Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mariska, Meloni, De La Garza Named Smart, Sexy Crime-fighters has named Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni of Law & Order SVU, and Alana De La Garza of Law & Order as some of television’s "15 Smartest, Sexiest” crime-fighting women and men of 2009. Their comments on each:

Of Mariska: “We're not entirely sure if your average New York City police detective can afford the stylish designer suits that Hargitay's flinty character regularly rocks on NBC's long-running procedural, but she looks so darn scorching in 'em that we're more than willing to suspend our disbelief.”

Of Chris: “Anyone know if jaywalking or littering could qualify as ''especially heinous''? 'Cause we'd sure like to get locked in an interrogation room for a couple hours with Meloni's hard-charging Manhattan police detective.”

Of De La Garza: “Sure, her whip-smart A.D.A. Rubirosa puts perps away with the frequency of Ryan Seacrest updating his Twitter page, but think of it this way: If you had to choose one woman to gaze upon before getting sent to the clink, wouldn't De La Garza rank near the top of the list?”

Sorry Vincent D’Onofrio and Sam Waterston fans, your boys aren’t on the list. A crime in of itself, I know.

15 Smartest, Sexiest Crime-fighters of '09: the Women

15 Smartest, Sexiest Crime-fighters of '09: the Men

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Anonymous said...

They left out Linus Roache.

Shelly said...

AND Jeremy Sisto...

Anonymous said...

They say its in the eye of the beholder. The people that voted on this must be blind!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Mariska Hargitay with those tights showing all its "heritage" is to kill any um.Eu confess, only to watch SVU see it. For me it is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Your eyes, your smile is beautiful but what fascinates me most are his thighs. These are to take the breath.

Anonymous said...

Very fair! Mariska is sexy, very sexy.E the Melloni too. Ah, ah! Ah!. That leaves two people drooling.