Thursday, November 7, 2013

Law & Order SVU “Military Justice” Preview Clips

Here are preview clips from Law & Order SVU, “Military Justice” which will air on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 9 PM ET on NBC.  The previews feature Mariska Hargitay, Kelli Giddish, Raúl Esparza, Dann Florek, and Shiri Appleby.

My recap and review of Law & Order SVU "Military Justice" can be found at this link.

Please note: These video clips were are available for a limited time only and must be removed shortly after the episode originally airs, so please catch them while you can!

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Sylvie Trans said...

It looks like there are bits and pieces that are cut out from this clip? It seems like it's not the whole scene and that there will be more to this scene when it airs?

Do you know if that is right Chris?

Chris Zimmer said...

Sylvie, there was another clip that I just added, but besides the promo that I posted earlier today, this is all I have right now. I believe there may be other clips that will be made available soon but I don't have access to them yet from my NBC source. I'll update this post if/when I get (or find!) some more.

Lisa said...

Great another Military is the big bad wolf that hates women episode.. sheesh

Chris Zimmer said...

I've now added all three clips to this post and to my YouTube channel - all viewable worldwide

Sylvie Trans said...

Thanks for answering Chris :-) .
But I didn't mean that there were a clip missing from your site, it seems like the clip provided to you by NBC were edited... Or they haven't edited it and what you got from them was the raw-material..(Btw, I am referring to the clip where she tries to identify her attackers). The way it is cut it seems like there are suppose to be lure to the scene...

Like the clip from the therapy session in American tragedy, in the episode they had added a flashback which wasn't in the preview-clip.

Anyhow! Thank you so much for publishing clips that are viewable outside the US!

Loving this blog!!!

Sylvie Trans said...

Not "lure" to the scene... "MORE" to the scene... Damn autocorrect ;-P

CLA said...

@ Chris Zimmer

Where are the photos of the celebration of star Mariska on the Walk of Fame?

Chris Zimmer said...

I posted all the photos and the video from the Walk of Fame Ceremony on my "These Are Their Stories" blog on Friday. Here's the link: