Friday, January 13, 2012

Law & Order SVU “Official Story” Cast Interviews & Behind the Scenes Videos

Here are cast interviews and a behind the scenes video for Law & Order SVU “Official Story” which will air on Wednesday January 18, 2012 at 10 PM ET/9C on NBC. The interviews feature Mariska Hargitay, Dann Florek, Danny Pino, and new recurring cast member Harry Connick Jr. Kelli Giddish is also in the behind the scenes video. Enjoy!

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Preview clips for Law & Order SVU “Official Story”

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sunshinez1975 said...

I don't know about this episode. There's been so much hype leading up to this, I just hope it won't be all about Benson and this ADA. It should be about the crime. The show is called, Special Victims Unit.

Where the HELL is Fin? I guess he won't be in this episode, now I'm sad :( When are they going to make him Olivia's permanent partner? She looks like a giant standing next to Amaro. Nothing against Mariska, I love her. By the way, what's going on with Benson and Amaro? They were totally at odds in the last ep.

Didn't they already do an episode (PTSD), of a soldier raped in Iraq in season 10?

CLA said...

Of course, the episode will not only be about the romance. But I'm desperate to see this episode. I'm a fan of Mariska and I'm loving this season. Mariska and Harry make a beautiful couple. Both are beautiful and talented. Mariska is like wine. The more time passes it becomes more beautiful. These large black eyes are very beautiful. Not to mention she has the most beautiful smile in the world.
Here in Brazil Mariska has a legion of admirers. The fans love the series too. She is adored by thousands.

Icy said...

@SunshineX1975- Have you seen the cast listings for this episode? You should read it, Fin is in this episode.

Don't ever assume just becuase there isn't a video interview for this episode doesn't mean that a perticlar actor/ actress won't be in it.

They are focusing on the ones that have the big storylines ( Amaro's wife, Olivia's new Love interest).