Thursday, September 29, 2011

Law & Order SVU “Blood Brothers” Promo

Here is the promo for Law & Order SVU “Blood Brothers” which will air on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at 10 PM ET on NBC. The episode features guest star Kyle MacLachlan.

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Laura said...

So this is the episode where Casey comes back. I pray to God nothing bad happens to Alex, hopefully she's just taking a back seat for a couple episodes. Maybe they'll do what I've been hoping all along and have both Casey and Alex in the same episode.

Anonymous said...

They're just rotating between the two. You have to keep in my mind that not everybody likes Alex, in fact some HATE her (myself included), so I'm more than happy that there will be Alex-less episodes. They should have just brought Casey back and left Alex in witness protection forever. SMarch needs to stop using SVU as a safety net. If she loves the show as much as she claims, she never would have left in the first place. I hope Alex does take a back seat and lets Casey shine this season. After all, Diane Neal is the one who's always wanted to stay and who actually valued the show unlike Stephanie.

Laura said...

You make a compelling argument, although I don’t know the circumstances surrounding Diane Neal leaving the show at the end of the 9th season. She might have gotten tired of playing the same role with little hope of substantial character development like Stephanie did. Then again, they did always manage to give Alex’s character a good send-off, first with witness protection, then appeals court in Albany, then the ICC. With Casey they had her practically disbarred (I think it’s explained when she came back for one episode last season that her license was suspended for three years). I’m not sure why they had her character leave in such a negative manner; I heard rumors that there was hostility between her and some of the producers but that could be total bull.

I’m merely speculating here, but I think Stephanie just really enjoys being Mrs. Bobby Flay and isn’t as serious as Diane Neal about her acting career. She keeps coming back because she knows that there’s a substantial fan base that loves Alex Cabot (myself included) and doesn’t want to let them down. I like Casey well enough (although I admit I hated her when she first came to the show), but to me SVU was at its absolute best when Cabot was the ADA in the second, third, and fourth seasons. I guess I’m just anxious to see how they’re going to write her out, which they will undoubtedly do eventually. Hopefully they’ll leave the door open for her to return, if there is another season for her to return to.

Anonymous said...

I completely understand what you're saying and I have no problem with you liking Alex more than Casey. I just don't agree with your opinions. And the circumstances surrounding Diane Neal's departure were because the writers wanted a change though DN didn't want to leave. It's evident from her tweets that she's been trying to get back on SVU since they let her go. I just think since she obviously wants to be here and has been trying really hard that she deserves it more than Mrs. Bobby Flay.

Laura said...

I never realized that Diane didn't want to leave at the end of the 9th season. I don't understand why the writers wanted a change from Novak when the show really went down in quality after she left. Kim Greylek was completely forgettable as an ADA, and Paxton and Hardwick weren't that great either. Even some of the episodes with Alex during the 10th and 11th seasons were hit or miss. I liked the episode from last season when Casey came back, it was the best episode of that season imo. Hopefully this will be Casey's year and they'll have her stay around for awhile. (I still would love to see a Cabot v. Novak episode, though.)

Anonymous said...

Haha, yeah I bet they would really kick some criminal ass. I'd be willing to put aside my dislike for Alex to see her and Casey go head to head in the courtroom or even be on the same side, but I personally think opposing teams would be more entertaining. And I have to agree with you that getting rid of Novak was incredibly stupid of them considering how downhill the show went after that. I, honestly am not a big fan of the court room scenes (that's why I fell in love with SVU and not the mothership) but somehow Casey always made them bearable for me. I'm just really glad she's back, hopefully for good this time.

GreatFurry1 said...

Is anybody noticing that the re-tooled SVU is getting its ass kicked in the ratings - posting 2.1 and 2.0 the last two weeks......3rd place vs. ABC's new "Revenge" and CSI?

The end may be near for L&O period in the U.S. unless Dick & Co. can inject some genuine viewer interest in SVU.

janethyland said...

Final numbers are now in for SVU. It was adjusted up to 2.1 this week.Last week was 2.4. Dont know where you get your figures. See TVbythenumbers.

Total numbers last week were 7.6million. Total numbers this week were 7.2million. Numbers are holding up.The people are still watching.

By the way moat dramas were down this week. Revenge was down 17%. Prime suspect just dropped 17% 1.5 demo.

None of these figures are a reflection of the quality of the dramas.

GreatFurry1 said...

It is 3rd no matter how you cut it vs. ABC and a new entry....and Yes, I know it is not a reflection on the quality of the drama; if quality mattered, L&O: LA version II would still be on and so would the Mothership.
SVU is an expensive show to produce.....part of the reason why Merloni is gone @ $350K per episode - too expensive for the ratings delivered.
Same with CI.

janethyland said...

Sounds like you want SVU to fail because all the others got pulled.Sour grapes?An agenda of your own?
If you are a real fan you would be supporting SVU as the lone survivor of the franchise.

Meloni has constantly stated he wanted to go. ICET confirms that.

Alicja Buczkowska said...

SVU is really on a roll so far. I'm a huge fan of both Alex and Casey, each of them has their own way of doing justice, I can't decide which one I like best!!