Friday, April 8, 2011

The Best of James Steel (Ben Daniels) Law & Order UK

Ben Daniel’s final episode of Law & Order UK as CPS James Steel is airing tonight on BBC America (“Skeletons”). Here’s a video of some of Ben's finer moments. I wish there was an award for the best performance by an actor for throwing something because he would get it for that short scene where he flings down that box of files - angry, yet with a dancer's grace!

Please note that there are spoilerish clips at the end for those viewing the video in the UK and US (the episode already aired in Canada quite some time ago). If your watching the video after 4/8/11 in the US and 4/11/11 in the UK, no need to worry about the spoiler warning.)

Update: I am sorry, but this video is no longer available!

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MovieTheatreGoer said...

Thanks for sharing! I like your words on Ben's performance and I'm totally agree with you. I often told elsewhere how I like Ben, but this last episode maybe has one of his best performances of ever! He is incredible! Would like to be in london in June for his new play!

Kris Ann said...

Just saw the episode. Terrific episode; Ben is wonderful in it.

Alicja Buczkowska said...

Ben was such an awesome character, I'll miss him!

windy city girl said...

Ah, so much goodness from our fave senior crown prosecutor. Thanks for this wonderful retrospective.

xfool said...

Ben Daniels was THE STAR of Law & Order UK. The overall cast is also first rate, but it was hard to take your eyes off Ben in this role. He was very believable, and he created a character that was passionate and feeling, yet sometimes cold and calculating. He was THE BEST L&O prosecutor since Jack McCoy, and that's a high compliment.

I hear he's doing a film called "Jack The Giant Killer" but I hope we get to see him in something else soon. Wish he would come over to the US - we could use someone like him on some of our TV shows.

Thanks for the video too. The scene where he throws that box of files is one of my favorites! I loved his last ripped my heart out.

Roseha said...

I watched "Skeletons" last night on my cable "on demand" without knowing that it was Ben Daniels' last, or how it would end. What an ending! It was a truly powerful episode, one of their best.