Wednesday, July 22, 2009

L&O SVU News: Benson/Stabler vs. The World

TV Guide has reported some news about the new season of Law & Order SVU – here’s their scoop:

What's in store for Olivia Benson during the new season of SVU? — Crystal
MICKEY: Executive producer Neal Baer tells me the unofficial theme of Season 11 is "Benson and Stabler against the world." First all up in their grill is Wentworth Miller, who guest-stars as a cop with whom Benson will both clash... and make sexy eye contact! Next, Emmy winner Christine Lahti's ADA Sonya Paxton will be kickin' a-- and takin' names, which won't sit well for Stabler initially, and Benson ultimately.

I hope that they can fit in some of those special victims cases amid the personal melodrama!

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A. Lowe said...

I hate how SVU has become a cheesy CBS-type procedural. Hyped up action, completely unreal story lines, and phony characters.

I think this show has to get back to what made the L&O's great: real hard grit.

lell said...

most people i know watch svu for the main characters rather than the cases
thats why svu is different to the other crap franchises

daniel said...

i agree with you lell, a lot i know as well watch it for the main characters and yep svu is the best show out of the franchise- cases are much more interesting.