Thursday, July 9, 2009

Law & Order SVU Pictures, Video Clip from Season Premier

Even more pictures, including Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay, from work on the set and a video clip from the Law & Order SVU season premier are here. The pictures are below – and the video clip including guest star Wentworth Miller can be found at this link. (UPDATE JULY 14 - NBC also made the clip available, and it is below. Catch it while you can.) A transcript follows. Wentworth Miller’s character’s name was previously reported to be Nate Kendal, so I’ll use that name in the transcript.

Capt. Cragen (to Benson and Stabler): We’re out of options. Either work with him, or I’ll find somebody who will. (He walks over and opens his office door. Nate Kendal enters.)
Kendal: Average height, weight, and build. Round up the usual suspects.
Stabler, looking annoyed: If you knew how to talk to victims you’d get more facts.
Kendal: Here’s one: victims make lousy witnesses. Hope you catch your man (he moves to walk out the door).
Cragen: You’re not done yet, detective. You have to stay with Ms. West.
Kendal: I am not a babysitter.
Cragen: You talk like you have a choice.
Kendal: Sounds like you already boned me with my captain.
Cragen: You’re mine until I don’t need you anymore.

Well, that leaves things a little open, doesn’t it? Of course, it could be just a tease. We know how the SVU promo people like to tease and then it turns out to be nothing.

Enjoy the photos!

NBC Clip from Premier

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Sunnyt said...


Shelly said...

Am I the only one surprised they've started filming this early, or is this early?

They're doing a nice job of getting pics and press out there. Kudos to them. But how much you want to bet that similar previews for the Mothership will come very late, if at all. Speaking of, have they even started filming for the new season?

Thanks for posting!

All Things Law and Order said...

Shelly, it does seem a little early this year. I looked back to last season, and they were just releasing pics from the season premier filming in early August.

If we look at past history, we'll get almost nothing on the mothership. But, NBC has hired on a separate company to help manage their "social media" so maybe they will help get more advance pics out. We can only hope...

I haven't heard anything about when filming for the mothership is supposed to start. But, that doesn't mean that they haven't already done some work. Still, no info on guest stars or anything. It's sad, really!

Anonymous said...

i like wentworth. i hope he gets to stay on for at least a few eps. if all goes well, maybe he could take adam beach's part.

really hope season 11 goes back to the writing style of all the way up until after Fault. these past few seasons haven't exactly been anything to write home about, unfortunately.

gotta develop elliot and olivia more this season too. make things more personal for them or something.

w/e happened after Fault, they really need to do away with that and go back to the way it was up until after that ep.