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Law & Order UK “Bad Romance” Recap & Review

Law & Order UK “Bad Romance” was a close copy of the original Law & Order episode on which it was based: “Denial” (season 8, episode 2).  The detectives and CPS have a case of apparent murder of a baby by two young kids,  but there’s one big problem: there is no body. At least not at first. By the time the body of the baby is found, all involved have had plenty of time to create just enough confusion with their stories that it’s a field day for the defense. At first, Kate Barker seems smitten with a handsome nemesis of Jake Thorne’s - Maitland Cosby - who is representing the two defendants. Once she sees him in his full smarmy and sleazy persona, she doesn’t want to have anything to do with this “posh boy” from “poshville.” Clearly, Jake was more than annoyed at Cosby, apparently having unpleasant – and for Jake, unsuccessful – cases with him before. In the previous episode (“Customs”), Jake and Kate were at odds, and in this episode, they seemed very comfortable together again.

I was a little confused about the timeline for this episode, as it relates to this series to date. The season started showing they were working a case in January, and the cases in the following episodes in the series  proceeded chronologically.  The episode which preceded “Bad Romance” (“Pride”) took place in March and April. In “Bad Romance”, we jumped all the way to October and November. I don’t know if this episode was aired out of sequence or if there was an intentional huge jump in the timeline. It will be interesting to see the dates in the next episode.

As the episode followed the original Law & Order story line very closely, it lacked the drama and suspense that Law & Order UK usually delivers. But the episode had many amusing points and dry humor peppered throughout which made it quite enjoyable.  Law & Order UK does drama well, but they also have a great cast that can really pull off the funny bits and make them seem very natural.

Here is the recap:

Bradley Walsh - DS Ronnie Brooks
Ben Bailey Smith – DS Joe Hawkins
Paterson Joseph - DI Wes Leyton
Dominic Rowan - Jacob Thorne
Georgia Taylor - Kate Barker
Peter Davison - Henry Sharpe

Guest cast:
Lacey Bond – Linda
Philip Rosch – Alan
Anna Marie Cseh - Magda
Svetlana Bida – Ioana
Nicola Sanderson – SOCO Joy
Steve Furst – Edward Blanchard
Adelayo Adedayo – Kayla
James Wilby - Charles Hutton
Joanna Brooks – Marsalee
Emma Campbell-Jones - Camille Hutton
Lucy Boynton - Georgia Hutton
Nicholas Jones - Edmund Rintoul
Greg Austin - Rufus Barton
Paul Bentall - Harold Maysby
Adjoa Andoh - Lilly
Alice Sanders - Poppy
Nimmy March - Elizabeth Rawls
Janet Dibley – Karen Hannay
Joseph Milson - Maitland Cosby
Karen Archer - Justice O'Neill

At Lord Darnley Hotel in Shepherd’s Bush on Monday, September 29, two women from housekeeping who are having fun barging into people’s rooms discover a bed covered with blood. Later, DS Ronnie Brooks and SOCO Joy and her team are on the scene. The amount of blood may indicate a laceration or ballistic trauma. There is no body, the victim either walked or was moved. There is no blood trail. The hotel owner, Mr. Blanchard, who arrives with DS Joe Hawkins, complains about when he can have the room back. Joe says the occupant of the room checked in as CP Hutton, and he paid cash but left his credit card details as security. He did sign in, and Joe takes a photo of the log. Hutton seemed about 20. Joe explains there is only on CCTV camera covering the entrance and corridor but someone stuck a piece of chewing gum over the lens.

Back at MIU, Ronnie and Joe confer with DI Wes Leyton about there not being a body. Based on the look of the room, Ronnie is sure there is a victim. Wes informs them of a memo from above, which is printed on paper, saying they are striving for a paper free office and he cautions them that anything that doesn’t need to be printed doesn’t get printed. Kayla brings in a document which she announces that she printed for Ronnie. They find that CP Hutton is Charles Peregrine Hutton who is 50 years old and a company director, and that’s 30 years older than the guy who checked into the hotel.

At Hutton and Fellowes on the same day, Ronnie and Joe speak with Hutton who did not realize his credit card was missing. He thinks he last used it months ago and last night he was at a dinner at a club. Joe asks for the info on the club and Ronnie asks for something with his signature. Joe compares the signature and there is no match. His wife would not have used his card, and Hutton worries if his wife will know about this, she already thinks he is a fool when it comes to looking after money, Ronnie replies they will let him break that bad news.

Back at MIU, Joe says they can’t confirm Hutton’s alibi as the doorman at his club refused him entry. Joe hands Ronnie a police artist’s sketch of the man who checked into the hotel. Kayla is checking the credit card transactions and finds credit card charges from a music store. She also finds a large charge in a kinky attire shop.

Later, at the shop, Ronnie and Joe find out what the guy purchased and show the shop worker the police sketch. She doesn’t recognize him as the order for the item was from the Internet. After Ronnie asks, she angrily gets him the delivery address which is in Holland Park. She says if they see any of her merchandise there, get it back.

Afterwards, at the Hutton home, Ronnie and Joe discuss with Hutton the fact that the items were shipped to his home and the fact his alibi can’t be verified. They show him the police sketch and Hutton plays dumb. His wife and daughter walk in as he says he did not use that card for the hotel. He tells her it is about a missing credit card and she says he is hopeless. She also denies using the card, and the detectives ask to speak with their daughter.

Ronnie and Joe speak with Georgia Hutton who doesn’t understand why she would use the credit card. They show her a photo of the person who used the card and she says she does not know him. When Ronnie mentions this could be about a murder, she says she can’t help them. Hutton tells them they are done here. Ronnie asks for a list of anyone who works the house and a list of Georgia’s school friends, and her mother informs them Georgia doesn’t have guests, she is doing six A levels. She goes to St. Sebastian’s Upper School. When Joe comments that is nice, Hutton asks him if he knows people there. The look on Joe’s face changes, and he says no.

At St. Sebastian’s Upper School that same day, they speak with the headmaster who says Georgia’s father was an old boy there but implies he wasn’t much and rode on his old family money. He doesn’t know anything about Mrs. Hutton. He thinks Charlie married below stairs. Georgia will be off to Oxford. Ronnie sees a poster for auditions for “West Side Story” and the headmaster says Georgia tried out for it but it wasn’t her finest hour but she was expecting a leading role. He adds that young people today have such pathological self-belief. Ronnie shows him the police sketch and the headmaster says, “Goodness.”

Right afterwards, Ronnie and Joe watch students fencing, and they spot the person who matches the photo, Ronnie goes to talk to him.

Later that same day at MIU headquarters, Rufus Barton is in interrogation with his family's solicitor. They discuss the blood in the hotel room and he says he wasn’t there. When Ronnie asks where was he, the solicitor jumps in and says his client has no comment. When Ronnie asks Joe to get some food as they will be there a long time, Rufus chimes in and explains he was at a party. Ronnie puts his hand out to get his money back from Joe.

At St. Sebastian’s Upper School on September 30, they speak with Poppy who says it was her 18th birthday. She states Rufus got to her party about 7ish; Georgia was supposed to help her get ready but she brought Rufus  and that was the end of that.  Georgia has been seeing Rufus for about a year but her parents don’t know.  Poppy is eyeing up Joe as she explains she has no idea when Rufus left, she was utterly mashed. Joe asks if she has any photos and she says they are on Facebook and when Joe says they will need to see those, she tell him to friend her. Joe looks uncomfortable and Ronnie suggests maybe she’d like to email them. Ronnie asks if she thinks Rufus left the party early with another girl, and Poppy says no way, it was like he was surgically attached to Georgia. Joe comments she sounds a little jealous, and Poppy says Georgia is great, but she is not perfect; she got fat and basically disappeared.

Afterwards, Ronnie and Joe discuss what they’ve learned and Ronnie wonders if maybe Georgia shifted a few pounds in the hotel room.

At the forensics lab on the same day, Lilly tells Ronnie and Joe that there was amniotic fluid in the hotel mattress; someone gave birth in that room. Joe comments to remind him never to have kids, and Ronnie says he’s had two and never felt a thing. Ronnie wonders where is the baby?

Later, at the Hutton home, Mrs. Hutton says Georgia is not stupid to get pregnant and doesn’t even have a boyfriend. When Joe suggests to Georgia they can continue the discussion in private, Mrs. Hutton says they don’t have any secrets, and Georgia reluctantly says it’s fine. Ronnie mentions Rufus Barton and that Rufus booked the hotel room using her dad’s bank card and someone gave birth in that room, someone with a rare blood type. Georgia’s face is blank and her mother looks stunned.

Afterwards, at MIU, Georgia, with her solicitor, is in interrogation and she explains she and Rufus left the party and went to the hotel. She said the room was dirty but as it would be weeks before they could arrange something else, they decided to stay. They started having sex and then all this “stuff” started coming out of her and she started having cramps and then bleeding. She knew she was having a miscarriage. She is sorry she didn’t tell them this before. Meanwhile, Wes watches from the video room while Georgia says she knew she was having a miscarriage, even though she didn’t know she was pregnant, asking what else could it have been,. She thinks she was only two or three months along at best. Joe asks what she did with the fetus, and she said she flushed it down the loo. Wes gets up from his chair and walks into the interrogation room. He tells Ronnie he will take it from here and tells Georgia and her solicitor they have everything they need for now and if they need anything else they will be in touch. After Georgia and her solicitor leave, Ronnie tells Wes they weren’t done, and he says yes they were; she had a miscarriage, it happens more often than they think. When Ronnie tries to object, Wes tells Ronnie to write up his notes and put them on his desk, this case is closed. Wes walks out of the interrogation room, leaving Ronnie and Joe looking perplexed.

At MIU on Wednesday, October 1, Joe is complaining about all the filing he must do and when Ronnie is focused on photos of Georgia and Rufus, Joe asks if he is wasting his time here. Instead, Ronnie goes back to Georgia Hutton and the fact she bought a corset to conceal she was fat but she told them she thought she was a couple months along. Ronnie thinks if she was only a couple months along she wouldn’t be showing that much. Ronnie asks Joe to cover for him; he’s going down to the lab to see Lilly to see if she finished the tests.

On the same day in Hammersmith, Ronnie and Wes are taking a walk and Ronnie explains it was not an early miscarriage, there was too much blood and not enough amniotic fluid on the mattress for the pregnancy to be in the first trimester. Best guess is she was 7 months along. Wes wonders why Georgia would lie to them and Ronnie says so they wouldn’t go looking for a body. Wes gets frustrated with Ronnie, telling him not to get ahead of himself. Ronnie suggests they have a proper look at the area covered by those kids that night; usually the baby is dumped near the scene and when he presses on getting into the school and the Hutton house, Wes says they don’t have enough for a warrant. Ronnie asks what if they were looking for stolen goods?

Later, at the Hutton home, Mrs. Hutton is angry with the search. Joe has found a corset and Ronnie has bloody night dress found in the bottom of a bin. Mrs. Hutton confirms it is Georgia’s.

At the forensics lab, Lilly informs them they found meconium – baby feces - on the night dress. Meconium in the amniotic fluid can be a sign of fetal distress but the meconium on the night dress was separate from the amniotic fluid. The amniotic fluid shows the baby was old enough to be viable and the meconium shows it was born alive.

Later, Joe tells Wes they’ve checked all over, even the local churches, and no baby has been handed in anywhere and Ronnie said no one at the hotel heard a baby crying. Ronnie thinks it is infanticide. Wes wonders even without a body, and Ronnie thinks they are good to go, Georgia Hutton didn’t give birth to fresh air.

Back at St. Sebastian’s Upper School, Georgia and Rufus stop dead in their tracks when they see Ronnie and Joe waiting. Ronnie reads Georgia her rights and Joe reads them to Rufus.

On Monday October 6 in the psychiatrist’s office, Dr. Rawls questions Georgia about killing her baby. She says she has to find if Georgia’s mind was disturbed at the time the baby died. Georgia said when she went into labor she didn’t fully understand what was happening, even for a baby that size. She doesn’t remember how she felt when she saw it was alive, it was like it was happening to someone else. At CPS, Director Henry Sharpe, Jake Thorne, and Kate Barker watch the video of the session. Kate doesn’t buy it and Jake says Georgia fits the profile for pervasive pregnancy denial. Henry says she attributed her symptoms to other causes. Kate scoffs, asking if it was from too many pies and a spot of indigestion? Henry states he knows cases where the denial continued through to childbirth and Jake adds the syndrome is associated with infanticide. Kate comments there is no premeditation, and Jake explains this is why Georgia is not being charged with murder; you can’t plan to kill a baby you don’t know you are having.

At Crown vs. Hutton and Barton before the pre-trial hearing on Tuesday, October 28th, Jake complains to Karen Hannay about this application to dismiss and that there is more than enough evidence to proceed. Hannay says that Rippen is off the job and Georgia Hutton is to be presented by a friend of the family. Jack sees who it is and moans “oh no” and Maitland Cosby walks over and tells Jake “long time no see,” shaking his hand. Kate smiles and introduces herself. Cosby says this is awful business and thinks this can be cleared up quickly. He flippantly tells Jake they should have a drink and catch up as he walks off with Hannay. Kate asks who is he, and is he single. Jake, staring a head, just shakes his head.

At the pre-trial hearing, they argue about the issue of not having the body. The judge denies Cosby's application for dismissal. When Kate complains that was a waste of makeup, Jake tells her to get used to is, Cosby is just getting started.

At the Crown vs. Hutton and Barton pre-trial hearing on November 4, Cosby races after Jake in the hall, calling him “Jakey”. Jake asks him to not call him that. Cosby asks what case they last met on, and Jake replies it was Hannigan and Shepherd. Cosby says to Jake “You was robbed” and Jake stops in his tracks and replies that yes, he was. As Cosby chuckles and Jake begins to argue, Kate walks up and tells them to place nicely, boys. Cosby says Georgia didn’t know she was pregnant and the baby was stillborn. Jake asks if he is taking the position that a dead baby excreted meconium. Cosby says he is taking the position there was no meconium.

At trial, Cosby and Kate argue the police’s warrant and obtaining the bloodstained night shirt. Kate argues it was proof the baby was born alive and asks how the police were supposed to ignore something like that? The judge admits the evidence. After the ruling, Cosby walks over to Jake and comments that the judge was a bit partisan and asks Jake if he is giving her one. Jake sits there with eyes wide and says nothing as Cosby walks off.

At Southbank on November 5, Ronnie and Joe walk along with Kate. Joe comments that they looked in the school, the hotel, and Georgia’s house and all the areas in between, even the gardens her parents were working on at the time. Kate thinks they are missing something and Joe asks her to have a shot, go ahead, it’s a big city. She says a body would be really helpful. Ronnie says they haven’t given up yet and they will keep her posted. She thanks them and walks off. Joe asks Ronnie what does she want from them, they looked everywhere. Ronnie says to look everywhere again.

Back at MIU, Ronnie looks over photos from the case and Joe asks him to look at some dodgy accounting he found in Hutton’s business books. Ronnie wonders if mummy’s chums didn’t fancy paying the old VAT. He suggests they look through granny Hutton’s address books to see if there were some jobs done around the time the baby was born. Joe tells Ronnie he is way ahead of him, and hands him an  address book. .

At Crown vs. Hutton and Barton, trial day 1 on November 17, the hotel manager Mr. Blanchard gives evidence that as soon as a guest checks out, the girls do a cleaning. It wasn’t done until 12 hours later for that hat room as the defendants never checked out of the hotel and took the key and left a “do not disturb” sign on the door. Rufus gives a look to Georgia. Crosby questions Blanchard and asks what kind of establishment his hotel is and then tells Blanchard his hotel rents to prostitutes. The judge asks Cosby if this is going anywhere, and he states that Georgia is accused of killing her newborn child, but in the absence of a body, do they even know that the baby is dead? There is no usable CCTV footage and who’s to say the child wasn’t taken by someone who roamed the hotel corridors?

At Crown vs. Hutton and Barton, trial day 3 on November 19, Rufus gives evidence that they left Poppy’s party and went to the hotel to have sex. Georgia started getting pains and she was in agony. He did not call an ambulance and Georgia said he was making a fuss. He had no idea she was pregnant. It was all very fast and messy. It was a boy. They talked about keeping him but Georgia was scared of what her mom would say so they wrapped the baby in a bathrobe and put him on the bed. He admits they left him. He said they did not put the do not disturb sign on the door, and then he looks at Georgia and say HE didn’t. The idea was someone would find him quickly. He looks over at Georgia and Kate asks him to look back at her. He does. Kate asks how about if he stops defending his girlfriend and start defending his child? She asks where is his son, and he looks again at Georgia and then says someone found him and took him to look after. He asks that lots of people want babies, don’t they?

Back at MIU, Ronnie knocks on Wes’ door – Wes is deep in thought - and opens it to tell Wes that Joe has found a body.

At the scene, Joe comments to Ronnie and Wes that she started working through old Mrs. Hutton’s address books and he came across Marjorie Harrison. She is the chairperson at the residence committee there; Hutton and Fellowes installed remembrance gardens around the time Georgia had the baby. The body was buried underneath. It was wrapped in a bathrobe and they traced the laundry label. It is from the Lord Darnley hotel,

At forensics, Lilly says the baby is about 10 weeks, premature, and it died from untreated respiratory distress, it would have been clear it was in trouble at the time it was born. Lilly says it is possible the baby would have made it if it got to a hospital or if it was a few weeks older. When Joe says there was nothing they could do about that, Lilly disagrees, saying this baby was induced with synthetic oxytocin. There was a vial found in a pocket in the dressing gown plus a syringe. Ronnie says this is no longer infanticide.

In court, a court clerk runs in with some information for Jake. Jake reads it and the passes it to Kate. He then stands up and states that in light of new evidence, The Crown wishes to apply to alter the indictment against both defendants from infanticide to murder. Everyone looks stunned.

Later, Cosby asks to have that evidence from the bathrobe excluded as it is more prejudicial than probative. Kate asks loudly,  “What?” The judge chides Kate and Cosby goes on to say there is not so much as a fingerprint connecting either the vial or the syringe with George and the Lord Darnley is not known for its standards of housekeeping. The items could have been easily left in a pocket by the previous guest. Jake counters the evidence proves that the defendants not only knew about the pregnancy but took steps to induce the baby before it was full term, thereby endangering its life even before they dumped it in the hotel room. The judge states as much as she dislikes Cosby’s tactics, she agrees the evidence is problematic and might prejudice the jury where it outweighs its probative value and she does not allow the evidence. Jake and Kate look displeased.

Afterwards, in the courthouse hall, Cosby is on the phone as Jake and Kate walk by. Cosby leans forward toward them and says, “Third time lucky” while Jake and Kate ignore him as they walk past. Kate then asks Jake who does Cosby think he is, he can’t just parachute in from poshville and change the rules. Jake replies that Cosby is playing them to his advantage, isn’t that what defense lawyers do? Kate comments she doesn’t know about the boy, but Georgia Hutton is guilty as sin and they can’t let her get away with it. Jake replies at least they have the body and that will make the jury squeamish. Mrs. Hutton runs after them and calls out for them to wait, her husband trying to catch up with her. Mrs. Hutton says her daughter is not a bad person and she is not a trust find brat and has a big future. Her husband tries to pull her away and then asks them to excuse his wife, but she says no, for once in his life, do something! Ronnie and Joe approach and Mr. and Mrs. Hutton look uncomfortable.

At Crown vs. Hutton and Barton, trial day 5 on November 21, Cosby calls Georgia to the witness box. Cosby asks why she asked her father to return to the hotel. Georgia states that as soon as they left the baby they knew it was a mistake. She wanted to go back but says Rufus wouldn’t let her. He was worried about her as she wasn’t feeling well. When she got home she asked her father to get the baby, she didn’t get with her mother as she thought her baby was more important. When he got to the hotel, he said he found the baby wasn’t there anymore.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hutton is at MIU in interrogation and Ronnie is questioning him. Hutton said when he got to the hotel the place was a mess and there was blood. The baby was on the bed, not breathing, and it was so small. He thought of the gardens which was a lovely spot. He took the child there and buried it. He thought about Georgia and his wife and their plans. It seemed kinder to everyone to take care of things and pretend the baby was gone. Ronnie asks what time he got to the hotel, and Hutton got home before 11, Georgia and Rufus arrived shortly after and he got to the hotel at about 11:30. Joe says that is not according to the doorman at his club. Ronnie said the doorman said he was one of the last to leave the club that night and he and his party were kicked out at around 1AM. Ronnie excuses himself from the room. Joe terminates the interview. But then Hutton asks what if he gives evidence about the boy? Joe stops and Hutton asks if the charges against Georgia can be dropped, His lawyer cautions him but Hutton says he heard deals can be done. Joe says nothing and leaves the room.

Back in court, Cosby has no more questions for Georgia. A clerk hands Jake a note, Jake stands up and ask Georgia if she would confirm what time she got home and asked her father for help. She says 11 PM and Rufus gives her a look. Jake asks if she is certain about that and she says yes.

Back at MIU, Joe tells Ronnie he doesn’t get it, where were Georgia and Rufus between 11 and 2? Ronnie holds the pictures of Rufus and Georgia in his hands and asks what if they were taken AFTER the baby was born and not before? Joe wonders if they went back to the party. Ronnie thinks they had no intention of anyone finding that baby.

At Crown vs. Hutton and Barton, trial day 6 on November 24, Jake calls Charles Hutton as a rebuttal witness. But the judge gets some information from the bailiff and then states that Hutton has declined to give evidence.

Joe and another police officer is with Hutton in another location and Hutton says he is sorry to be a bore but he is not going into the witness box and he imagines they need to arrest him.

At Central Criminal Court on November 24, Joe says if he was on the jury, he would think Hutton was keeping quiet to protect his daughter. Jake counters it is to protect himself. Kate thinks this is all Georgia. Hutton would do anything for his daughter and if he thought he could put the blame on himself, or on Rufus, he would be doing it, not sitting in a cell with his mouth shut.

At Crown vs. Hutton and Barton, trial day 7 on November 25, Jake makes his closing arguments and he thinks a lot of what has happened is misdirection and sleight of hand to conceal the truth. He says you have to hold onto the facts. If Georgia took her newborn baby to a hospital, he would still be alive today. But Hutton and Barton did not take their premature and struggling child to a hospital, they went back to the party they had attended earlier in the evening, and only when they were confident their baby was dead, did Georgia Hutton go home and ask her father for help. Jake states these are the facts, and hold onto them. So, he asks, who

Cosby makes his close, and says Georgia Hutton’s parents didn’t pay 8 grand a term to have their daughter walk out of school pushing a pram. And was Rufus Barton really going to write a letter home telling his parents they had a grandchild today and could he have some money? Nobody wanted Georgia Hutton’s baby but that doesn’t mean anyone killed it. He brings up the 2 hour discrepancy in the accounts and wonders who lied, the defendants, the parents, the doorman, or where they just confused? Did Georgia delay asking for help or did her father delay in giving it? And where is Rufus in all of this, if he really the innocent he pretends to be or is this not murder at all, just a simple family tragedy in which a young girl was so terrified of disappointing her mother when the pregnancy came did the baby simply stop breathing because it was born too soon? Georgia may not have wanted the baby but that does not mean she wanted it dead. Cosby asks who, if anyone, killed baby Hutton? He does not know, and asks the jury if they do, beyond all reasonable doubt?

Afterwards, in the hall, Kate asks Jake how much he thinks the Huttons are paying Cosby. He does not know but thinks they are getting their money’s worth. He asks Kate if she wants him looking him up after the case. Kate says nah, she doesn’t really do posh boys, all those boarding school hang ups, give her a bit of rough any day of the week. Jake thanks her for over-sharing. Kate’s phone rings and she gets a message that the jury is back.

The verdict is read, and Georgia and Rufus are both found not guilty. Gasps and murmurs come from the courtroom. Georgia hugs Rufus but he does not hug her back.

Afterwards, in the courthouse main hall, Joe whines to Ronnie, Jake, and Kate that if that is justice, what is the flipping point? He adds if it was a couple of hoodies in the dock..and Ronnie says they just have to be smarter next time. Joe asks is Mr. Hutton only going to get 2 months for keeping his gob shut? Ronnie tries to calm Joe as Cosby walks up and announces it was a bad luck call, no hard feelings. Ronnie and Joe walk away and Cosby turns to Jake and Kate and says he has to dash, Mrs. Hutton is buying him lunch, he reckons he might be in there. Kate asks him how does he sleep at night, and Cosby replies “like a baby” then adds, “too soon?” He tells Jake if he decides to defect to the dark side to call him, he can introduce him to some people. He walks off and Jake and Kate watch him as he meets up with Mrs. Hutton. Jake and Kate walk away in disgust as Ronnie and Joe watch as Georgia and Rufus seem to break up, and Ronnie calls it a punishment of a sort. Joe says it is not enough, not nearly enough. Ronnie replies no, and we cut to black.

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I've been watching these on the ITV Player and it doesn't look like they are being shown in order as the episode numbers given are different to the order they are being shown.

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I believe the planned episode was changed at the last minute due to it's similarity to a current real world school based incident.