Friday, November 27, 2009

Benjamin Bratt Talks About Returning to Law & Order

Here’s a short video (below) from NBC with Benjamin Bratt talking about his upcoming return to Law & Order.

Note: This video will be removed within a week of when the episode first airs!

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Anonymous said...

So I guess he's just a cameo in this ep? Looks like his wife succumbs to the multiple sclerosis? At least that's what it looks to be. Nice to see that Anita's kept in touch with Rey all these years. Can't wait for this ep to air.


Anonymous said...

Does this guy ever age? He looks almost exactly the same as he did about 15 years ago.

Shelly said...

All Things, have you read what Benjamin's appearance entails? Is it more than just a cameo? As much as I'm looking forward to the reappearance of Rey, I'll be disappointed if he's just on for a few minutes. Certainly they could tie whatever he's been doing since he left the 2-7 into a case somehow?

All Things Law and Order said...

I actually haven't heard too many specifics on how much screen time he will have. I was hoping for more information coming out fron NBC but so far they seem to be tight lipped on the matter. The clip they show certainly makes it look like it really isn't a big story line, but it's hard to tell for sure. I have my fingers crossed but my expectations are low!

PeterG said...

Just received S6 in the mail and am watching first episode now. God, they look so young! :)