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Law & Order SVU “Military Justice” Recap & Review

“Military Justice” may be close to being an oxymoron, as it appears there really is little justice in the military - at least it looked that way when this case began. With their own set of rules and regulations, it seems that one can get away with almost anything, or be charged with almost anything. It’s also a world where sometimes the victims are treated as the guilty party, depending on which regulations have been violated. That’s not to say that the military is wrong to have regulations that hold their members to a higher standard. If a person in the military can’t follow simple rules of conduct,  it could be difficult to follow the tougher rules in matters of combat, or to follow the orders of a commanding officer. In the case of Amelia Albers, she did make some massive errors in judgment as far as her military conduct, but that certainly doesn't mean that her rape was excusable and could be swept under the rug.

The military policing itself on certain crimes (sexual assault or even murder) doesn’t always make sense, especially when it can be all too easy for the chain of command to sweep the incident under the rug or cover up repeat offenders. It’s no different than religious organizations handling accusations of sexual abuse/misconduct within their own ranks; if one has a stake in the matter, it becomes too easy to make the problem disappear without anyone being held truly accountable. In this episode, clearly one Commander had a lot at stake, and was in the perfect position to cover his tracks.

Overall, I liked this episode. However, for some reason which I can’t quite verbalize, I felt that “Military Justice” was sometimes heavy handed in their demonizing of the military. It may have been that all the detectives seemed to have some chip on their shoulder about the military or it could have been the timing of the episode, which aired only a few days after Veterans Day, a day set aside to honor our military. Having one of the rapists turn out to be a victim himself made it sound like the whole group just can’t go out and drink without raping somebody in their peer group where they the need to dominate or intimidate.

Shiri Appleby was very convincing and did an excellent job in showing the victim’s own shame at her  mistakes in conduct and the trauma of what happened to her. It was an interesting hour of television that included just enough legal drama to keep me interested. I am surprised that the detectives, after being involved in so many Internal Affairs investigations, did not seem to be aware of Garrity Rights. (This includes Amaro’s ex wife, who served in the military and now works for the Pentagon.  Can we trust that she really not know what she was doing by getting that file for Nick?)  This episode raises the visibility of how victims of sexual assaults in the military may be handled by their own chain of command,  and hopefully it will encourage change.

Here is the recap

Mariska Hargitay – Detective Olivia Benson
Ice-T – Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola
Dann Florek – Captain Don Cragen
Kelli Giddish - Detective Amanda Rollins
Danny Pino - Detective Nick Amaro
Raúl Esparza - ADA Rafael Barba

Guest stars
Shiri Appleby – Amelia Albers
Terry Serpico – Commander William Taverts
Laura Benanti – Maria Grazie
John Getz - Admiral Vincent Albers
Will Janowitz - Scott Graver
Aaron Dean Eisenberg -Matthew Wooten
Phillip James Brannon - Zeke Lipitt
Delaney Williams - Counselor John Buchanan
Aida Turturro – Judge Catano
Jolly Abraham – Doctor
Kate Levy – Cynthia Albers
Johnny M. Wu - Officer Mills
Phillip James Brannon – Petty Officer Zeke Lipitt
Joanne Baron – Counselor Diane Schwartz
Kyle Nunn – Coast Guard Officer
Aldo Uribe –Ozzie
Danielle Ferland – Tori
Hector Lincoln – Jesus
Alison Fernandez – Zara Amaro
C.E. Smith – Jury Foreman
Keola Simpson – Male I.O.
Lauren Noble - Carmen

On Officer Mills police car video cam, he is struggling to control a woman in a military uniform who is clearly drunk, as she spouts off her family’s military history, saying he can’t arrest her.

Later, Benson and Amaro are at the 3rd precinct and Office Mills appraises them of the situation, and as he leads them to the cell where the woman – Amelia Albers - is being held. He explains that something happened to her but she won’t say. They enter the cell and see she is bloodied and her clothes are torn. She insists he has to get back to her post, but they try to convince her to go to a hospital. She explains her absence is unauthorized, and says it was her fault, and begs them not to tell anyone in her sector. Benson asks if she was raped, but Amelia does not answer.

Afterwards, at the hospital, the doctor explains Amelia’s extensive injuries and the assault was brutal and likely by more than one person. They had to pump her stomach and they could not give her painkillers at first because her blood alcohol was too high. They speak with Amelia who weakly says she is better – she thinks. She wants to get back to her sector but Amaro explains she can’t as she is technically awaiting arraignment for her DUI. She says she does not know who they were, she drank a lot. She was at officer candidate school for a year and on duty for the past 6 months, she must have lost her tolerance for alcohol. Her and a few others were doing a recruiting show and afterwards she and a few of the guys went to a bar to blow off steam. When Amaro says they will need they names, she says she thinks they all went back so she doesn’t think it will help. She sees she is cuffed to the bed. She recalls dancing with the guys from the kitchen, they were Mexican. She stresses she needs to go, she missed her curfew. Benson asks if she has anyone in the area she can call, and Amelia says her mom lives in Annapolis, but she asks them to tell her mom not to tell her father, he will be so disappointed. Benson emphasizes she did not do anything wrong, but Amelia says she is an ensign, she is supposed to take care of herself.

Back at SVU, they detectives watch the video of Amelia’s arrest, and when Fin states she is a military brat, Amaro says she is military royalty, her father is an admiral in the Coast Guard who works with advanced interdiction teams. Cragen walks in and states that an admirals daughter gets gang raped so One PP wants answers fast. Benson replies they are not going to get them from her. Rollins asks about the guys she came in with, and Benson explains they are back on their base. Amaro says the military and rape – they will not be happy to see them. Cragen replies that is too bad, they are investigating am assault on one of their own, they’ll cooperate.

Cragen. Benson, Amaro and Fin arrive at the base in two separate cars, and Fin announce who they are at the gate. Fin whispers to Rollins that he gets PTSD just sitting there. She asks how long did he serve, and he explains he was Army Ranger, 2 tours, and comments that if she thinks the NYPD has a lot of paperwork…the gate opens and they drive in.

Inside the base, Fin speaks with Officer Lipitt who says he tried to get Amelia’s car keys but she slapped him. He explains where they were. Meanwhile, Amaro speaks with Office Wooten who explains her heavy drinking and her behavior. He tried to get her out of there but she refused, saying when the left she was with the two Mexican cooks. When Amaro asks whatever happened to never leaving a man behind, Wooten says Amelia is not a man and when a woman tells you to go away, you go away. Rollins speaks with Officer Graver who says it was 1AM by the time he got back, and he says Amelia is in enough trouble already. Rollins reminds him she was brutalized and wonders how much trouble can she be in. He says she is in pretty deep with the Commander for missing curfew. Rollins notices Graver’s hands are shaking.

Meanwhile, Cragen and Benson speak with Commander Taverts who says he is sick about this but says Amelia is a train wreck. He explains she is under a lot of pressure and even now it is not easy being a woman on a ship and he has already been cutting her breaks as a courtesy to her father. asks if it is common knowledge that she is the Admiral’s daughter, and Taverts replies “Oh, I’d say so.” He explains he is a legend and a good man, he served under him and has been trying to reach him, adding it will not be an easy conversation. He says it is not just the attack, he will understand what this means for her standing. Benson testily comments that with all due respect, what does her gang rape have to do with her standing. He explains she was publicly intoxicated and was arrested for DUI, she is supposed to be with a buddy at all times and this shows poor judgment on her part.

Later, walking outside with Amaro and Cragen, Benson tells Cragen that she was gang raped, and he called it poor judgment on her part. Cragen tells her easy, it is not their turf. Amaro adds that they don’t want women here in the first place, she gets raped they are going to use it to end her career. They meet up with Rollins and Fin who are waiting and Fin informs them that their buddies threw Amelia under the bus, Rollins adds they claimed they tried to stop her from driving but they are blaming her for being drunk and belligerent. Cragen asks if anybody have them anything useful, and Amaro explains the men said when she left the bar, she was dirty dancing with the cooks, and Benson thinks there may be some truth to that. Cragen replies if there is, it went downhill after that and to find out what happened.

Amaro, Rollins, and Fin arrive at the Sea Horse Bar and Grill and while they check out the area,. Amaro gets a call from his wife Maria who asks him to take Zara this weekend as she needs to switch some stuff around. She says she can bring Zara to him and Amaro says OK but Maria cuts the call short, saying she is getting another call and has to go. But she is in a restaurant and cuts off the call when a man returns to her table. When Amaro hangs up, Fin asks if everything is alright, and Amaro replies with a word of advice – don’t get divorced. As Amaro walks to the bar entrance, Rollins tells Fin she thinks she’s good.

Inside the bar, Rollins shows the bartender a photo of Amelia who recalls cutting her off. The bartender explains to the detectives how much Amelia was drinking and when Amaro asks for the bar receipts and surveillance footage, she explains they do cash only and have no security cameras. Fin asks about the cooks and the bartender calls out Jesus and Ozzie, and when the cooks hear they are police, one of them tries to run out back. Amaro chases him out back and Rollins yells she has the front, while Fin stays with the other cook. Outside, Rollins slams the running cook against the wall and he falls to the ground and Amaro cuffs him. Meanwhile, Fin talks to the cook who did not run who says they did not rape her, Amelia came in back to them and he thought she was trying to make her buddies hot. Fin asks if they were watching.

Meanwhile, the other cook tells Amaro and Rollins that some Navy dudes with buzz cuts were buying her shots. The kitchen closes early and she was still at the bar when they left.

At another time at the hospital, Benson is showing Amelia an array of photos, and asks if any of those men could be the ones she danced with in the kitchen. Amelia picks out two possibilities. Rollins asks if they could have attacked her, and Amelia says she is not even sure it was them; it was dark and the way they pinned her down, she couldn’t see their faces. She thinks maybe they should let this go, she doesn’t remember so there is o point. Benson reminds her she remembers they pinned her down. Amelia counters that she doesn’t want to wrong accuse somebody, and Benson replies that she understands. Rollins says the cooks remember she was still in the bar when they left. Amelia says OK so what? Benson asks if the guys with the base were with her, and Rollins says they didn’t log back in until 1 AM. Amelia thinks maybe they went someplace else, but Benson thinks maybe they got her drunk and figured they could do whatever they wanted. Amelia gets upset and says no, she let herself get drunk and they were dancing and maybe they made out a little bit. Benson asks what does that mean, and Amelia explains they were just dancing closely…and then Lipitt started kissing her and put his hand up her skirt. When Benson presses her for more, Amelia cries out that she can’t say. Rollins asks if they raped her, and Amelia cries harder and says she is going to be dishonorably discharged and she will let her family down – her father. Benson whispers that she knows how hard this is but she has to try to find a way to deal with it. Amelia says she should have just taken it; she should have just let them do what they did and should have shut up about it.

Back at SVU, Benson explains that Amelia was raped by Lipitt, Wooten, and Graver. Cragen asks how it happened, and Rollins explains that they got her drunk, brought her under the FDR and jumped her and took turns. Fin adds that they left her lying there. Cragen recalls that she initially mentioned the two cooks, and asks if they believe her now. Amaro replies that the Coast Guard has a pattern with rape victims: personality disorder discharges and she was afraid and she was afraid to disclose. Cragen comments about under the FDR there is no surveillance footage, but wonders if there is DNA. Rollins explains there are no hits in CODIS, but these guys would not be in CODIS. Benson asks if they should swab them and bring them in, and Cragen holds up his finger and tells them to hold off, and for them to take another run before they know they are suspects.

Back at the base, Cragen, Benson and Amaro are waiting as Commander Taverts approaches and says he is sorry for their wasted trip but Wooten and Graver are off base. When Benson asks where are they, Taverts replies he thought they had suspects in custody. Amaro replies they were hoping the officers could help with the ID. Taverts says he can’t get them back, they just left for a 6 week training missing on a cutter off the coast of Somalia. Cragen coldly states that he called his office and asked them to hold these men, and the commander replies that he wishes he would have gotten that message earlier but he didn’t. Cragen glares at him as Taverts excuses himself and walks away.

At the office of ADA Barba, he asks Benson and Amaro where is Amelia now. Benson explains she is in the hospital, still bleeding with a kidney infection. Barba asks if there is any other evidence besides the victim’s word, and Amaro replies that the bartender knows the guys were buying her shots and the cooks said she was dancing with them when the guys left but no one saw them leave the bar together. They have DNA samples but the Coast Guard is not providing the suspects DNA, claiming national security. Barba says they will hit them with a blood order when they bring them in for interrogation, but Benson explains that will not be easy; they’ve shipped off to Somalia.
Barba counters that he can fix, grand jury subpoena brings them back for questioning, he’s done this before. They will comply but only under court order, every step will be a fight. Benson comments that Amelia has already gone through hers, let’s have her back.

Later, Wooten is in SVU interrogation and is yawning as Amaro walks in. Amaro thanks him for the long trip but Wooten says it was not by choice and came back as soon as they asked. Amato goes over what happened and Wooten asks that Amelia gets drunk and disorderly and she puts that on them?

Meanwhile, in another room, Fin speaks with Lipitt who says that Amelia was the one who let loose and said he just cheated on his wife. He said he just has sex and wore a condom. Cragen and Benson are observing and Benson comments that is one down.

Wooten tells Amaro he is done talking, but when Amaro hands him a court order for his DNA, Wooten admits that something happened but it was not rape. He admits to having sex, saying Amelia threw herself at them and she would not take no for an answer. Cragen comments to Benson that is two down.

Graver is speaking with Rollins and he asks for a lawyer. Rollins said if he had nothing to do with it and if he calls a lawyer, they will never get to hear his side of t he story. He says he did not rape her and he only held her hands behind her while she did them, she wanted that. Walking into the observing room, Fin comments that is still rape but Benson wonders if he is lying. They have two DNA hits, if Lipitt wore a condom and Wooten didn’t, the other sample has to be Graver’s. Fin says it is still she said, they said. Amaro asks Fin if he just wants to let them go, and Fin says he won’t trust this with the jury, do they? Cragen replies it is not their problem, for now, arrest them and to call Barba to let them know what they have him walking into.

Later, at Barba’s office, Benson opens the door to let in Amelia and her mother. Mrs. Albers tells Barba she was hoping they could keep this out of the papers and this will be hard of her father. Benson explains Amelia is shielded for now but once trial starts…Amaro asks if the Admiral knows what happened, and Mrs. Albers says he doesn’t know the details and he is on his way there. Barba explains they have to ask Amelia more questions, and Amaro suggests that he and Mrs. Albers get some coffee, and they exit the room. After they leave, Amelia sits down and asks what happens now. Barba explains they will prep her for trial, and Benson adds they will go over what happened last night to make sure her account is consistent. Amelia asks what they are saying, and Benson replies it’s what all rapists say, it was consensual. Amelia questions that they think she wanted that, and Barba says they will hit her hard on being drunk and not telling the truth right away. Amelia explains that they have no idea what it is like for women on the base – the hazing, you can’t show that you are weak. U.S. Coast Guard officers barge into Barba’s office and address Amelia, and Barba tells the officers they can wait outside and speak to Amelia when he is done, and tells them to get out. One of the officers tells Barba that he is done now, and Benson says, “Excuse me?” The officer tells Amelia she is under arrest, and when Barba asks what are that charges, he explains it is for fraternization, disorderly conduct, and adultery. Benson sternly says “Adultery?! She’s not married!” Amelia asks Barba if he can do that, and the officer tells Barba t tell her. Barba explains that he can, and instructs her not to answer any questions. As the officers begin to cuff Amelia and take her away, Benson adds that she is entitled to an attorney and to not say one word until then.

Afterwards, Benson asks how they can charge a single woman with adultery, and Amaro answers that Lipitt is married but they are not charging him as he is her junior. Barba adds it is strategic, the Coast Guard prosecution of Amelia undercuts their prosecution of a rapist. Amaro says now there will be an article 32 hearing and Barba adds that is the military version of a grand jury but there are no boundaries and they can ask her anything they want. Amaro comments it could lead to a court-martial. Barba asks if this is coming from her commanding officer, and Benson replies they are not sure and they talked to him. Taverts served under Amelia’s father the Admiral and he respects him. Amaro wonders if it is not Taverts, with the chain of command, he could be getting squeezed. Barba tells them to ask him.

Later. Cragen and Benson are in Taverts’ office who says the article 32 hearing is protocol and yes, he feels horrible about this. Cragen asks if the other offices are being investigated but Taverts explains they did not break regulations. Benson challenges him on the rape issue but he says the men said it was consensual and that investigation is on them. What they know is she was publicly drunk and flirtatious with other men in the bar. Benson argues back that it was her fault, she wanted it. Taverts counters he wouldn’t say that, and Benson, getting more testy, says he was just following orders. Cragen tries to rein her in, and then tells Taverts these men committed serious crimes, and while he plays with a desk ornament, Cragen adds that charging Amelia will hamper their prosecution and he knows Taverts wants to do the right thing. Taverts replies there are a lot of levels to this and he will call DC again to see if they had a change of heart.

Back at SVU, Amaro advises the others that it was Benson on the phone and Taverts gave lip service about helping them but not to hold their breath, and all of this was coming from high up. Rollins asks if his wife still works for the Pentagon, and he explains she is public affairs for the DOD and the Coast Guard is homeland security, two separate organizations. Rollins feels DC is s small town and everybody knows everybody, then asks if Maria gave him a reason why she is dropping off Zara tonight. When Amaro says no, Rollins thinks this is good, because if she is hiding something, it will give her more reason to do him a favor. Amaro asks if that is really how women think, and she says not just women. She asks him to ask Maria. Fin enters saying he just met with Warner and the DNA is back, they got two hits on the semen, and one matches with Wooten but the other doesn’t match Lipitt or Graver – there was a fourth man – “random man excluded, unknown.” Amaro recalls Amelia did not mention a fourth rapist and moves to call Cragen and Benson to go back to the base. Rollins speculates if someone joined in later Amelia might not remember. Fin reminds her Amelia was not the only one there.

Later, in a cell, Fin questions Lipitt who denies a fourth man and wonders if Amelia had sex with someone else that day. Wooten speaks with Amaro and suggests Amelia banged one of the Mexicans afterwards. Amaro gets in his face and tells him he wants him to think about what he said a year from now when he gets turned out by his cellmate in Attica. Rollins speaks with Graver and reminds him he did not rape her and puts him in the best position to make a deal. Graver says he is not a rat. Rollins says they don’t know it had to come from him and presses him on the fourth man. He says he wouldn’t tell her even if he knew.

Back at SVU, Cragen comments they went 0 for 3 and Rollins explains Graver did not deny the fourth guy, and Amaro thinks they are protecting someone. Zara enters the squad room and calls out to her daddy and he happily picks her up. Maria is also there and Rollins finds an excuse to take Zara to another area. Cragen and Fin follow. Amaro talks to Maria about the Coast Guard rape and she correctly guesses he wants her to dig into it and she agrees.

Meanwhile, Benson and Cragen speak with Amelia who is in a cell and asks about the hearing. Amelia explains the graphic questions and thinks they will get away with it. Benson informs her of the 4th DNA sample. Amelia’s father arrives and she apologizes. He asks if she is alright and she said what they are saying is not true. He asks her to identify the fourth suspect but she says she can’t. He explains the person has already disgraced the uniform and has hurt her. Benson says she needs to tell them who it is, and she says it is her C.O., Commander Taverts. Her father is stunned, but Amelia says he has been trying to sleep with her since she got there, that she needed his help if she wanted to get ahead. Benson comments “And you said no.” Amelia said he said no one says no to a commanding officer, especially a woman. She apologizes again to her had, but he says she has nothing to be sorry for.

In an empty courtroom, Barba preps Amelia for trial. He explains they put through a strong defense team as they are fighting for their lives, but he is in her corner. He asks if she wants to keep going and she nods yes. He continues the questioning and he asks if she ever said no. She says she didn’t. Now in the courtroom at trial, she explains she did not say no as military training says not to resist or say no in the event of a rape. Barba brings out a pamphlet from the military and asks her to read a highlighted section which says during sexual assault, it may be advisable to submit rather than resist. She did not say no or fight during a violent vicious assault as she was following protocol. But the defense attorney brings out all the other military protocols she violated that night and that she admitted she danced and made out with the defendants – 2 of them. She says she did not want to get raped. She admits she left the bar with them as they said they would walk her to her car. She was aware Lipitt was married and this also violated protocol, and also the DUI and missing curfew. He asks if she didn’t say no because she was enjoying herself and did not want it to stop. She replies she did want it to stop, but she did not tell the police as she did not want the men to go after her. He thinks she did it to escape punishment for herself. She firmly states no, they raped her. He says that is her story now, and Barba leaps up and objects. The defense attorney withdraws the question and ends his cross examination.

Later, at a bar over drinks, Barba tells Benson and Rollins that went as badly as it could have gone. Rollins feels they heard the extent of her injuries and the result of the rape kit. Barba thinks all it takes is one juror to think Amelia liked rough sex. Benson reminds him they tore her apart, and Rollins adds he is going to get these guys on the stand, but Barba feels there is no chance of that, after today the defense won’t bother to put those guys up. She was drunk, her story changed, details are inconsistent, and to queue the reasonable doubt acquittal. Amaro walks in and says he may have something that might help, and he mentions Taverts' testimony at a military heaving, and Barba quickly tells him to stop talking. Rollins asks if he is alright, and Barba says they almost tripped over the Garrity rule, and that everything in the file is dirty. An officer can’t invoke at a military hearing so the courts consider this testimony to be compelled and coerced. Benson adds that the statements cannot be used in a criminal prosecution. Barba says if he even so much as looks at the file he would have to recuse himself and there would be a mistrial and the game would be over. He asks Amaro where he got the file, and Rollins says it was her idea; Amaro’s ex works in the Pentagon and thought if she nosed around about Taverts…Amaro adds that Maria said the floodgates opened up on this guy and Barba thinks they are setting Amaro up, and that someone is trying to poison the well. Amaro says hypothetically, if he had read it, could he talked to another defendant about his…and Barba again orders him to stop talking. He asks Amaro if he read the file, and Amaro does not answer. Barba tells them all that they can’t talk to anyone about this and then tells Amaro he is off the case. Barba leaves, and Rollins apologizes. Benson says Rollins did not know. Amaro says the only thing they may want to do is look at Graver.

Later, Graver is in interrogation with his lawyer and Graver hands are shaking. Benson and Rollins work him, saying he will be convicted of a crime he did not comment. Benson reminds him of the after affects to Amelia for the rest of her life, and Rollins thinks Graver can relate, and Graver knows they want them to talk about what happened to him on open court. Rollins brings up his shaky hands and asks when was the last time he slept through the night. He says a year ago. He explains he was at a bar in Sheepshead Bay and he is gay and usually people can’t tell. He got a little drunk and there were three guys form t he base who called him names and they followed him and pushed him into an alley. He woke up in a hospital bed with internal injuries, but did not report it, after consulting with his C.O. Taverts who told him to man up.

On another day, Graver is on the stand and testifies that Lipitt, Wooten and he walked Amelia out that night and she was drunk. Taverts was outside waiting for them, this was all set up by him from the beginning to teach Amelia a lesson about respect for her C.O.   Lipitt and Wooten threw her on the ground and ripped her blouse open and ripped her skirt off and held her down as Taverts raped her, who then asked who wanted sloppy seconds. Lipitt forced himself into her mouth and Wooten took her from behind. She was crying and they called her whore and slut and then turned her over and took turns raping her again. He pinned her arms behind her and participated because he is gay and Taverts knew that and if he did not go along he would tell everyone. Officially it is OK but he felt he could not survive being outed. He apologized to Amelia.

Afterwards, in the hallway, Benson tells Barba that Graver was credible and asks if they others will take a plea. Barba shakes his head, saying they have no respect for Graver and the jury won’t either. Admiral Albers asks if they will go after Graver as they went after his daughter, and Barba says that is their job, his drinking history and sexual history, anything to shred his credibility. Taverts walks out of the courtroom and address the Admiral and asks how he is. The Admiral, stunned, asks if he is talking to him. Taverts says yes, he wanted him to know that Graver was lying in there, every word. The judge is shocked and Benson suggests that the Admiral step away. She moves to help him move off but Taverts says with all due respect, had Amelia not been his daughter, she would not have made it through training, she didn’t have what it took. Barba tells him that is enough, and he asks to be heard out. Taverts said whenever she got in trouble, everyone knew who her father was. The Admiral punches Taverts squarely in the face, and Benson tries to break it up, with Barba helping to pull the Admiral away as Taverts falls to the floor.

Back in Supreme Court, the verdict is read, and Lipitt, Wooten, and Taverts are all found guilty of rape in the first degree.

Afterwards, as Amelia and her parents leave the courthouse and Mrs. Albers thanks Barba, who says the jury gave the right verdict. Benson tells Amelia she is sorry she went through this but promises her it will get better. Barba understands the Coast Guard dropped all charges against her, and Amelia explains it is in exchange for her agreeing to a general discharge under honorable conditions. She adds it is OK, she could never go back there. Her father tells her he is proud of her and she has more guts than any of them.

Later and elsewhere, Amaro says goodbye to Zara who is going back with her mother. He speaks with Maria about the file, and she said she could not believe that – all those rapes and Taverts trying to pressure the victims to press charges – it was a disgrace. Amaro comments so she didn’t know – and she asks know what? He explains they could  not  use any of it, it would have forced a mistrial and they were setting her and them up. She looks shocked and says she had no idea, she promises. He looks at her and they says whoever gave her that file, he would not trust them. He reminds her she is a single woman in the military and tells her to please be careful. She nods and then hugs him goodbye. As Maria moves to the car, Amaro looks to Zara and then stands there alone as we fade to black.

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BrokenRose said...

Just a note:
In your review you said, "...but that certainly does mean that her rape was excusable..."
Now obviously, I know that you meant "doesn't," but I don't want some rabid fan getting on here and ripping you a new one because you made a spelling/grammar mistake.
Other than that, excellent review and recap! I always enjoy reading your stuff every week. :-)

Chris Zimmer said...

Whoa! Yes, that was a big typo on my part. I fixed it. Thanks!

ladybug81 said...

This episode fell a little flat for me. I think it did address some important issues, and I applaud them for that. I found it was unable to hold my attention, my mind kept wandering. I did have to wander if Nick's ex knew what she was doing when she gave him the file, if she was possibly setting him up. I am looking forward to next week's episode.

Michael Ejercito said...

One thing I noticed is that there was no mention of the CGIS, which would have had concurrent jurisdiction over this case.

Laurie Fanat said...

Michael, it is possible that it was CGIS who arrested her in Barba's office?

I thought the episode was predictable. Besides the guest star, Shiri, who was good in this episode, the only person that I thought put some life into his character was Raul Esparza. He's great.

Has anyone else noticed that they seem to be giving less time to Ice-T? It's as if he is fading into the word work. Not that I care, I wish they'd boot him off the show and get another person to replace him who can act. Too bad Blair Underwood went to that failed Ironside show, he would have been perfect on SVU.