Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Little Known Facts* About John Munch (*And Entirely Made Up)

As a short tribute to the retirement of John Munch from the Special Victims Unit, here are some little known facts* about John Munch, in the form of a Q&A.

(*and entirely made up)

Don't forget to watch tonight's episode of Law & Order SVU “Wonderland Story” which features John Munch's retirement.

Question: What do you get when you feel like snacking constantly during an episode of Law & Order SVU?
Answer: The Munchies

Question: What is the name of the disorder when you see conspiracy theories everywhere?
Answer: “Munch-howsen” syndrome.

Question: What proposed 1964 TV show about the history of the strange members of Munch family never made it to the small screen?
Answer: The Munch-sters

Question: If John Munch had children, what term of endearment would he use to reference them?
Answer:  Munchkin

Question: Who was the original painter of what was then known as a self portrait titled “The Scream” (see below)?
Answer: John Munch. He painted it after watching Law & Order SVU “Zebras”

No pillow fights while watching tonight's episode:

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OhSusannah said...

Love that list! I've sometimes thought about Edward Munch's 'The Scream" when I thought about Sgt John Munch too! I'm pleased to see Munch is changing gears and not retiring from police work, but from the SVU squad only.Can't wait for tonight's farewell episode....