Friday, November 12, 2010

Law & Order LA “Playa Vista” Episode Information

NBC has released information for a new episode of Law & Order Los Angeles titled “Playa Vista.” Here are the details:

Law & Order Los Angeles “Playa Vista” Air Date December 1, 2010 (10PM ET/9C Wednesday NBC)

TROUBLE ON THE LINKS WHEN A PRO GOLFER TURNS UP MURDERED - When pro golfer Kristin Halstead (guest star Maggie Contreras) turns up murdered, Detectives Rex Winters (Skeet Ulrich) and Tomas "TJ" Jaruszalski (Corey Stoll) quickly discover clues leading them to married pro golfer Chip Jarrow (guest star Marc Blucas). However, after a suspicious event occurs between Chip and his wife Monica (Bellamy Young), it's up to Deputy District Attorney's Dekker (Terrence Howard) and Stanton (Megan Boone) to uncover the truth. Rachel Ticotin also stars.

My recap and review of Law & Order Los Angeles "Playa Vista" can be found at this link.

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gahks said...

I smell a rip from the Tiger Woods scandal?!

janethyland said...

The missing episode reappears. I hope the DA is in it and the new theme music.

LOLA just got nominated for a Peoples Choice Award as New Drama.

Anonymous said...

Actually I think the most important for LOLA is how to get the second season order. And of course, the best new drama of this years' Peoples Choice will definitely be the Hawail 50,even though I haven't watch it.

janethyland said...

Any Season 2 order will be part of a package, as the final order of LOCI was. Wolf got a pilot out of that deal.

I see there is a new "Behind the scenes" video on NBC with Balcer talking about "the logic(!) behind Hondo Field". I cant access these videos, so can anyone tell me what the logic is?

janethyland said...

I was thinking about the celebrity culture/lifestyle on another site and wondering whether they would be tackling it in this episode about celebrity golf.

They were exploring this in Bombshell, LOCI season 6.
Often the celbrity ceases to be a person and becomes a product for consumerism.Its the hollow core at the centre where the "person" has ceased to be and been replaced by a consumer representative, a mechanism that supports the making of money.

Those around the celebrity figure feed off it to their own benefit like animals round a carcass. But the person in the middle has disappeared.There is nothing there anymore except the money and there is a sadness about that, this emptiness in the celebrity as they become a non-person without realising it.

You see that again and again,around Michael Jackson or Elvis or film stars or sports stars. They dont know they have already disappeared as the parasites consume them. Ultimately it’s the parasites who survive.

Anonymous said...


Right now LOLA is kinda rocky: good one week and bad the next week.

And rumors say that his USA 'pilot' is set to be "Law & Order: Miami" or "Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Miami" I wish D'Onofrio or Erbe would do that!

I guess Wolf is trying to pick every major city (instead of NYC based ones). I must say that this episode of LOLA seems promising, somewhat. Why rip from Tiger Woods though?

Sheila said...

I agree with Gahks when I say "I smell a Tiger Woods storyline." I hope it has an LA twist or the episode is going to be pretty boring. It says something goes on between the dead female pro-golfer another male pro-golfer and his wife... hmm. Also, where are Alfred Molina and Regina Hall?

People appear to follow the life/career history of Joe Dekker (his section is the longest one on the Wikipedia page for the L&O: LA characters). If Terrence Howard would relax a little (like he did in "Hondo Field") MAYBE his character would be worth getting into; maybe.

Liou said...


All Things Law and Order said...

Janet, regarding the behind the scenes info, Rene Balcer indicated they did not actually go to an oil rig, they used a power plant as a set with green screens, then overlayed video shot of the ocean over the "green screen" to make it look like a rig.

He also said that a woman working on a rig was similar to working in other high risks jobs like being in combat or the police force, positions that are ferquently male dominated.

gahks said...

@Sheila: I assume Molina and Hall will be appearing next week, in a reversal of the usual pattern.

The producers might be trying to do what "CI" did in season six: juggle the weeks between the pairings instead of a straightforward A/B timetable. Judging by what happened with the ratings for "CI" that time, I don't think trying such a move again is a good idea.

janethyland said...

Ratings for LOCI went down in season 8/9 because they lost the good writers and then they lost VDO

janethyland said...

Thanks for the transcript Allthings.
So its not about "logic" afterall then!

nygma619 said...

Shiela, I'm assuming that you've seen the preview for the next LA episode, if you have you've got your answer. It looks like the twist is one of the mistresses was murdered.

Anyways I laughed at the tv promo for this when it revealed all the tiger woods stuff, it's ending line was, "Oh yeah, we're goin there."

Where's Alfred Molina lately? This is the third episode in a row, with Terrance Howard; not that I don't think he's getting better in his role, but I prefer Molina over him.

nygma619 said...

Considering this is based on the Tiger Woods scandal, I wonder why they didn't air this two nights ago during sweeps month (i.e. November).