Wednesday, November 4, 2009

People Magazine Law & Order Reunion Video

I can’t find any details on when the Law & Order reunion photos taken for People Magazine will be (or were) published, but here is a short video clip from the photo shoot. It looks like it was a lot of fun trying to get everyone to hold still for a minute. I think Angie Harmon fans will enjoy seeing her in the photo as she was missing from all the other photos that were released from this event.

Enjoy! (And if anyone has details in which issue these pictures will or have appeared, let me know so maybe fans can pick up an issue.)

Back row: Carey Lowell, Jesse L. Martin, Sam Waterston, Jeremy Sisto, Angie Harmon, Alana De La Gaza, Anthony Anderson
Front row: Dann Florek, Jill Hennessy, Dick Wolf, Benjamin Bratt, S. Epatha Merkerson, Linus Roache

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Shelly said...

Since I've been a fan since the very first ep of the Mothership, I love that picture... It would have been even cooler to have the entire old cast, but I'm happy to see this nice mix of old and new.

I feel sorry for that photographer, trying to get all of them to pose. She's giving them instructions and when it appears they aren't listening, she says, can you hear me? I'm sure they could, but were too busy running their mouths to listen... lol... I'm sure it's fun for all of them to compare notes about how things are and used to be...

Thanks for posting these All Things, and I'm sure if you or anyone else finds out when or if that photo ran in People, you'll let us know.

Ol Cranky said...

I thought the photog was a riot with her acknowledgment that they didn't seem to be paying attention followed up by snapping a pic and saying "OK we're done"

John K. said...

I'll try to find out extra details with my usual Angie Harmon sources. Although, yes, I'm certainly pleased. Hee.

Michael said...

Great to see, although it reminds me that Steven Hill has been out of public view since leaving the show (on his own or being pushed). I wonder if age has caught up with him.