it'll take. If so, I don't know if it'll be a fall premiere or maybe a 2015 premiere for a change of pace. I bring up the latter because I don't think it'll hurt for the executive producers to brainstorm some fresh ideas that could revamp the show even further. I liked this season when it first started, probably one of my favorites since season 10. However, once we got into "Comic Perversion", something seemed very awkward and out of place from what made SVU SVU.

CLA said...

I have an opinion after this episode: Benson will take a long leave. She is very traumatized. I'm sure you Mariska want to leave SVU . She made it clear in some interviews. She, at the time, wants to give priority to their family, their children. I would love her to leave SVU. I would like to see her doing something else. The problem is: SVU survive without Mariska , Cris Meloni, Richard Belzer and others? Only time will tell.

Erica said...

I really don't understand why there is so much dislike of this episode, and this story line. I thought it was brilliant, Pablo and Mariska were mesmerizing, and the way the writers chose to end it was unexpected and eerily clever. OK, maybe the bit with the cupcakes was a bit far-fetched, but that's nitpicking.

Lewis knew his game was over and he was either going to die or go back to prison, so he ended things on his own terms. He may have died, but he did so leaving Olivia to deal with the fallout from her perjury, from the trauma of her interactions with him, and her guilt. He got what he wanted; he changed her life.

CLA said...

@ Erica

This dislike for the episode, comes
mainly from the enemies of Mariska. Whenever she stands in an episode, I see this reaction from some. In the SVU website, on Facebook, the vast majority loved the episode. And the ratings soared. The three episodes focused on Olivia, had better rating this season. Powerful woman, this Olivia Benson.

Alex said...

CLA- or it could be because the script was like a middle schooler's attempt to write an edgy script but instead ending up with a pile of utter shit. Why is everything always about Mariska with you?

Patricia Canarim said...

she talked "detective Benson" when saw the girl.
Mariska Hargitay was very good and I like, but this historia about Lewis and Olivia has that finish.

Cody Ashby said...

@CLA, I don't really want Mariska to leave the show, but the way that Benson's character is transforming throughout this entire season may require her to step back from the squad for a bit until she's able to do her job efficiently.

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Okay, I'll say it; Mariska Hargitay is laughably bad. Her line readings are so stilted and wooden that it's like she stepped out of the Star Wars prequels. This episode may be her worst yet. It doesn't help what a complete waste of time this entire arc was. Cancel this show. It was bad enough when Sharon Stone was on. It's been 4 years and it's still an unwatchable shitheap of a show. I want the Mothership back, dammit!

Erica said...

Why do people who hate the show so much even bother reading this blog? (scratching head)

I do agree that the Benson character shouldn't be in charge. I liked her better when she was on a par with the others.

craft-on said...

Is there any significance to the BX9 guy, Carlos, being Lewis's cellmate. I didn't understand what it added to the story line.

Also, isn't the "cupcake lady" the jury foreman from Lewis's trial?

Any thoughts?

Lisa said...

well Best thing about this was the return of the always sexy LT Murphy.

While I agree Olivias beating of Lewis could be written off as stress of her kidnapping torture her conscensious choice to commit perjury was not. If she was so stress suffering from PTSD to the point she committed perjurt why is she still carring a gun and badge? Wouldnt her choice to knowlying committ perjury be a sign she shouldnt be a cop?

She readly admitted right after that she lied to Barba and to Nick.
i dont buy she was so messed up she didnt know that committing perjury was wrong.

while im sure they will have some lame excuse to explain it its wrong to show no consequences to her actions.

you cant say she is so tramautized she cant tell the truth under oath yet promote her and let her continue to carry a gun.

In saying all this the last few minutes of the show with her holding the gun to her head was good acting on her part.

CLA said...

First of all I want to congratulate Chris for his excellent text and analysis of the episode .

@ Alex

I had promised myself not to talk to you . Because when someone dares say that Mariska Hargitay has no talent and Olivia Benson is a character with no depth , something really smells very bitter and is not worthy of a response .

@ Koook160 ( Robert MacFarlane ) said ...

Mariska is so bad it has 24 nominations in the best actress in a drama. Imagine if she was a good actress. Just to illustrate, the three episodes of this season were better classification, all focusing on Mariska. Be careful, because spite and uncontrolled anger can damage your health.

@ Cody Ashby said ...

I also do not like how Olivia comandante.Olivia I think it works better as a detective . It was in this role that Mariska charmed and fascinated his fans over these 15 years. But I could never say she has no talent, and that his character has no depth . Said Olivia is corrupt . My God ! Olivia is just, humane and deeply noble . Everything she does is for the victims . She has no vices , is honesty and integrity . Olivia is like a modern heroine who combines strength , courage and determination , with extreme sensitivity and love of neighbor . It seems that this site are gathered from their enemies . So I go to the page of SVU on facebook where I see how this woman is loved and admired . I know nobody in the world is unanimous . But see here , much bitterness , almost a hatred for her . Olivia is always to blame for everything . This is Olivia Benson pays price for his success . Have a saying that fits well here: while the dogs bark , the caravan passes . I will monitor my caravan .

lois said...

I found it extremely hard to believe that they let that juror take baked goods into prison. AFAIK most do not. And the whole "he was dead for 10 minutes but then miraculously came back to life" - seriously? Manages to talk the officer into taking off his cuffs? OK. Then, let's send a female nurse alone into the room of a rapist? And no one looked for her that whole time? And how convenient that her car was right there for him to take? Hospital parking garages are many floors. It could take hours to find a car in there. Can they at least try to write something believable?

DewieTheBear said...

That was pretty bad. Lewis' escape was positively preposterous - they would have been better off not showing it (and all of the plotting holes in the process) and just glossing over it verbally in the squadroom.

Mariska is an okay actress, but let's please not act like she's Maggie Smith here. As for her Emmy chances, she's in a field with Elisabeth Moss, Vera Farmiga, Keri Russell (who is fantastic on "The Americans"), Tatiana Maslany (who surely cannot be overlooked two years in a row), Claire Danes, Michelle Dockery (weakened by a terribly boring series four), Kerry Washington, Robin Wright... and this episode screamed, "GIVE ME AN EMMY!" so loudly and obnoxiously it may cost her more votes than it will win.

SVU should have started doing years ago what L&O did routinely: Cycling in new detectives who actually stuck around (aka, *not* Chester Lake) so that they could eventually turn over an entire cast with no loss in continuity. There's an episode back in the first season that seemed to set up for that, with someone saying SVU detectives do a limited tour vs. these fifteen year tenures we've seen.

Anyways, looking forward to the L&O: UK recap of "Customs." It wasn't one of my favorites (nor was the original, "Ritual"), though it was a nice showcase for Georgia Taylor and Ben Bailey-Smith.

Petra S said...

@Erica - haha. yes isn't it insane how trolls keep flocking to SVU forums just to say they hate it!? I dislike quite a few other shows but I would never be mean to the fans of that show and go to those forums and flame the thing they love the most. When I lose interest in a show I just stop visiting the forums too. They should really stay away and let us enjoy it.

And I certainly don't want SVU to be cancelled. I love this new SVU.02. I liked the Lewis arc at first but I now, in hindsight, really dislike it cause it changed Liv so drasticly. I get PTSD and trauma and stuff but I just don't like where they'd taken her this season. I've imagined Liv in charge of this squad for so long and it was just such a pity it happen in the mist of this Lewis-travesty cause she was far from the boss I pictured her to be. I think Mariska is a good actress (agree with you @DewieTheBear) but if this is how Liv will be then I hope she leaves to get happy somewhere else, take Baby Doe and reconnect with Haden (now that was a good match).
If Lt Murphy (I need to learn not to call him O'Rourke anylonger) sticks around for S16 I think the show would stand a good chance to continue without the queen bee. I'd prefer to have the old Liv back though and continue with the squad as it is today with the addition of Murphy. I hope, in the end, Liv can grow from this experience and she can come back to being awesome.

Chris Zimmer said...

DewieTheBear - the recap for L&O UK "Customs" may not be done until sometime Monday. I've had a messed up schedule as of late and can't get to it as quickly as I'd like. I will say it was a fine episode, though!

Chris Zimmer said...

craft-on - yes, cupcake lady was the juror. When I wrote the recap I thought that's who it was and I had every intention to go back and fix the recap once I confirmed it but I forgot. Going to do that right now!

Cath T said...

I found this episode more compelling than Psycho Therapist.

I thought Mariska's performance was excellent and very credible.

Pablo Schreiber was equally good but I am glad that Lewis is no more.

Having Declan Murphy back is a real plus as I very much like the character.

The plot devices of Benson losing her protection team and going it alone in pursuit of Lewis were predictable but necessary for the story.

I hope though that the Benson in peril stories can be given a rest for a while.

I liked the references to Benson and Amaro still being partners because I think they make a good team (professionally speaking) and would like to see them pair up again.

Deborah J Armstrong said...

Okay, if the writers decide that Olivia gets away with what she did, beating a criminal who was cuffed to a bed at the time with malice, then not only will it be incorrect, it also sends the wrong message. Demotion or loss of badge and pension would be just two of the outcomes.

Laurie Fanat said...

SVU is a fictional show and most of this episode was far from reality but I liked it. I have to give credit to the writers and the actors who made a serious effort to put on a good show. SVU needed a jolt of adrenaline and they got it with this episode. Was Benson stupid to try to go it alone? Yes. Was it an incredible streak of luck and stupidity by others that got Lewis out? Yes. Do I think that William Lewis became like a cartoon charactre? Yes. But Warren Leight's team was trying to create something that gave Mariska something to challenge her and they did. It must be very hard being in a role all those years doing the same stuff over and over again. I don't like that Benson had to be the lady who got tied to the railroad tracks, but crime shows put the women in danger ALL THE TIME. (Now if Lewis would have capture Nick Amaro and threatened him in the same way he did Benson, THAT would be groundbreaking and a story that would get the buzz going. I don't see SVU ever taking on a risky story like that.)

Benson will have to pay some price for what she did but I agree with Chris that all of this can be explained by PTSD. This includes her testimony where she perjured herself. She can still admit to others what she really did to Lewis but still be so traumatized to see him face her in court that she was traumatized again. I think she may lose her sergeant status or keep it but be taken out of a leadership role but she won't go to jail over it. Murphy was right, she should have killed him when she had the chance. I also don't see her getting custody of any child over this. She's got a risky job, she's made judgement errors, and she's getting up in her years. Now, Benson could never properly raise a young child with the job demands she has now.

Chris, you are also right on the timeline issue. That is sloppy work on their part.

A decent episode for them and I'm glad to see they got good ratings for a change.

Lucy York said...

Félicitations pour ce texte, qui résume ce que nous ne comprenons pas dans l'épisode. Je suis française, j'ai vu l'épisode, mais je n'ai rien compris. Et avec tous ce texte j'ai enfin compris.
J'ai adoré cet épisode et tous les épisodes avec Lewis dedans :) Olivia en bave mais moi j'adore, parce que pourquoi devrais t'on toujours avoir des personnages avec aucun problème dans sa vie ? Qui n'en a pas ? Je dis bravo aux producteurs, qu'ils continuent ainsi :)

Chris Zimmer said...

koook160, coiuold you please repost your last comment and remove the expletive? Otherwise - I'll have to delete it.

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

To respond to everyone calling me a troll, let me ask you; Did you ever even watch the Mothership? They knew how to avoid melodrama and obvious conclusions 90% of the time. This show has about as much nuance as an anvil with the word "MORALS" dropping on someone's head. The hypocrisy of Benson's actions will not be addressed in a logical or understandable manner. We all know the writers will continue to shilling her. And if Mariska Hargitay gets an Emmy nomination for this episode and Julianna Margulies doesn't for The Good Wife, I will eat my own vomit. Why is it trolling to argue the last remnants of a franchise I love is going down the toilet? Because I'm not a "true fan"? Please. For the record, I don't hate EVERYTHING about the show. Raul Esparza is great, and I wish HE was the main focus.

There. Reposted. Don't see why cursing is a big deal. This is the internet for God's sake.

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Also, to respond to the Awards argument: Who cares? Last year they gave the usually underrated Jeff Daniels an Emmy for his worst work on The Newsroom. Over Bryan freaking Cranston. The also didn't even nominate Julianna Margulies for The Good Wife last year, and she shined in the second half of the season. And don't even get me started on the guys they snubbed in Supporting Actor. Hargitay's nominations are because she's popular. That doesn't mean she isn't wooden or overrated.

DewieTheBear said...

Chris - thanks for the info, no worries on the timing! Always look forward to your take on things :)

Petra S said...

@koook160 - hey I was the only one using the word troll so don't flame the rest on here. And I think you named yourself troll cause my remark was aimed mostly at the insane EO shippers who keeps on with harassing Warren & Co and bringing unnecessary mayhem to the SVU forums just because they couldn't get their happy ending. I'm not a fan of TGW any longer because of changes they made but I would just never trash it in any TGW forum cause that's just rude. I'm a huge fan of SVU but I still don't like all SVU episodes and I rant when something upsets me but I try and keep it civil even though it's 'just' the internet, we are still people & people get hurt by words. I'm sorry if my use of troll upset you but I guess if the shoe fits, it wasn't aimed at you tho.

Children Please said...

Lots of problems with the comments here. I need multiple comments to deal with them all due to the character count, so I apologize for that.

"I found this episode really bad on several levels. First like the blogger said, as soon as Benson got a protective detail you knew they were going lose her in some way. Second, I find it stupefyingly idiotic that Benson would go off on her own because she is too smart to let Lewis get to her like he did. Third, the way that Lewis escaped would never happen in real life. Fourth, Lewis by his past actions has proven himself so narcissistic that he would never have killed himself. Fifth, it would have been so much more satisfying to have Lewis be recaptured and having something happen that would turn the tables on him and let him be terrified for a change.

I hope to God that they don't write episodes about Benson being tried for perjury because that would never fly given the stress she was under. She should be fired for going out on her own to find Lewis anyway."

So many problems...
-It would've been better if they didn't give her a protective detail?
-What was she supposed to do, let the little girl die? That's realistic.
-Right, because people never escape in "unrealistic" ways in real life. Wait, they do, nevermind.
-Lewis knew he was going to die or go to prison, so he went out on his terms, like a narcissist would.
-Who cares about what would've been more satisfying? Not every story of ever show is supposed to be satisfying.
-How the hell would Benson not get in trouble for perjury? She could justify the beating if she was honest, not the perjury.


"I am going to be honest here, perhaps even brutal.

First off, why didn't the police do anything to Lewis's former lawyer spiking the cupcakes? She had to konw there would be some kind of consequences coming from that.
I also found Benson to be pretty far out of character here and should've spoke up or done more. I have quite a few ideas about what should've happened instead. "

And that's why you're writing comments on a blog while other people are writing for huge TV shows like SVU on big networks like NBC. Thank god none of your ideas came to fruition, based on the rest of your comment. That's brutal honesty. By the way, who said the police didn't do anything to the juror who spiked the cupcakes?

Children Please said...

I'm not even going to bother quoting the obvious trolls like Alex and koook160. Give me a break.


"Is there any significance to the BX9 guy, Carlos, being Lewis's cellmate. I didn't understand what it added to the story line."

Not a problem per se, but wanted to address it. I doubt there's much significance, or that it was supposed to add anything to the story, other than Fin's line about his sergeant putting him away. Just a 'hey, I recognize him!' moment for regular viewers.


"I found it extremely hard to believe that they let that juror take baked goods into prison. AFAIK most do not. And the whole "he was dead for 10 minutes but then miraculously came back to life" - seriously? Manages to talk the officer into taking off his cuffs? OK. Then, let's send a female nurse alone into the room of a rapist? And no one looked for her that whole time? And how convenient that her car was right there for him to take? Hospital parking garages are many floors. It could take hours to find a car in there. Can they at least try to write something believable?"

What part of that was 'unbelievable' to you? It looked like the juror had given the food to a guard, who was probably friends with Lewis(we all know how charming he can be) and snuck in the cupcakes. You think people can't die for 10 minutes and come back? Look up the Lazarus Effect. Again, he charmed the officer into taking off his cuffs, we've all seen how charming he can be. I'm sure they had no idea he was uncuffed when the nurse went in, since the officer who did it had a broken neck and appeared to be sleeping. And how do we have any idea how long it took him to find her car? I'm sure nurses park in a small section, anyway. Yep, sooo unbelievable...not.

Children Please said...

Out of all the nonsense here, exactly two legitimate complaints:

1.The timeline issue. March 30th is not 4 months after January 6th. That's bad. But I'm sure they planned on his return for the season finale in May, but changed their mind after Psycho/Therapist aired and they couldn't do anything. Oh well.

2.They will know who pulled the trigger. They showed the blood on Lewis's left hand, not to mention the lack of gunshot residue on Olivia's hand. Lewis should've known that. But we'll have to wait and see where that goes, hopefully it's a non-issue. Olivia's in enough trouble with the injury, carjacking, and going off on her own.

Chris Zimmer said...

koook160, this may be the internet but this is MY site and if people want to participate they have to do so using my rules. I expect civility.

Cath T said...

Perhaps the timing issue is out of sync because SVU hasn't received a renewal yet and the producers needed to wrap up the storyline sooner rather than later. Also, Pablo Schreiber's availability would have been a factor.

Ultimately I don't think SVU's renewal will come down to ratings, popularity or fan support but $$$$. The production costs are high and NBC control the purse strings. If TPTB deem it too costly to continue then that's that.

Personally I want the show to continue. I still love my SVU fix.

lois said...

Children please. Go visit a prison. See how much any of the guards give a crap about who is friends with who. Do you think they are going to lose their jobs over some cupcakes? Lazarus affect? Maybe, but not in any way that he could have planned it. He charmed his cuffs off? Again, we are talking new York, not some hillbilly town where everyone is buddies. Guards dont care how charming you are. They are not that stupid. If anything they'd be harder on him for attacking a police officer. Nurses don't park in some special place. Doctors do. And there is no way she would have been hanging in that closet long enough for the detectives to find her without someone noticing that she wasn't doing her job. Would you go into the room of a rapist if you thought the guard was sleeping? Oh wait, there's another plot hole-the nurse would have tried to wake him up.

Alex said...

And once again I will remind you that I never said Mariska had no talent, only that she was not the most talented actor on the show. I know, someone who doesn't worship the ground she walks on, isn't that a shock? I must be the most bitter person ever!!!! There is no reason not to worship her except being bitter, no sirree bob.

Alex said...

@CLA- Also, you said it was ridiculous for me to say Olivia had no depth and yet you just admitted she had no flaws. Contradiction much?

Alex said...

@Children Please-
I wasn't aware the definition of troll had changed to "someone who says things I really don't want to hear".

LlamaJ said...

FWIW Chris, I appreciate you keeping the conversations clean.

As for the episode, I'm getting tired of the Lewis plot line also. And now that he's dead, it's apparently still not over?? I wish Benson would be let off the hook and be able to move on already. Yes, she beat him and lied about it. How about the hours (days?) she endured with him that led up to that? Makes sense that she'd be traumatized. I also was happy to hear the "you should have killed him" comment from Declan. It's too bad he still lives on, even though he finally is dead.

All that being said, it was an intense and riveting episode.

Cath T said...

Warren Leight just finished a twitter fest where he answered several questions.

Ep 21 will deal with the aftermath of the Lewis saga.

Maria and Zara Amaro will be back in Ep 23 (I assume there will be some sort of conclusion there). WL indicated it will mean "hard times" for Amaro.

No news on SVU's renewal yet and it is not just ratings that will be factored into a renewal decision. Could even be mid-May before a decision will be made.

Filming of the current season will finish around second week of May.

fred astire said...

Best SVU episode ever to air. Mariska is ridiculously talented and not to mention beautiful. The ratings shot up. SVU isn't the same show that Neal lead. Warren Leight is doing an amazing job with his 2.0 version and people need to accept what is. Loved this storyline. Didn't think bringing Lewis back was a good idea until I saw this ep. It was everything and more. Season 16 needs to happened. Hands down, 10/10

Jersey Starlet said...

Not to lose focus on the main subject of this episode but Am I the only one that thinks there is foreseeable chemistry between Rollins and Declan? She lite up like a christmas tree when he said he was taking over. Then got upset when he corrected her when they were deliberating like "hey man we go way back i thought we had something lol." which i feel he did on purpose so it wasn't to assume she was getting special treatment. She took a lot of initiative too more than usual. I feel like they'll start "dating" and Amaro will put in his two cents about his aka his jealousy towards the whole thing. As usual

DarQ DawG said...

Wow. Had no idea there were Olivia haters out there. The only thing i found unrealistic about this and the following episode were that GSR should've told who was holding the gun that shot the beast. I don't recall Olivia shooting that episode. Also, in the following episode IAB is hounding Olivia. This is always the most unrealistic part of SVU. IAB never hounds anybody in real life. Internal Affairs is a running joke in most, if not all, departments. Unless there is a viral video that shows clear misconduct and that gets released to the public, police are routinely cleared of any wrong doing by internal "investigations." It's quite simply absurd to depict IAB as constantly looking for any reason to bring SVU up on charges, even when there's obviously no wrongdoing on their part. It just doesn't happen.