Friday, November 5, 2010

Law & Order LA “Ballona Creek” Episode Information

The November 17, 2010 episode of Law & Order Los Angeles is titled “Ballona Creek." Here are the episode details:

Law & Order Los Angeles “Ballona Creek” Air Date November, 17, 2010 (10PM ET/9C Wednesday NBC)


When Department of Public Works employee Don Heller (guest star Dan Kinsella) is found stabbed to death, the detectives suspect those responsible are the gang bangers he encountered earlier that day. However, the case takes a significant turn when Winters and Jarzuszalski discover that Heller was investigating a string of unsolved murders that were committed over the past decade. DDAs Dekker (Terrence Howard) and Stanton (Megan Boone) must now seek justice for the innocent victims in hopes to erase the horror from the past.Rachel Ticotin also stars.

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janethyland said...

Love this photo...inside outside and all that jazz.

Looks like order of play is not the same as order of production then, because Playa Vista was previously placed before Bollona Creek?

R. Helms said...

I think "Playa Vista" was originally the third episode; then like "Harbor City" or "Sylmar", and then "Pasadena" and "Ballona Creek".

AT: I've got a confidential source that says that LOLA is looking for Alan Alda (M*A*S*H) to portray Winters' father. Anything, any truth, a rumor? A possiblity likely? Anything?

I see another "NCIS" Ralph Waite/Mark Harmon (Jackson/Leroy Jethro Gibbs) father-son relationship. I wonder what will go down in the episode.

janethyland said...

LOCI did interesting things with comic actors by taking them out of their comfort zones. they did that with neil patrick harris in "Want" and the result was electrifying.
The unexpected.

I believe they are filming Bollona Creek now?

gahks said... gave the original order as follows:
1) 'Hollywood'
2) 'Echo Park'
3) 'Playa Vista'
4) 'Harbor City'
5) 'Sylmar'
6) 'Pasadena'
7) 'Hondo Field'
8) 'Ballona Creek'

'LOLA' has stuck pretty much to that order, except 'Playa Vista' has been postponed, it seems, for a later date.

P.S. @janethyland: "Want" was amazing! One of the best episodes of 'CI' in my opinion!

All Things Law and Order said...

R.Helms - I haven't heard anything about Alan Alda for LOLA, sorry!

Anonymous said...

@ R.Helms

I'd watch that! I hope that is true. I can see the Alda/Ulrich father/son ship.

And like janet said; L&O's love to pull comedy/semi retired actors in to do these dramatic roles, especially SVU.

I have a question: when does Maria Bello come back to SVU?

janethyland said...

I think the"Want" experience changed Neil Patrick Harris for ever...did you see him in The Glee episode...the way he moved from comic to tragic in a second.He was up for an Emmy for that.

LOLA needs an encounter like that to be in the running for an Emmy because people respond to people, not formulas!

gahks said...

@janet: Yes, that is so true. Something any TV producer needs to remember! The final season ensemble on the original 'L&O' was great because they gelled so well and the interplay between the actors felt real. Something I feel the UK version lacks.

Anonymous said...

I actually think the UK version is the best of the four shows right now and it's not particularly closee, though SVU is decent at times.

robinepowell said...

I'd like to point out yet another apostraphe spelling mistake.

It's supposed to be DDAs Dekker and Stanton. Even if it comes from NBC, it's still wrong.

If you were to spell it out in full it's Deputy District Attorneys, and there's no apostraphe.

All Things Law and Order said...

Thanks I'll fix it. I don't always catch their mistakes.