Friday, February 12, 2010

Law & Order Criminal Intent Promo For New Season

USA Network has released a very short video clip promoting the March 30, 2010 season premiere of Law & Order Criminal Intent, and here it is:

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I swore I wasn't going to watch their last episode because I have a feeling it's going to be poorly written and/or disappointing, but I kind of want to see why Eames is turning in her badge. Curses, USA!

I hope they keep this a strictly Goren/Eames/Ross centered episode. DNW Nichols and his new partner all up in their sendoff and taking away precious Goren/Eames time.

Music Wench said...

What Whitters said.

I'm probably going to record it as opposed to watching it live. Now it seems Ross is going to be the one to die? Still, if they kill off Eames I will NOT watch it. EVER. The way Dick Wolf treats his characters is abhorrent.

Anonymous said...

At first I wasn't to keen on the idea but now I agree with TV Guide.It would be great fun? to see Goren and Nichols team-up on a two part episode.It's to bad we wont get to see that? I could see there partners saying I think mine is worse then After all didn't Logan team-up twice with Goren in 3 episodes? My be he will return to guest star? Also since Ross is Nichols former partner If he is the character they are knocking off wouldn't you think Nichols would be on the case too?