Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Law & Order UK New Episode Information

BBC America has released the details for new episodes of Law & Order UK. There are no details as to when these episodes will be airing in the UK or in Canada. ***Be warned, there may be spoilers here.***

(Please note: as Law & Order UK is airing the same night as Law & Order SVU, the Law & Order UK recaps and reviews may not be available until Friday mornings.)

Law & Order UK “Survivor’s Guilt” Premieres September 28th at 9 ET/8C
A drive-by shooting outside the Old Bailey leaves one police officer dead and another wounded in what appears to be a targeted attack on a witness in an attempted murder trial. However, Ronnie and the team are surprised to learn the gunman was specifically targeting police officers, believing his family victims of a police cover-up. The defense team argues their client has been subjected to racism by the police. Can Jake and Alesha convince the jury that the defendant ought to be tried as a murderer and not a victim?

Law & Order UK “Immune” Premieres October 5th at 9 ET/8C
A bungled robbery leads to an innocent hero being shot dead and a hostage with a potentially life threatening medical condition being seized by two armed gunmen. It's up to Ronnie and Sam to beat the clock and find the hostage in just ten hours.

Law & Order UK “Haunted” Premieres October 12th at 9 ET/8C
When a petty criminal makes a deathbed confession to the murder of a teenage girl, Ronnie is left shaken to the core as he is forced to reopen a case he thought he had put to bed fourteen years ago.

Law & Order UK “Trial” Premieres October 19th at 9 ET/8C
The murder of an elderly janitor in his home is carried out with such precision and planning that the only evidence the killer leaves is designed to lead the detectives around in circles.

Law & Order UK “Line Up” Premieres October 26th at 9 ET/8C
A murder investigation is launched when a concerned citizen alerts the police to a shocking video that is spreading like wildfire on the web, in which a teenage girl is attacked and shot.

Law & Order UK “Dawn Till Dusk” Premieres November 2nd at 9/8c.
Over the course of one long day, the team works on three separate cases, including tracking a serial killer, intervening in a family dispute turned murderous, and disproving an accusation of police intimidation. Will all of the team make it through with their careers intact?

Law & Order UK “Fault Lines” Premieres November 9th at 9 ET/8C
The frenzied stabbing of a police forensic lab technician unsettles the team in a way they never expected when Detective Sam Casey falls for the killer's next intended victim.


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Tammy_timmy said...

so there's a new character, Sam Casey. Who play this new guy (or girl?)

All Things Law and Order said...

There wasn't any information on that character at this time!

Michael Ejercito said...

"Haunted" sounds like a mothership episode

All Things Law and Order said...

They're all likely re-workings of original L&O episodes, L&O UK has been doing that all along.

Anonymous said...

Paul Nicholls from EastEnders!