Saturday, October 5, 2013

Law & Order SVU “Internal Affairs” Preview Clips

Here are preview clips from Law & Order SVU “Internal Affairs” which will air on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at 9PM ET on NBC. The previews feature Mariska Hargitay, Dann Florek, Danny Pino, Kelli Giddish, Ice-T, Dean Winters, and Robert John Burke.

UPDATE OCT.7: So sorry,  I had to pull the videos early.  Either NBC or YouTube has jumped the gun...again...and made me pull them before the episode aired.

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Ima Feman said...

Ah, Lt. Tucker. The resident IAB? bad guy. I always enjoy episodes when he shows up. The squad certainly shouldn't trust him based on previous experiences with him. I was actually very surprised this episode didn't end up being about Tucker going after Liv for beating the crap out of Lewis.

Also, Liv moving in with Brian? I don't like it. I don't dislike them as a couple, but I'm most invested in Liv's recovery story. Now I realize I've only seen a clip that's a minute and a half long and I don't know what future eps hold, but Liv moving in with Brian doesn't feel like Liv realistically struggling to recover as part of this grand arc that has been discussed. It feels like and looks like Liv getting her life together. This looks like the scene I would expect at the end of the season when the arc is nearly over. And for someone like me who is most interested in Mariska getting complex, interesting material to work with and Liv having a realistic, emotional recovery arc, it worries me. I hope I'm wrong.

Sylvie Trans said...

" Liv moving in with Brian doesn't feel like Liv realistically struggling to recover as part of this grand arc that has been discussed. It feels like and looks like Liv getting her life together. This looks like the scene I would expect at the end of the season when the arc is nearly over. And for someone like me who is most interested in Mariska getting complex, interesting material to work with and Liv having a realistic, emotional recovery arc, it worries me. "

WOW!!! I AGREE with every.single.word Ima Feman! It already seems like Liv is fine and getting her life back together. I, like you, were looking forward to see Mariska get to act out more raw emotions and show us Benson's journey and fight to recover.

Where is the whole arc they promised us, where we got to see Liv struggling with this, how her attack affected her intimacy and relationship with CAssidy, causing her to push him away etc... This looks like everything is fine and Dandy... This is kind of worse than what was done last time with "Undercover". There atleast she still had trouble after six months. Here it seems like she is recovered after only three months. What does that tell real victims "Look, Olivia can be intimate and happy just 3 months after being tortured for 4 days, so if you are still whining a year after you were raped, then you are not a strong person!"

I really thought the writers would deal with it much differently this time around! I am oh SO disappointed!! I should have known, like I said, SVU tend to disappoint.

But I truly hope I have to swallow every word and that I am so, so wrong about this!

SouthernMonkey said...

I have to admit that I was initially disappointed when I read about Liv moving in with Cassidy. It seems too fast and unrealistic. So far, I've been impressed with how much recovery they've shown. The therapy sessions, the flashbacks, the acting out of character (ie the first interrogation with 'Ma', kneeing the suspect) and her lashing out at the guy on the street that touched her and asked for a smile have all been so much better than what was portrayed after 'Undercover'.

So, with all that, the rush back into her relationship seems too fast until I started thinking about it more. Liv was adamant in therapy that Lewis was not going to take SVU away from her and at times it seems like she's pushing too hard for everything in her life to be back to normal.

I would not be surprised to see her try to get things back to normal too fast only to be faced with the fact that she's not there yet and that she can't rush things. It's very much in character for Olivia to rush forward and "be fine". We've seen it so many times over the years.

Cheryse Martin said...

I just hope things work out for her and cassidy. he is a good guy and has her best interest at heart. he truly loves liv..

Petra S said...

Them moving in together could be cause her place got torn up and I understand she not wanting to move 'back home' after what Lewis did to her there. And I don't find it impossible that Cassidy would suggest them getting a place together since she did follow him home instead of to the offered hotel (Cragen's suggestion in ep2)
What I'm saying is I think you're jumping the gun. Warren & Julie have both said this will be an arch and I trust 'em.
And with her living with Cassidy we'll probably see her reactions in the more private area. So we'll see her recovery in the squad room, therapy room & at home.
I don't mind Liv with Cassidy nor them moving in together but I don't want it to be the Olivia show so I hope they'll keep the recovery part of the season to a minimum. Just my own opinion.

Ima Feman said...

SouthernMonkey, that's a great point. And that would be more in line with what I would expect to you pointed out, it's very in character for her. I, too, have been impressed with the amount of focus and the way they have done the recovery thus far. I'm a little impatient for them to give us more insight into her time with Lewis, but all said, they've been doing a good job. I realize there's a good chance my worries will be proven unfounded and I will be happy to have that happen.

fred astire said...

After what happened to her, I'm glad that Liv is no longer alone. I like that she has Cassidy! He appears to care for her a great deal....And Tucker is such an ass.. His lack of empathy, "YOU of all people" .... ? Seriously dude, to use Liv's experience as a form of persuasion? But I'm not surprised.. He was the same way in "Perverted"!

Jen M said...

I must say that I agree with what everyone here is saying a little bit, because yes I think it is too soon for her to move in with Cassidy it isn't realistic because I doubt a victim would want to do that in the healing process...However yes her apt was trashed and she herself decided to go home with him instead of the hotel as suggested by the Captain...However I do trust Warren & Julie and I think they will def live up to their ARC because they have lived up to giving awesome eps as promised so far. I think we will just have to see how everything plays out..

Ima Feman said...

OMG, Lt. Tucker was so horrible in Perverted. While it's a complete jackass move & inconsiderate of what she's still going through, he hasn't reached Perverted levels yet. I still say I'm honestly surprised Tucker hasn't gone after Liv's badge again, using her experience to question her mental stability and ability to still do her job.

Don't get me wrong, as long as Cassidy is treating Liv right I have no problem with him or Liv being with him. I just want her post-kidnap/torture relationship with Cassidy to be done realistically. I'm sure it'll be fine. I do have a lot of faith in Warren Leight and Julie Martin. My initial post was just a knee jerk reaction to the preview clip and that's one minute of one episode.

fiona12 said...

I like that Liv and Cassidy are moving to the next level. They have been together for nearly a year, so I don't find it too fast for them to live together. The therapist did mention that she had been re-evaluating her home and relationship; perhaps she decided that she wants more in her relationship with Cassidy. She suffered tremendously at the hands of Lewis, and was able to survive completely by herself. But maybe all of Lewis' messing with her head got her to realize that being alone isn't where she wants to be anymore. I felt that Lewis put her through more of a psychological/physical assault than a solely sexual one (just my opinion).

I would guess that the Liv/Cassidy home won't always be rainbows and smiles (living with a man can be frustrating lol), and it would be nice to see how the writers show her recovery and effect on her relationship from this point forward. Also, I personally feel that recovery is very individual, so for me, I don't think it is unusual for her to already be comfortable in her relationship with Cassidy post-Lewis. But, to each her own. :)

I'm happy that Liv has an actual life outside of work, and that she is able to confess to wanting somebody there to look out for her. There's nothing wrong with wanting some love and stability in your life. Plus, I thought the two of them are super cute in the preview clip! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's strange for Liv to opt to move in with Cassidy. It would have been unrealistic for her to feel comfortable going back home. How could she ever feel safe again? It's a huge change for her character to reach out for help in that way. After all, the last time she was assaulted, she broke up with her boyfriend and stayed alone for quite a while and had trouble dating for quite a while...pretty much the whole of the next two seasons. In in effort to humiliate her, Lewis tried to make her feel like her relationship wasn't real. He mentions that none of her boyfriend's stuff is around when he had her in the apartment. Besides, if anybody remembers the first season when they hooked up, both of them agreed that the sex was great.

OhSusannah said...

Fiona 12- my thoughts exactly!Liv and Brian have been a couple for almost a year, though we've only seen tiny furtive glimpses.If she had no personal relationship in her life, I doubt she could have really "thrived" as well as she has after only three months- her words.NO relationship is easy but you have to stay the course.Bria is a trusted source of strength and comfort to Liv now,and its a natural step that they should live together

Ima Feman said...

I think people are confusing concern that Liv's recovery won't be done realistically for not wanting Liv to be with Brian. That's not the issue. I know Liv and Brian have been together a while and of course it's not too soon in their relationship. I just question if it's too soon after what Liv through and after we just heard in the second episode that she was re-evaluating her relationship with Brian.

fiona 12, I agree that she was put through more of a physical/psychological torture, but she still reacts to the sexual element. She reacted in the second episode when the girl was talking about the first time she was raped. She reacted to the guy who hit on her and put his hands on her and also to the rapist who said she "wanted it". There's obviously still some issues there for her. So I'm a little surprised since they are doing a whole recovery arc here that they aren't using the drama of relationship struggles. Like I said, there was that brief mention in a therapy scene and now Liv's apparently past it. Or, like SouthernMonkey pointed out, it could be written this way deliberately and there's still more to come with the relationship issue. Hopefully it's the later. I'm not asking for Liv and Brian to break up. I just want to see the struggle.

fred astire said...

Like.. IA that Liv reacts to the sexual element.. I wonder why is that.. I get that (as far as we know) Lewis kissed, touch, and did whatever happened in that bathroom to her ... Also she witnessed the rape of the lawyers mom but... It just makes no sense to me still.. All the interviews, all the spoilers, and all the tweets about what Lewis does to Liv convinced most of us that she would be raped. Walk the walk.. There's someone who has the script of the premier and she says it was originally more violent and words used were lightened up.. I feel like they have yet to live up to the hype they created this summer. I'm just really holding on the hope that the future eps will reveal more of her ordeal so I can truly understand why..

Tonya said...

Not sure why but I just can't get on board with the Olivia/Brian relationship. And, no, it's not because I wanted her with Elliott. He was married and I respect the fact that the writers respected that fact. Everything just seems to be happening too fast. In the end, I just hope that Olivia is healed emotionally and physically and that she is finally truly happy. And I hope that the writers make it possible for us to see that and be a part of that journey.

MrTanokki said...

Personally, I think this is the right move for the writers. Due to time skips, it's probably been, say, four months since she was taken. Benson, already being a strong character and having survived near rape before, it makes perfect sense she'd be managing well, or at least putting on a decent facade.

On a different note, how great would it be if, after his retirement, we still see Munch once a season hanging out with Cassidy?