Friday, April 8, 2011

Law & Order Criminal Intent “The Consoler” Advance Photos

Here are a few advance photos of the season 10 premiere episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent “The Consoler” which will air on Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 9 PM ET on USA Network. The photos feature Vincent D’Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, and guest stars Neal McDonough as Monsignor Hugh McTeal and Lauren Hodges as Natalie Finnegan.

My recap and review of Law & Order Criminal Intent "The Consoler" can be found at this link.

Photos by: Will Hart/USA Network © NBCUniversal, Inc.

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Laura Cousins said...

Oh look! Goren and Eames .. walking up the aisle!

judith said...

And won't the shippers love that. Sad O's!!

havers said...

They are back, they are back, they are if there was nothing.

Billygrl said...

Love, love it, love it!