Monday, November 15, 2010

Law & Order SVU “Rescue” Episode Information

NBC has released information for a new episode of Law & Order SVU, “Rescue.” Maria Bello returns as guest star. Here are the details:

Law & Order SVU “Rescue” Air Date December 1 2010 (9PM ET/8C Wednesday NBC)

DETECTIVES STABLER (CHRISTOPHER MELONI) AND BENSON (MARISKA HARGITAY) INVESTIGATE A RAPE CASE WHILE CONTINUING THE SEARCH FOR A YOUNG BOY’S MOTHER (GUEST STAR MARIA BELLO) With young Calvin in her care, Detective Benson (Hargitay) continues the search for his drug-addict mother, Vivian (guest star Maria Bello), but Detective Stabler (Meloni) notices a strong bond forming between Benson and the boy. When Vivian’s name comes up during a rape investigation, Captain Cragen (Dann Florek) assigns Detectives Fin (Ice-T) and Munch (Richard Belzer) to the case instead. However, it will take more than Cragen’ s orders to keep Benson away. Also starring: Tamara Tunie and Melissa Sagemiller.

My recap and review of Law & Order SVU "Rescue" can be found at this link.

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Anonymous said...

That will be just great!!! Can't wait!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've always just been a LOCI fan, but am getting more and more into SVU. Watched LOLA a couple times but it doesn't hold my attention.
You have a great little site here, keep up the good work! Love all the pictures.

Anonymous said...

I liked this episode quite a bit. However, I continue to be very frustrated by the SVU writers' insult to our intelligence by not mentioning DA Jack McCoy by name, when there are clear instances where he should be.

Paxton at one point, when referring to her alcohol issue, said "have to prove to the DA..." -- why not say McCoy? Last year Paxton referred to McCoy by name several times -- why not in this particular case when you're clearly referring to your boss and not some committee or something? It would have made more sense to say "I have to prove to McCoy that my alcohol issues are in my past."

Last year, though I wish McCoy made more appearances, I was pleased that he was consistently referred to by the SVU characters, establishing the link between the shows of the franchise.

This year, when such references would even be more welcome given the cancellation of the mothership, all we get is references to "the DA" and "your boss" and "my boss". I understand the mothership is gone, but it's not as if the McCoy name went with it -- he was the Manhattan DA appointed in 2007 and elected in 2009, so therefore he should be the DA now. Not mentioning him -- let alone actually having Waterston appear on the show -- is annoying to me, because the fact I believe once you establish a character that is critical to the storyline of the show (as it would be as he is the DA and ADA's are all over SVU), then you should mention that character by name, even if the actor representing that character doesn't actually appear on the show.

Case in point -- Fred Thompson left the show in 2007 and yet the character name "Arthur Branch" was referenced several times after, including in the show "Reality Bites". Logan and Briscoe were referred many times after they were no longer on, even Greevey was several times.

This is what perplexes me about SVU's refusal to refer to McCoy by name, when there were several instances where one could have, particularly in the instance where the ADA was fired and now with Paxton. If Waterston is for some reason refusing to appear on SVU OR if for some reason they dont want to pay him, fine -- but that doesn't mean the McCoy name should be dropped.

Furthermore, if McCoy has somehow left or resigned, that should be explained -- not continually referred to simply as the "DA", as if it was some mystery man or woman we'll never meet like in CSI or other cop shows where the actual DA never appears.

The omission of his name is awkward and sloppy and taking away from the show, not to mention denying the show some even more compelling scenes and dialogue.

iHeartU said...

Bleh!!! This ep seems like its gonna suck!!! Calvin is irritating.... He just doesn't seem like a very realistic character to me and Benson doesn't seem like the motherly type so it's just weird....
The directors should've done a better job. They should've picked a kid who had more chemistry with Mariska cuz quite frankly Calvin just seems like a desperate character they added in just so that Benson could have somewhat of a kid.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I posted in the wrong thread too -- the two were close together and I clicked on the wrong comment tab. Sorry, you can delete mine too!

Anonymous said...

Is it me or does the new ADA that Melissa Sagemiller plays sort of ... stink ... in this role? She seems to lack any oompf with it and seems to be more a star-crossed fan (as she herself says she is in her first episode) than a professional, let alone an ADA. She seems cocky and arrogant instead of passionate and in search for justice for the victims, so she can keep up her high conviction rate.