Thursday, November 19, 2009

Law & Order “Shotgun” Interviews and Behind the Scenes Video

Here are two videos to get you ready for Friday’s episode of Law & Order, “Shotgun” which features guest star Elliott Gould. One video includes interviews with Anthony Anderson, Jeremy Sisto, and Elliott Gould. The other video is a behind the scenes look at the filming of the episode. Note: These videos will be removed within a week of when the episode first airs!

Don’t forget – Law & Order, Friday night at 8:00 PM (7/C) on NBC. My recap and review of Law & Order"Shotgun" can be found here.

Interviews with Anthony, Jeremy, and Elliott

Behind the scenes of “Shotgun”

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alynch said...

Damn, according to that behind the scenes clip, this episode was still filming on November 12, and it'll be airing eight days later. That's some really quick turnaround on an episode.

Leslie said...

does anyone know when we can see this in Portland Oregon? Basketball is preempting this episode! :(

Anonymous said...

Too bad we can't hear the questions asked during the interviews, glad to see Elliott Gould on this great show, love the guy.

Anonymous said...

I got the whole Criminal Intent in this episode but think about this...someone walks into your store with a gun and "you know its JUST a shake down" What does that mean? You know its JUST a shake down? So that means they're just Kidding? No it means they walked into your store with a DAMN gun and if someone has a gun on you your only reaction is that they plan on using whether it was a shake down or not he had every RIGHT to defend himself!! ONLY a Shake Down,. my ass!!